12 Of The Most Disturbing Things Ever Sold On Ebay

If you ever happen to come across someone that makes you stop and think "Man, there are some really strange people out there!", well our list of 12 of the most disturbing things sold on eBay is just a little more confirmation that there are definitely some really strange people out there.

There are people that are disturbed enough to sell these things and there are those that are disturbed enough to buy these things! Keep reading and let us know what you think about these 12 disturbing eBay listings that sold to the highest bidder! If you had to bid on one, which one would you choose?


12 Britney Spears Pregnancy Test

Yes, someone was actually curious enough to go rummaging through Britney Spears' waste basket at a hotel she was staying at with her then-husband, Kevin Federline. What did they find? A used pregnancy test. And what did they decide to do with the used pregnancy test? List it on eBay, of course!

Is there anyone out there that would buy a used pregnancy test? Why yes there is! The Ottawa radio station 89.9 purchased the test for a whopping $5,001.00! Congratulations, you have won something that someone peed on!

11 Virgin Mary Grilled Cheese
advertising purchased a 10-year old grilled cheese sandwich for $28,000. This was not any 10-year old grilled cheese sandwich though. This sandwich had the Virgin Mary's face toasted on the bread.

The women that cooked the grilled cheese claimed that she didn't see anything until she took a bite out of the sandwich. When she bit into the sandwich she claims the Virgin Mary was staring right at her. She immediately put the sandwich into a bag with some cotton balls and put it into storage, that is until she needed some fast cash. 10 years later, that holy grilled cheese sandwich was put up for sale on eBay.

10 Scarlett Johansson's Used Kleenex


Scarlett Johansson blew her nose into a Kleenex while appearing on The Tonight Show. The snotty tissue was put into a plastic bag and auctioned off. What would you pay for a snot covered Kleenex? Probably not anywhere near what an anonymous bidder did! An anonymous bidder won the auction of the Kleenex covered in Scarlett's snot for a mere $5,300.

Just think of how many boxes of Kleenex could you buy with $5,300?! Quite a few.

9 Lady Gaga's Used Acrylic Fingernail

A janitorial worker found Lady Gaga's acrylic fingernail after one of her performances while cleaning up the stage. Lady Gaga's black and gold acrylic nail with crusty glue and some remnants of her real fingernail sold for a grand total of $13,000.

Spending $13,000 on an old acrylic fingernail is enough to make anyone go gaga!

8 John Lennon's Cavity


$30,500 is what a Canadian dentist paid John Lennon's old housekeeper to be able to claim a yellowish-brown tooth with a cavity as his very own. He had it encapsulated and it is now on display at his dental practice. Die-hard Beatles fans come from all across the world to get a glimpse of John Lennon's cavity-filled tooth.

Would you go and see the tooth of anyone famous?

7 Jennifer Lawrence's Dirty Bra


Jennifer Lawrence's dirty old sports bra that she wore during rehearsals on the film The Silver Linings Playbook sold for $3,175! The sports bra not only came with sweat stains, it also came with a long sleeve shirt that she wore over it. What a deal!

Someone out there clearly wanted an intimate reminder of JLaw. It's hard to imagine buying anything more intimate than someone's previously worn, unwashed undergarments. If you saw your sweaty sports bra or underwear up for sale on eBay, would you bid to win it back or just look the other way?

6 Slobbered on Baseball Cards


A man auctioned off Michael Vick football cards....with a catch. His two dogs had chewed and slobbered all over them. So, do you think anyone would buy some chewed up old football cards of a so-so player that was convicted of animal cruelty? Well someone did to the tune of over $7,400! It has been reported that the $7,400 went to local animal rescue organizations.

Still, $7,400 for chewed up football cards? Downright disturbing what people are willing to spend money on!


5 Ex-Wife's Wedding Dress

Larry Star put his ex-wife's wedding dress up for sale. He even modeled the size 12 wedding dress himself.

His wedding went down in unhappy flames and Larry Star was determined to get something but bitterness and years of unhappiness from his marriage. He wanted to get a little bit of cash too, so when he stumbled upon his ex-wife's wedding dress he thought 'Ding! Ding! Ding!'. The winning bid for the dress was over $3,500 but the money didn't get exchanged due to the buyer not following through on their part of the deal.

4 Naming Rights

A woman from Connecticut put the name of her unborn child in the hands of the highest bidder. The auction was won by! The baby was born and her legal name is Golden Palace Benedetto. The child's mother states the baby will go by "Goldie".

There have been others to follow in her footsteps, one woman had tattooed to her forehead for $10,000 to put her son through private school.

3 Virginity


Carys Copestakes auctioned off her virginity for $10,000. The businessman that won the auction didn't take her virginity offer but did fork over the cash to help this young woman. Carys reportedly used the money from the auction to attend college.

It does make you wonder what Miss Carys Copestakes parents thought of her creative endeavor?

2 The Painting That Comes to Life

The Hands Resist Him is a painting of a boy and a girl with bizarre faces standing in front of a window. Outside the window are terrifying pairs of hands that look like they want to reach in and grab the children.

The story goes that the painting was created by Bill Stoneham after a photograph of his children standing in front of a window inspired him. Multiple people that have been associated with the painting have mysteriously died. People have claimed that after they saw the eBay listing for the painting they themselves have been plagued by supernatural occurrences. People have claimed everything from hearing voices to seeing into the future.

Actor John Marley (most recognized from the film The Godfather) bought the painting and immediately put it up for sale again after experiencing crazy things including his own children saying that the children in the painting were fighting. The painting was purchased on eBay by a gallery owner in Michigan for $1,025. He keeps the painting in a storage locker in his gallery. Is it a possessed painting or just some wild imaginations?

1 Holocaust Victim's Pants


Canadian Viktor Kempf sold a pair of striped uniform pants for $18,000. These pants belonged to a Jewish man that wore them at Auschwitz before being taken into the gas chambers. Ebay has strict guidelines against the sale of these types of artifacts/war memorabilia, however, things slip through the cracks.

On top of the pants, there have also been listings for the toothbrushes and curlers of Holocaust victims. Thankfully before the toothbrushes or curlers could be sold, Ebay found and removed the listing and banned the seller.


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