12 Most Bizarre Fetishes That Actually Exist

A fetish is when someone is excessively devoted to an object or an activity that can come off as maybe a little irrational. A fetish does not necessarily mean that the thing you are obsessed with is negative, but it can cause some discomfort amongst your peer group. There are thousands of fetishes that include everything from obsessing over bubble gum to having a bad habit of falling in love with criminals. Fetishes are normally associated with sex and have a stigma around them that make it seem off limits, taboo and quite shameful. On the other side of the spectrum, most people do not know that their love for the smell of gasoline or bad body odor is even a fetish, let alone something they should feel ashamed about. We sometimes have to ask ourselves what is considered normal in this time? People around us are dressing up as their favorite characters and LARPing around the world, people are eating toilet paper on our television screens and being paid for it, people are in sexual relationships with their family members and are not ashamed of it. So what if you like acting like a piece of furniture or have an unhealthy obsession with the holy cross; guess what, worse things have happened. Here is a list of fetishes that people are ashamed of.

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12 Forniphilia


Ever wanted to act like a piece of furniture? That is called forniphilia (or maybe you want someone to act as a piece of furniture for you). This fetish is popular in the BDSM subculture (think 50 Shades of Grey pushed up a notch); this fetish became popular in the 1970s due to an Allen Jones exhibit. The artist had human beings on display being used as household objects and furniture; a lady was used as a toilet roll dispenser, a chair, a table top and even a plant display. This fetish has more of a sexual vibe now but before it was used purely for art; but is there really a difference?

11 Dendrophilia


Dendrophilia is an attraction to trees; it is not always sexual but sometimes it translates to nature lovers becoming overly enthusiastic about being nature lovers. Dendrophilia is apparently quite common but this is because people mistakenly associate it with people who want to live a healthy lifestyle or vegetarians. Can you imagine being in love with a tree? That must make for some awkward double dates. However, there was a case in 2010 where a Scottish man was banned from a public park for trying to have intercourse with one of the trees. He was caught with his pants literally around his ankles. Poor tree.

10 Dacryphilia

Seeing someone cry should not turn anyone on, but unfortunately it does. Dacryphilia is the act of being sexually turned by seeing someone crying. No one really likes to see someone else cry, usually when people are crying they are in pain so to be turned on by it can come off as being slightly sadistic. Dacryphilia is not only linked to tears, it is also associated with the showing of strong emotions and being sexually attracted to someone in distress.

9 Formicophilia

Warning: if you hate bugs do not read this blurb. Formicophilia is the love of being crawled on by bugs. Yes, it is as creepy and nasty as it sounds; this is a form of zoophilia (animal related fetishes) where a person is turned on by having insects crawl or nibble on them. The bugs are purposely placed upon the skin and no, this does not necessarily include any sexual involvement, in fact, a lot of people who identify as Formicophilias have a general interest or connection to bugs and usually study them. Mostly however, they love the tickling sensation they feel on their skin as the bug crawls on them.

8 Olfactophilia

Ever wonder why people are drawn to certain smells? Or maybe why a smell reminds them of something sexual? These smells usually consist of bodily odors but are by far not limited to that. Some people love the smell of gasoline; one could even argue that all these candle shops that are pimping out those lavender candles are encouraging olfacophilia. That being said, this fetish is usually associated with the body being turned on by the smell of a fart or stinky armpits, or the smell of sweat after a hard workout. Truly these people do not like these smells, they are just associating them back to the “emotional” part of their brain that triggers memories associated with the same smell or something that had a similar smell.

7 Hierophilia


The uneasy relationship between religion and sex is put together with this fetish, not the way one would think though. It is not sexual intercourse but rather a sexual attraction to religious objects; the good thing about this is that there are a small number of people who are into this fetish. This is probably because there is nothing sexual about a man who was tortured and hung on a cross and also because a lot, if not all religions, shun sex as something that is not meant for pleasure but for procreation. It is safe to say ordinary love making will suffice here.

6 Mechanophilia

Almost all men have an unhealthy obsession with their car, so it makes sense that there have been a few that take that obsession to new heights. The fetish called Mechanophilia is pretty self-explanatory, the only difference is it is not only cars, cars are just the usual items that are associated with it, but really it can be any mechanical metal object. There have been several people who were arrested for "technically" indecent acts but the act was being done on a poor, innocent car. One of the craziest cases came out of the UK where a man admitted to having sex with a thousand cars.

5 Licking Doorknobs


Licking doorknobs is a fetish that is super unhygienic; now the only reason why this fetish works is because girls are licking the doorknobs. So clearly there is a sexualisation behind this fetish (like most fetishes); this doorknob licking thing started in Japan as a crusade against their archaic rules for p**nography censorship, but quickly turned into something that people actually enjoyed. Clearly this has not taken off in America or anywhere else but it seems to be booming in Japan. One can assume the enjoyment for a man who is watching a woman put her mouth on something, and for the girl...um... maybe the feel of cold steel on her tongue.

4 Trichophilia

We all may be a little obsessed with hair (especially women); we can never get it straight enough, flat enough, curly enough, or even keep it in a respectable pony tail. People who have a hair fetish can sometimes take it to new lengths. For instance, there was a serial killer in the early 90s whose ritualistic killings were associated with cutting off strands of women’s hair and strategically placing it in their cold dead hands. This fetish is not only related to hair on the head, it also includes armpit hair, pubic hair, hairy legs and basically every kind of human hair known to man.

3 Hybristophilia

Being turned on by a criminal is more common than it should be; however, it is totally understandable considering that we have TV shows that fetishize criminals like Dexter or Jax Teller. This fetish falls under a sexual paraphilia; this involves becoming sexually aroused by having a partner who is known to have committed a crime. As you can guess this is also more commonly called “Bonnie and Clyde syndrome” because you know the whole crime spree thing; so why is this appealing to people? One of the reasons is because they feel that they can cure these individuals of their “ailment”.

2 Teratophilia


Does anyone remember that movie Beastly, with Vanessa Hudgens? That is basically what this fetish is about. Teraophilia is being attracted or turned on by someone who has a physical deformity or monstrous look to them. This fetish is usually played out in books, TV shows and movies where a beautiful character (usually a girl) falls in love with a monstrosity and is able to see past his horrible looks. They generally end up falling in love and he transforms magically into a hot guy; unfortunately, in real life this is not the case but then again, this fetish does exist so...

1 Oculolinctus

This my friends is the art of licking eyeballs, and yes, it is a legitimate fetish. This craze took off in Japan and is used as an expression of love amongst young Japanese lovers. This has turned into a craze and found its way over to America where students are posting videos of licking their friends' eyeballs, the only difference is that this is not considered an act of love in America, it is used as a joke almost like a wet willy of sorts. In Japan however, it caused a pink eye emergency that spread rapidly throughout one school.

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