12 Insane Things Celebs Own That Should Be Prohibited

Normal people and celebrities have a completely different set of standards when it comes to purchasing non-essential items. For instance, a person living life on a tight budget may splurge a little on

Normal people and celebrities have a completely different set of standards when it comes to purchasing non-essential items. For instance, a person living life on a tight budget may splurge a little on clothing or buy themselves a small piece of jewelry. They live within tight budgets but can sometimes find their way to purchase something of minimal value. Going out to dinner can be a high expense for a normal person. Money is a premium and it cannot be wasted on excessive items. This is in stark contrast to the way celebrities live their lives. Celebrities don’t have the same kind of limitations as a normal person. In fact, in many cases, celebrities seem to have no limitations at all. They are free to make the kinds of decisions with their money that can make a person’s head shake.

Celebrities tend to do crazy things. There are varying levels of extreme and some things celebrities are able to purchase make little to no sense. They clearly have their reasons but the extraordinary nature of what the wealthy and famous choose to buy sometimes causes a person to scratch their head. Some of the items are just plain stupid while others are dangerous. Whether it is gaudy jewelry or a giant piece of military metal, celebrities have owned some pretty extreme items. There are certain things celebrities just shouldn’t own. These are 12 Insane Things Owned By Celebrities That Should Be Prohibited.

12 Beyonce – Legs of Gold


Beyonce is a worldwide singing sensation. She turns heads everywhere she goes. Now that she is married to Jay-Z, money is hardly an issue for the entertainment power couple. They tend to live the kind of celebrity lifestyle that others only dream of. But one purchase in particular made big headlines when it appeared wrapped firmly around Beyonce’s legs.

11 Akon – Mining For Diamonds


Normally, people head to a store to purchase jewelry with diamonds in them. It can be costly. So, singer Akon decided that it was better to own a diamond mine than bother to purchase diamonds from Jared’s. He quietly bought a diamond mine in South Africa. Akon has remained rather mum on details surrounding the South African mine.

10 Paris Hilton – Doggie Style


Paris Hilton is known for a lot of things. Being gifted the Hilton name has brought great wealth upon Paris and allowed her to pretty much do whatever she has wanted in life. The girl that was famous for being famous sooner than anyone else, tends to make interesting financial choices when it comes to her purchases. But it was her $325,000 custom-made dog house that turned heads.

9 Brad Pitt – Going to War

Brad Pitt was featured in the World War II epic movie Fury. He played the part of a battle-tested grizzled sergeant named Don’ Wardaddy” Collier who manned a Sherman tank. Ironically, after filming a different movie, World War Z, Pitt actually purchased a tank.

8 Brad Pitt – World War II Pilot


Brad Pitt makes the list again! His tank purchase seemed pretty crazy and extreme. But what may be even more extreme was the Supermarine Spitfire plane the leading man purchased for $3.3 million. Pitt was inspired to purchase the old war plane during the course of filming Fury and will learn to fly it at the Boultbee Flight Academy in Oxford, England.

7 The Game – Remote Diamonds


6 Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson – Monster Truck


Before Chad Johnson’s life got derailed, he was an all-pro wide receiver and had a ton of success. With that success came money for one of the most talked about players in the NFL. For his own birthday, Johnson had a huge super truck custom made.

5 Lady Gaga – Ghost Chaser

Lady Gaga is known for being a tad different from everyone else. Her excessive outfits have been highlighted by her draping herself entirely in meat. Gaga pretty much will do anything for attention and her antics are a bit extreme. But inside her own home, Gaga doesn’t mess around.

4 T-Pain – Big Ass Chain


Rappers have been known to get a little outrageous with some of their purchases. The money flows in so fast and for someone who may not have had a lot growing up as a child, the cash can go to their heads. This is definitely the case with the rapper T-Pain. T-Pain wanted to make a big statement so he purchased the big diamond encrusted necklace he could with the words "Big Ass Chain" hanging around his neck.

3 Lil Wayne – Shining Like A Diamond


Lil Wayne is known as a controversial rap figure. The successful rapper has made music for years and with his success has come lots of money. Lil Wayne always seems to have interesting things to say in his music. His statements can be vulgar at times.

2 Nicolas Cage – Dinosaur Hunter


Nicolas Cage has been a superstar in Hollywood. He rose to the top and was starring in many big movies. But what goes up, must come down. And Cage has succumb to some of his lavish expenses through the years. But during the end of his spending splurge, Cage outbid fellow actor Leonardo DiCaprio for tyrannosaurus remains valued at $276,000.

1 Kanye West – Painting Of The God Known As Kanye


Some folks have tremendous faith and want to pay homage to great art they have previously seen. People with a lot of money have been afforded the opportunity to have art re-created for them. This was the case for Kanye West who wanted to have the Sistine Chapel recreated in his own home. There was one twist. Instead of having God in the middle of the painting, Kanye West wanted himself to be portrayed as God.

Some religious people may find this offensive. Some admirers of art may also find this offensive. The most offensive part of the painting is that it cost him $350,000!


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12 Insane Things Celebs Own That Should Be Prohibited