12 Family Secrets The Duggars Don't Want You To Know

Most people recognize the Duggar name from the family’s former TLC reality show, 19 Kids and Counting. Of course, the title of the show got people’s attention, since having that many children in this day and age is pretty rare. After all, most of the people who tuned in on the show wanted to know how the Duggar parents got through the day making sure that all the children were fed and clothed. Keeping up with all those children was fascinating for most viewers, since all the activity that was featured on the show indicated that it was easy for one or more of the children to get lost each time the Duggar family went on an outing.

The Duggars came across as a devout and conservative Christian family, but further investigation proved that the parents weren’t keeping up with all their children the way they should have been. Their oldest son Joshua, was accused of child molestation, and some of the victims were his own sisters. This story made headlines, and TLC pulled 19 Kids and Counting off the air.

Although this scandal is well known in the media, there are also a few Duggar family secrets you may not be aware of. Here are 12 other reasons why the Duggars aren’t the people you may have thought they were.


12 The Duggars Are Against Birth Control

It’s obvious that the Duggars are not huge fans of birth control. However, Jim Bob Duggar has stated that the pill causes miscarriages. When he and his wife appeared at the Value Voters Summit in 2014, he shared that he didn’t know that the pill causes abortions. He said that “something we didn’t know is that the pill can actually allow women to get pregnant, but then it can be aborted.” Duggar shared that his wife Michelle, got on the pill after giving birth to their son Joshua, but later suffered a miscarriage. Of course, the Duggars are pro-life, but their beliefs on birth control are obviously a little skewed.

11 Josh’s Wedding Kiss Was “Enhanced”

Joshua Duggar, the oldest of the Duggar children, married his wife Anna in 2008. Up until their wedding day, the couple had never kissed. A few sound effects from the TLC sound room made the kiss appear more exciting when the wedding was featured on 19 Kids and Counting. The kiss was pretty awkward, and so was the way that Anna and Josh behaved around each other. Clearly, the family has some serious issues when it comes to sexual health. It is now well known that Josh has not been faithful to his wife and has some other serious issues that he needs to work out.

10 Jessa and Her Husband “Made Out” On Their Wedding Day

Jessa and her husband Ben Seewald, reportedly had a steamy make-out session during their wedding reception. They also kissed in private on their wedding day, perhaps because they didn’t want to make a big deal about the fact that they’d never kissed before. While there’s something to be said about trying to have an upstanding relationship, it’s pretty safe to say that the Duggar family rules when it comes to dating can be confusing. Luckily, there haven’t been any strange or unfavorable rumors about Ben and his devotion to his wife, and for Jessa’s sake, we’re hoping it stays that way.

9 Jill Duggar Believes In Quick Engagements

Jill is another one of the Duggar daughters who has tied the knot. She states that she is in support of quick engagements, because if a couple spends too much time being engaged, this could make it harder for them to remain “pure.” Jill also shares that getting married quickly could lead to a happier life. Of course, this is true for some people, but the Duggars have a way of assuming that their way of life is acceptable for everyone in the world. The more their family secrets are revealed, the more difficult it is to take the family’s philosophies on life and love seriously.

8 The Duggar Family Supports Gun Rights

The Duggars are quite outspoken about the fact that they are in support of the Second Amendment. When their 16-year-old Jedidiah, was seen holding a rifle, they defended the photo, even though it got some very negative reactions on social media. The family also left a gun out around their 5-year-old daughter Josie. While many people are in support of citizens having a gun, it’s not safe or wise to have a dangerous weapon around a 5-year-old. Things like this leave many to question whether the Duggars actually care about their children as much as they claim, and adds to the hypocritical view that many people now have of the Duggars.

7 The Duggars Are Overprotective

In addition to all the other conservative views that the Duggars have about family and raising children, they will also not allow their children to move too far away from them. Their daughter Jinger, stated that she wanted to move to New York City, but Michelle was quick to say that NYC is not a place they would consider letting Jinger move. It’s understandable that most parents are concerned and even a little scared when their children move away from home. The Duggars, however, are likely afraid that if their children are no longer sheltered, they may be exposed to some dangers that wouldn't be acceptable to the Duggars.

6 The Duggars Are Against Gay Marriage

Michelle Duggar actually recorded a robocall that was set to play in Fayetteville, Arkansas, which opposed an anti-discrimination law that would protect the rights of transgender people. Duggar stated that passing the law would affect the safety of women and children in Arkansas, because it would permit men to use girls’ restrooms and locker rooms, and this could put women in danger. She also said that some of these transgender men could have previous child predator charges. This prompted members of the LGBT community to sign a petition asking TLC to take 19 Kids and Counting off the air.


5 Jessa and Ben Seward “Lived Together” Before Marriage

Even though the Duggar family have made it clear that they don’t want their children to engage in sexual activity or cohabitation before marriage, Jess and Ben Seward spent some time in the same home in 2014. Ben lived with the Duggar family before he and Jessa tied the knot, which kind of goes against the Duggar family rules. There’s really no way to prove that they didn’t have any physical contact with one another during this time. There’s also no way to prove that their wedding was the first time Ben and Jessa kissed. Maybe that’s why Jessa wanted to keep the kiss private. Or maybe she just doesn't want the public to know every detail of her life.

4 Michelle Duggar Supports “Forced Sex” In Marriage

During her interview on The Today Show, Michelle Duggar stated that women “always have to be available” when their husbands want to have sex. She also admits that there will be plenty of times when wives will be exhausted and would rather sleep, but they have to give in to their husband’s desires. Michelle goes on to say that “anyone can fix him lunch, but only one person can meet that physical need of love he has.” A number of critics took these statements to mean that Michelle was endorsing marital sexual assault by saying that no matter how the wife feels, she has to have sex with her husband any time he wants to.

3 The Duggars Got “Steamy” Before Marriage

Jim Bob Duggar admits that he and his wife Michelle, “went further” than they should have before they were married. He shared that that’s the reason why he and his wife insist that their children remain “pure” while “courting.” This sounds great in theory, but people are not likely to take these rules seriously, seeing as how Josh Duggar himself was sexually abusing his siblings, as well as other young girls, and it was also revealed that even though Josh Duggar is married, he had an Ashley Madison account. All the Duggars’ strict rules for their children’s upbringing just brings more confusion to their recent family scandals.

2 The Duggars Have “Rules” That Should Have Prevented Sexual Abuse

In an interview with The Kelly File, Michelle Duggar revealed that her male children are not permitted to babysit the female children. She also stated that her sons are not allowed to play hide-and-seek with her daughters, and that her daughters can’t sit on the laps of their older brothers. In fact, Michelle stated that her girls can’t sit on the lap of any male except for their father. These strict rules should have kept her daughters from being molested by their older brother. Or maybe, the Duggars put these rules in place after the family sexual abuse scandal broke.

1 The Duggars Use Violence Against Their Children

In the same police report that revealed that the oldest Duggar son sexually abused children, it was also revealed that Michelle and Jim Bob Duggar use violence to discipline their children. There were witness claims to support this, including a claim by Joshua, who stated that he was “spanked” by his parents. Joshua also stated that all of the Duggar children have been spanked, and revealed that his parents “have a rod.” The justification for this is likely the Biblical reference that states that, “sparing the rod” means that children will be undisciplined.



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