12 Most Shocking Cases Of Real Life Vampire Killers

Think Vampire. What comes to mind? Probably the literary version penned by author Bram Stoker and brought to life by in movies by actors such as Bela Lugosi. Count Dracula, the cursed, walking dead creature who rises from a creaky-lidded coffin at night to drink the blood of his victims, passing along his curse. Flapping into a darkened room as a bat, Lugosi would transform into the Count. "I vant to drink your blood", Lugosi told his usually young and attractive female victims.

Some think that Dracula is based on the antics of Countess Elizabeth Bathory, who in the 1600's was said to have killed hundreds of women and bathed in their blood. But what about modern day vampires? Are there actually people out there who want to drink blood and sometimes are willing to kill for it? Well, in a word, yes there are. With that being said, here are 12 modern-day vampires who drank blood, sometimes their own and sometimes other people's. They were often devil worshipers. And they murdered.

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12 Roderick Ferrell - Vampire Clan Leader


Reportedly, he believes he is a 500-year old vampire called Vesago. Together with his Vampire Clan, he brutally killed the Florida parents of a long-time friend of his, in a bid to help her to run away from home. When he was arrested in New Orleans, he told police that his vampire powers meant they would not be able to hold him for long. He was originally given a death sentence, but that was commuted to life in prison without any chance of parole. He has managed a minor media presence. The 2002 film Vampire Clan was based on the case and he has recently been featured in an episode of LMN's Killer Kids. He has 365 likes on his Facebook page.

11 Sean Richard Sellers - Teenage Vampire


He was voted by his high school classmates as the person most likely to become a vampire. He was said to have carried a Satanic Bible, to have drunk blood during lunch breaks, and to have written notes to Satan using his own blood. He and like-minded friends met to voluntarily drink one another's blood. Reportedly, he dreamed about blood. At 16, he shot and killed a clerk at a convenience store. In 1986 just before his 17th birthday, dressed in ritualistic attire, he killed his mother and stepfather. At his trial, he claimed to have been the victim of demonic possession. He was convicted and in 1999, was executed by lethal injection.

10 Richard Trenton Chase - The Vampire of Sacramento


As a child, he was abused by his mother. By the time he was an adolescent, he abused drugs and alcohol. Later, he developed hypochondria and complained that someone had stolen his pulmonary artery. He captured and killed small animals, mixing their organs with Coca-Cola before drinking the concoction. He was institutionalized for a time. Then, starting in December of 1977, he killed six people over a one month period, drinking their blood and cannibalizing their bodies. Dubbed "The Vampire of Sacramento", he believed an unlocked door was an invitation to enter a house. Caught after he left a bloody palm print at a house where he had killed and cannibalized three people, he was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to the gas chamber. He committed suicide in prison.

9 Daniel and Manuela Ruda -Satanic Killers


In 2001, Daniel was 26 and his wife Manuela was 23, when in a frenzied attack of over 60 blows, they stabbed to death a 33 year old male friend in their flat, before drinking his blood and slicing a pentagram into his stomach. They had never been mistaken for "ordinary" citizens of Witten, Germany, and were rough Goths who worshiped Satan. She slept in a coffin and had acquired a taste for blood when she attended vampire parties on a trip to the British Isles. She had signed her soul over to Satan. Daniel shared her craving for the taste of blood. Reportedly, they had sex in the coffin in which she slept after the murder. After their arrest, they told police they had been following Satan's orders. They were put away in secure psychiatric units.

8 Joshua Rudiger - The 2,000 Year Old Vampire


He had a history of mental illness and once had attempted suicide with a Samurai sword. Still a teenager, he told a therapist he was a vampire who would suck out the blood of those around him. In 1998, he claimed to be a 2,000 year old vampire and stalked the streets of San Francisco, slashing the throats of homeless people in his quest for blood. Three men were injured and a homeless woman died after his blood thirsty attacks. When he was arrested, he referred to his victims as prey. His lawyers tried the insanity plea, but the court was having none of it and sentenced him to 23 years to life in prison.

