12 Most Incredible Gaming Feats Ever Achieved

There are plenty of ways that people playing video games might get a sense of accomplishment. Maybe they have beaten their favorite title on the hardest difficulty, overcome a particularly challenging section with added modifiers or even triumphed in a multi-player match against an organized and skilled opponent. However, these are put to shame by some of the feats that have been achieved throughout the history of gaming. Some, like the ones included in this article, are accomplishments that are completely unbelievable and so incredible that many would not have thought them possible until they were done.

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12 Street Fighter Evolution 2004 Comeback


Daigo Umehara is widely considered one of the best professional gamers, who competes in fighting games. While he has won a variety of tournaments and competitions throughout his career, his biggest claim to fame came in the 2004 edition of the Evolution Championship Series. Playing Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike, Umehara had been severely damaged by his opponent Justin Wong. With the lowest possible health remaining, just one pixel wide, he faced his opponents, knowing any successful attack could defeat him. Amazingly, as Wong launched a special attack, Umehara managed to successfully parry 15 consecutive attacks before counter-attacking and going on to defeat his opponent who still had more than half of his health available.

11 Longest Gaming Marathon


During March of 2012, Chris Gloyd and Timothy Bell both broke the Guinness World Record for the longest gaming marathon. Between March 12 and March 17, the two gamers managed to play a variety of games from the Resistance series of games for 120 hours and 7 minutes. The event took place at an EB Games store, and each of the participants were allowed to have a 10 minute break every hour to combat problems associated with sleep deprivation that led to the death of a Taiwanese 18-year-old several years ago.

10 Portal’s Test Chamber 18 In Under A Minute


Portal is a difficult game at the best of times, and one of the hardest levels in the game is undoubtedly Test Chamber 18. It requires players to utilize all of the tricks and knowledge they have acquired throughout the rest of the game in order to complete. When first encountered, it will take the majority of players upwards of 10 minutes as the puzzle needs a good deal of thought to overcome. Once tackled, particularly talented players have shown that they are able to complete the chamber in around 3 minutes, using an incredible memory of exactly where they need to move and shoot the portal gun. But one player went even further and showed unbelievable skill by completing the section in just 39 seconds, using a variety of tricks and sheer talent to put in a superb performance.

9 Dark Souls Completed In 1 Hour 26 Minutes


Dark Souls is widely considered by many gamers to be one of the most difficult games of recent times. It demands players develop their skills to extreme levels to beat even average enemies. It routinely takes many hours, upwards of 50, to complete due to the tirade of tough bosses that the game throws at you and the fact that for the most part, Dark Souls doesn't instruct players on what they have to do, rather it just lets them explore. Speedruns of the entire campaign have been done though, and the most unbelievable was completed by Shoiko, who managed to get through the whole game in just 1 hour and 26 minutes. It involved doing only objectives that were absolutely necessary and being magnificently precise when fighting enemies.

8 Resident Evil Knife Only Speedrun


While the series may have become easier over the last couple of entries, the earlier Resident Evil games were very challenging titles and none more so than the very first one. Skilled players can get through the main campaign using all of the available features in a time between 6 to 8 hours. One player though, not only beat all of the previous times by getting to the very end in a time of just 69 minutes, but they did so while using such the knife. Forsaking all other weapons in place of the weakest tool in the game meant that they were at a huge disadvantage throughout, especially in boss battles.

7 Sim City 300 Ultimate City


Games like Sim City are generally not considered games that can be completed. Instead, these types of simulation titles are meant to test players to see how long they can keep a city running smoothly. Vincent Ocasla took this objective to the extreme though. Using 18 months of planning, where he outlined and refined his city architecture ideas to see what would be the best way to save space and be economical, and 2 years of building time in the game itself to complete his city. The end result was a world in which everything runs with the least amount of effort and space wasted, although all the citizens have effectively been enslaved in a police state.

6 Skyrim Completed With Only Fists


The Elder Scrolls is a series of epic role-playing games that let players progress in any way they like. If you want to use offensive magical spells, swords, ranged weapons or any combination, you are free to do so. However, completing the game usually demands that players go out in search of better weapons and level up their offensive abilities as much as possible, so that they can defeat high level enemies. Unless of course, you're YouTube user Robbaz, who went through the entire adventure using just his fists, punching all of the bosses and dragons to death. Even more impressive though, is the fact that he didn't use the Kvyat race, that makes the game far easier by increasing melee attacks.

5 Civilization II Eternal War


Civilization II is a game whereby players take on the role of a leader from history and attempt to make their own civilization superior through diplomacy and war. Games typically last until the year 2020 A.D., but users can choose to continue past this date. That is exactly what one player (known as Lycerius) did. For the past ten years, he played on the same save as he attempted to conquer the whole world. Unfortunately, the game eventually led to a stalemate in the year 3991, with three superpowers all utilizing nuclear weapons. This melted the ice caps, made whole chunks of the world uninhabitable and meant that all resources are diverted to creating new military forces for a war that has lasted for 1,700 years.

4 LittleBigPlanet Calculator


LittleBigPLanet is a game that is famous for allowing users to design and share their own created levels. This has allowed for some very unique creations being made, as the game does not put any strict limitations on what players can do. One gamer took all of the available tools and set about making a working calculator that can actually add and subtract numbers entered into it. The machine itself is huge, with 610 magnetic switches, 500 wires and 430 pistons, and it can carry out the calculation in real time without any noticeable delay.

3 100% Rating of “Through The Fire And Flames” on Expert


Many players who have played the Guitar Hero or Rock Band series will have come across a song that is particularly challenging to them. Whether you play on Normal or Expert, some of the songs included are put in just to be fiendishly hard. The biggest example of this is “Through The Fire And Flames” by English metal band, DragonForce. With a super fast barrage of notes that have to be hit, and the fact that the song requires players to use a combination of the different techniques is shown throughout the game. It also lasts for more than seven minutes, just to ensure players get no rest. That hasn't stopped a select few players from not just beating the song, but actually hitting every single note and getting a 100% rating.

2 Super Meat Boy Cotton Alley No Deaths


Anyone who has played Super Meat Boy will admit that it is one of the toughest platformers that have released in the last decade. Unlike other modern games, it doesn’t go easy on players in any way and just throws them immediately into the deep end. After completing the main game, players will usually have deaths numbering in the high hundreds and possibly even the thousands. Once the main campaign has been beaten, another world is made available known as the Cotton Alley, a series of levels that are even more difficult than those in the rest of the title. One YouTube user in 2011 posted a video, showing how he had flawlessly beaten the world and its Dark World counterpart, in just 7 minutes without dying, a near impossible feat.

1 Halo 2 Legendary No Deaths


While Halo 2 is not a hugely challenging game for the most part, on Legendary difficulty it becomes a whole other story. Enemies can take immense damage, you can be killed in just a few hits and Jackal snipers can take you out immediately from what seems like miles away. Beating some of the specific parts of the campaign also requires a good amount of trial and error, meaning it is almost certain players will die multiple times. But Cody Miller managed to do what was widely thought to be impossible, by going through the entire campaign on Legendary difficulty, without dying. It required months of practice and research so that he could learn exactly where enemies would spawn and how they react.

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