12 Outrageous Things To Do If You Have Too Much Money

Everyone dreams of the things that they would do if they were rich. These usually range from buying the perfect home or going on a once in a lifetime holiday or in some cases, people will want to treat their family and friends, or make sure that they can live out the rest of their lives as comfortable as possible. Others may have more unique ideas about what they would do with a fortune but unfortunately, for the vast majority of people, they will never become a reality, as such wealth is only available to a select few individuals.

The truth is though, that many of those who have become millionaires or billionaires, do not live particularly exciting lives. Some live the playboy lifestyle or travel around the world, but most simply carry on running their companies and growing their wealth. However, there are some notable exceptions. A certain collection of rich individuals pride themselves on spending their money on doing and making insane things.

This article will explore the craziest things that are available to do for people who have the money. Some will include unbelievable services that are offered by businesses and companies for the super-rich, while others will be schemes that have been thought up by individuals that can be made a reality, thanks to their sheer wealth. Here are 12 of the most outrageous things you can do if you have enough money.

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12 Build Your Own Fleet Of Floating Cities


Peter Thiel, an investor who has made his wealth through websites such as PayPal and Facebook, has invested heavily in a company known as the Seasteading Institute. The organization is attempting to create giant floating platforms, similar to how oil rigs work, in order to create their own sovereign cities.

The ultimate plan is for the floating platforms to become their own countries away from the laws laid down by existing nations. These new powers will essentially start civilization from scratch, by being completely at liberty to run how they please without any government being able to interfere or influence how people live.

11 Get A Famous Artist To Sing Privately For You


As record labels traditionally take a large portion of any revenue from albums and singles, bands and artists are left with having to look to other avenues to make money. The most obvious solution for many is to go on tour and perform live, often in front of as many people as possible, in order to maximize their profits. Sometimes though, performers are willing to perform private gigs in exchange for large sums of money.

Examples of artists who have done intimate performances include the likes of Amy Winehouse, Tom Jones and Beyonce, who were all paid millions of dollars by a rich fan who wanted them to sing exclusively for them.

10 Build A Skyscraper House


If you have enough money, you can even build your own personal skyscraper as India’s richest businessman, Mukesh Ambani did. With space at a premium in Southern Mumbai, Ambani decided that the best way to build a home for his family was to construct upwards. The result was a 27 floor building that contains a health club, swimming pool, cinema and health facilities, to ensure that the residents are properly cared for.

With a cost of $1 billion to build, it is widely considered as the most expensive home in the world. That doesn't even factor in the 600 full time staff who maintain the house at all times either, making this a truly expensive project for anyone who is looking to emulate it.

9 Start Your Own Formula 1 Team


Ross Brawn made a significant fortune from investment and his work at Ferarri and other Formula 1 teams, and bought the Honda team in 2009. While the initial cost of the buyout was low, the continuing costs were significant. Many of the teams feature staff numbering in the hundreds and some even have thousands, while the research and development costs to create the cars continue to rise every year. It’s estimated that a Formula 1 team will spend anywhere close to at least $100 million every year to run, with some spending significantly more than that.

After winning the World Championship that year, Brawn then sold the team to Mercedes Benz for a fee of around $170 million and remained an employee, acting as Team Principle for a number of seasons before retiring.

8 Hire An Entire Country


For those who want to have a holiday to remember, you could always book a luxury hotel or a magnificent guest house in some exotic location. However, for those with plenty of spare cash, it is entirely possible to rent an entire country. The principality of Liechtenstein made itself available for rent in 2011, for a price of $70,000 a night.

Not only do you get to stay in the nation with up to 150 guests, the deal also sees street signs be customized with your name and for a temporary currency to be created in your honor. Other benefits include being put in charge of the local police force, wine tasting with the head of state and the presentation of a symbolic key to the country.

7 Help Make The World Better


While the vast majority of entries on this list have been things that people can do with their wealth that directly benefits themselves, some other people have taken a different approach with their wealth. Philanthropists across the world have dedicated themselves with the job of helping to improve the welfare of people and make the world a safer and healthier place.