7 Caius Domitius Veiovis - Self-proclaimed Vampire and Devil Worshiper


He has horn implants, facial tattoos (including the devil's 666) and piercings, and reportedly has sharpened his teeth. His police mug shot is said to be one of the scariest ever. Born Roy Gutfinski, Jr., he legally changed his name to Caius Domitius Veiovis. (Caius was a character in Twilight). A self-proclaimed vampire and devil worshiper, he was convicted of the assault of a teenage girl in Maine in 1999. As part of a vampiric ritual, he and his girlfriend cut the girl and reportedly licked her blood as they kissed. It took over 30 stitches to close her wound. He served just over 7 years for the assault. And in September of 2014, he was convicted by a Massachusetts court of the brutal murder of three men who were to testify against a Hell's Angel member. He is serving three life sentences, with no chance of parole.

6 Peter Kurten - The Vampire of Dusseldorf


Beginning in 1913, German Kurten committed some 9 murders that involved slicing his victims' throats or cutting incisions into the neck, after which he would drink their blood. He claimed that on one occasion, he had drunk so much blood that he became ill. He also said that drinking his victim's blood was sexually exciting to him. His first murder victim was a thirteen year old girl. Kurten made small incisions on her neck, using a mat to soak up her blood. At his trial, also tried an insanity plea, but was convicted and executed by hanging in 1931.

5 Wayne Clifford Boden - The Vampire Sexual Assaulter


Boden was a Canadian serial killer who killed at least four women during rough sex sessions. He was dubbed "the Vampire Rapist" because of the vampire-like bites he inflicted on the breasts of his victims. Boden would viciously chew on their breasts, reportedly feasting on their flesh and blood. Bizarrely, some of his victims don't appear to have fought back. He was active between 1969 and 1971. But his signature biting was his downfall, when an orthodontist managed to match his teeth to the bite marks on his victims. He was sentenced to life in prison, but briefly escaped while on a day-release pass. He died in prison in 2006.

4 James Riva - The Schizophrenic Vampire


He believed he was a 700-year old vampire who needed to drink blood. In 1980, he shot and killed his handicapped grandmother as she sat in her wheel chair, drank her blood, and then set fire to her house. The gun he used to shoot her with was loaded with gold bullets because he had become obsessed with the idea that his grandmother was a vampire predator. He had a long history of mental illness and believed that he was serving his masters in the netherworld of vampires. Reportedly, he also believed that if he killed people who treated him badly, he would come back as a handsome man. Convicted of second degree murder, he is serving life in prison.

3 Nico Claux - The Vampire of Paris


He was only 22-years old when in 1994, the Paris police arrested him for the murder of Thierry Bissonnier. When questioned about the fact that police had found bags of blood in his refrigerator, he simply told them that he drank it. Claux worked as a mortician and freely admitted that he had eaten the flesh of corpses in the mortuary. Although police suspected him in other murders, he admitted only to the one of Bissonnier. The murderer, cannibal and admitted grave robber, served 7 years for the murder, was released, and then set up a website to sell his extremely dark art depicting bodies and images of serial killers.

2 Maurico Lopez


In 2011, Lopez was accused of stabbing and killing his roommate, Marcario Cruz, and afterwards drinking his blood. He pleaded no contest in a Florida court to second-degree murder and received a 20-year prison sentence. Lopez claimed that he was drunk at the time, did not want Cruz to die, and did not remember the killing. Some said that Lopez was upset because his roommate was having an affair with Lopez's married niece (who apparently was Cruz's sister-in-law). Reportedly, Lopez drank the victim's blood because he believed it would help him evade capture.

1 Jan O - The Cannibal Killer


In 2011, media sources, including The Daily Mail and CBS, reported the trial and life sentence imposed on a petty criminal dubbed "Jan O" for the murder of two teenagers, a boy and a girl. German privacy laws meant the killer's and his victims' full names were not revealed. Jan had planned to sexually assault the girl, but decided to give into his blood lust. Reportedly, the boy was sexually assaulted. Jan O reportedly chewed on their flesh and drank their blood while they were still alive. The teens, identified as Nina, 14 and Tobias, 13, were tortured and killed five days apart. The shocked and horrified judge gave him life in prison.

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