12 Of The Craziest Jobs You Didn't Know Existed

Everyone needs a job, but do you ever wonder about what jobs out there have the most bizarre titles or what some of the most uncommon jobs are out there waiting for the right employee? Have you ever s

Everyone needs a job, but do you ever wonder about what jobs out there have the most bizarre titles or what some of the most uncommon jobs are out there waiting for the right employee? Have you ever studied a poster for a new nail polish line and wondered how they choose that particular model, or picked up a bag of food for your dog and wondered who’s in charge of coming up with the flavor combination?

People from all walks of life and levels of expertise have jobs that you have most likely never heard of. Every day, these people work behind the scenes to bring you entertainment, product information, quality food products, medicine, showing you the latest fashion trends, making you smile with a simple note, providing emotional and physical comfort, and even making sure your leisure time is enjoyable.

These twelve crazy jobs may not be your average desk job, but they are real jobs that are attainable for the right employee. No matter what you’re into, whether you’re an artist or a scientist, there is a job out there that may sound crazy, but is an essential part of creating the right product or environment you expect from your favorite brands and venues.

12 Food Stylist

The next time you find yourself drooling over a desert in a commercial or your eyes gloss over at the sight of a unique entrée on a menu, know that you’re admiring the work of a food stylist. A food stylist is a person who makes food look as delicious and enticing as possible through the use of airbrushing, plate arrangement, and other artistic techniques. Food stylists can make just about any food look irresistible. All the images you see of food in advertisements were styled (or prepared) to show you the best features of a food, even if that’s not what it actually looks like in person.

11 Professional Line Stander


Patience and a willingness to brave early hours and long wait times are key to being a professional line stander. Why would someone pay another person to stand in line? For a product. Whether it’s to review the latest iPhone or to secure tickets to an event, a professional line stander acts as a sort of middle man for a client and the product (or service) being purchased. Professional line sitter Robert Samuel noted in an interview with Business Insider that people from all walks of life use line sitter services to help them beat crowds and long lines if they’re tied up in work or have other obligations. If line standing sounds like a job you want to have, be sure to be clear with your client about expectations and relief times, like having others available to stand in for you to take bathroom breaks or to bring you food while you wait in line.

10 Professional Cuddler


Have you ever wished you could have a nice hug after a long, hard day? A professional cuddler is someone who can help fufil that role without any sort of expectation. When you go to see a professional cuddler, you are able to get the experience of platonic touch in a safe and inviting environment. While each professional cuddling establishment has it’s own set of rules, the general understanding is that no sexual activities are to take place. These pro-cuddling businesses are not intended for sexual contact, they exist to provide physical contact in a safe and predictable environment.

9 Food Scientist

Do you ever wonder how a bag of chips that’s meant to taste like a plate of nachos could come so close to tasting like the real thing, or how your favorite chocolate ice cream is the same every time you buy it? These near perfect tastes, textures and other aspects of a food product are the work of a food scientist (or taste tester). A food scientists job is to ensure the taste of a food product is consistent and accurate. In an interview with Business Insider, Food Scientist Lauren Grosskopf notes that her job involves examining all aspects of a food product’s evolution from conception to your tastebuds. While you’re enjoying your favorite ice cream desert, someone is working hard to make sure every bite you take will be consistent and delicious.

8 Body Part Model


Models of all kinds help us imagine how a product would look or function in everyday life. A model car allows us to conceptualize a new automotive technology while a fashion model allows us to imagine ourselves in the latest fashion trends. A body part model has the same job as any other model, to model a product for consumers. A body part model may model their feet for shoes, nail polish and foot related products while a hand model may work with jewelry companies. The unique aspect of body part modeling is that it is focused on only one part of a person’s body rather than the entire frame, allowing for models of a far more diverse appearance than you would find by traditional modeling standards.

7 Bingo Manager


Bingo is such a simple game that it’s easy to forget that there is in fact someone behind the scenes that makes everything run smoothly. The bingo manager’s job is to ensure everything within the bingo hall is running smoothly, to oversee cash outs for winnings, and to ensure the operation is run in accordance with state and federal laws. Just like a bingo caller and cash out personnel, the bingo manager is an important member of a bingo hall’s day-to-day operation who ensures each game and cash out runs smoothly.

6 Soil Conservationist

Soil is a crucial component of growing grass and crops. Without good soil, we wouldn’t have access to food items for ourselves or livestock animals, nor would we have lawns and parks to enjoy with our families. A soil conservationist is a scientist who is concerned with making sure that the soil quality of an area is consistent and free of pollutants that could effect plant growth. Because soil is made from a combination of naturally occurring components (like dirt, minerals and leaves) and does not occur spontaneously, it needs to be monitored carefully to ensure that an area will make for suitable living for animals, humans or both. Soil conservationists will examine and troubleshoot areas that may need specialized attention to keep soil healthy and productive.

5 Snake Milker

A snake milker may sound like a job that people get into just for the thrill of working with venomous snakes, but in reality, a snake milker’s job is beneficial to the medical world. Those powerful toxins can be used medicinally to treat various ailments. In an article titled “Toxic Medicine: How Venom Has Lead to Medical Breakthroughs”, ABC News spoke with venom expert professor Jon-Paul Bingham who noted that snake venom can cut off pain receptors which can be harnessed into a non habit forming pain reliever called Prialt. Snake milkers may risk their own lives by milking the reptiles, but their work helps create medical advancements for all.

4 Fortune Cookie Writer

Perhaps one of the most overlooked jobs, the work of a fortune cookie writer is read by thousands of people. A fortune cookie writer’s job is to craft the fortunes that are listed on those tiny pieces of paper you can find in fortune cookies. Fortune cookie writers typically work for the company that makes and produces fortune cookies. Just like packagers and quality inspectors, the fortune cookie writer is a part of the entire fortune cookie creation process. While fortune cookies are typically found in Chinese style restaurants across the United States, fortune cookies can also be special ordered and personalized for various events.

3 Golf Ball Diver


Having a bad par for the course? Have you ever sunk a golfball into a pond and wondered what will become of it? Or perhaps you’ve stepped off the course late and noticed a staff member walking into the water near that one particularly tricky hole? The fate of a golf ball that’s made it’s way into the water is controlled by a golf ball diver. Just as the title suggests, a golf ball diver retrieves golf balls from water (or otherwise challenging) sources on the golf course to keep the course properly maintained. Just don’t give into the temptation to spoil a perfect round in an attempt to give the diver some work, let someone else sink the ball.

2 Adult Toy Tester

That’s right. You can make money by being a product tester for adult toys. Much like a makeup reviewer or gadget guru would review various brand’s products (and possibly promote them), these professionals test adult toys. This job can vary in its scope depending upon the individual’s contract, but typically these jobs require testers to simply test products that are sent to them. Testers have the luxury of working at home, allowing them to avoid traffic jams and staff meetings that come with standard office jobs. While it may seem like a joke of a job, adult toy testers provide important feedback for adult toy companies about the pros and cons of a specific product, and how it may appeal to everyday consumers.

1 Pet Food Taster


Just like food that is manufactured and produced for human consumption, pet food goes through a variety of tests to ensure quality and taste are well balanced in each pet food product that hits the market. While being a pet food taster may not sound like the most attractive job out there, the majority of the job is based on nutritional science. As InsideJobs notes, pet food tasters are typically scientists who focus on incorporating as much nutritional value into a pet food product as possible while still maintaining good taste (and yes, taste testing). If animal care and nutritional science are your thing, a pet food taster could be the job for you.


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12 Of The Craziest Jobs You Didn't Know Existed