Perhaps the two biggest examples have been Bill Gates and Warren Buffett. Together the two billionaires have pledged more than $50 billion to charities and foundations. These include efforts to improve education in the developing world, provide easy access to contraceptives, invest in technology to improve services and even work towards the eradication of diseases through vaccination schemes.

6 Have Your Own ATM


Going to the bank or finding the nearest ATM in order to get some money out of your account can be frustrating and time wasting, especially if you need the money while at home. DeShawn Stevenson obviously thought so at any rate, as he revealed it through Instagram, in 2012, that he has his very own ATM in his kitchen.

The basketballer, who earns tens of millions of dollars every year in wages and sponsorship deals, keeps the machine filled at $20,000 and has it restocked every two months. According to sources though, the machine comes with a $4.50 transaction fee.

5 Explore The Bottom Of The Ocean

While James Cameron is best known for his work in Hollywood with films such as Titanic and Avatar, he has also made waves in the scientific world for his work on deep see submarines. After having a specially made craft built to explore the wreck of the infamous ship before he filmed the Titanic, Cameron became interested in deep sea diving and has since invested heavily in the technology, culminating in the creation of the DeepSea Challenger.

The specialist submarine was created specifically to get to the bottom of the Challenger Deep, the deepest part of the ocean. Cameron actually piloted it several times, taking the machine that has a huge number of specialist equipment seven miles underwater.

4 Get A Bomb Proof Luxury Condo


It’s all well and good to have a luxurious home, but what if a terrible catastrophe such as a nuclear blast occurs near you. Well if that sort of thing worries you, then a company has created the perfect solution. These $7 million dollar condos offer suitable protection thanks to the fact they are built in disused missile shafts that were built during the Cold War.

Four people have already purchased the luxury accommodations that go down to up to 174 feet and have concrete walls that are 9 feet thick, to protect from bombs and other natural disasters. Amenities included in the dwellings are indoor swimming pools, cinemas and a stockpile of five years’ worth of food.

3 Eat a $95,000 White Truffle


Truffles themselves are already fairly expensive food, due to the fact that they are difficult to control and must generally be hunted by dogs or pigs to find. However, one particular example has a value that dwarfs most other food. The White Alba truffle is found only in a select region in Italy, and because of the fact that it cannot be domesticated, it is incredibly rare. Experts agreed that the white truffle was probably the largest ever sold, weighing in at 4 pounds.

Russian billionaire, Vladimir Potanin bought it from New York restaurant, Nello, in 2013 for a total of $95,000. While Potanin can probably afford it thanks to his massive wealth of more than $14 billion, made from controlling vast amounts of nickel in his native country, Russia.

2 Go To Space


Richard Branson, with his company Virgin Galactic, is currently working on making space flight to civilians a possibility. Before now, only a very select few have ever been able to make it to space, with the vast majority of those being astronauts or cosmonauts who had spent years in training. Civilians have travelled to space before, as in the case of Dennis Tito, who paid around $20 million to go get a seat in the Russian Soyuz spacecraft.

The company has been marketing the space journeys for several years now, and offers seats priced at $250,000. This puts the ride out of reach of most people, but executives have confirmed that more than 600 people have already signed up to take part.

While Virgin Galactic are not exactly certain when the first flights to space will begin, they have had a lot of promising progress in the past few months with their rocket technology. However, a crash of the VSS Enterprise and tragic death of a pilot earlier this year has set plans back.

1 Build A Dinosaur Park


Eccentric billionaire, Clive Palmer is well known for his extravagant plans but perhaps the most outrageous of them all is his plan to turn his Palmer Coolum Resort into a Dinosaur Park. The reason being that he just wants to spend his money before he dies. Using over a hundred animatronic robots that have been built in China, Palmer aims to turn part of his resort into something resembling Jurassic Park. Some of the figures even weigh as much as a ton and stand at 20 feet tall.

Palmer has also tried to use his enormous wealth to fund other endeavors. According to a number of publications, the billionaire has also tried to clone an actual dinosaur in the past and is currently hard at work, building an exact replica of the Titanic that will be completed in 2016.

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