12 Facts Michael Jackson Wouldn't Want You To Know

It’s known throughout the world that Michael Jackson was one of the greatest pop stars of all time. Starting at the young age of just five years old, Michael Jackson was the lead singer of the musical group Jackson 5. The music group included Michael and his four brothers Jackie, Jermaine, Tito, and Marlon. Michael moved on to a widely successful solo career topping countless charts with his music, winning Grammy Awards and ultimately being named the original King of Pop. Seven years after his controversial death, Michael lives on through his music and will no doubt be remembered forever in history.

Although Michael Jackson is still widely recognized for his many talents as a popular entertainer, there are several things about his life that were kept under wraps. From child molestation allegations to rumors of countless plastic surgeries, here are 12 Things Michael Jackson Wouldn’t Want You To Know.

12 His Best Friend Was A Chimpanzee

11 He Was Rumored To Have Been Battling Alpha-1 Antitrypsin Deficiency

10 He Patented An Anti-Gravity Boot


9 He Had A Video Game That Rescued A Little Kid

8 He Was Accused of Child Molestation

7 He Wanted To Be Spiderman

6 He Had Vitiligo


5 He Wore Wigs


4 He Slept In An Oxygen Bed

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3 He Suffered From Body Dysmorphic Disorder

2 He Had Escape Plans


1 His First Marriage Lasted Only 18 Months


Just three months after Elvis Presley’s daughter Lisa Marie Presley divorced her first husband Danny Keough, she tied the knot with Michael Jackson. It’s been said that the couple had first met back at one of Michael’s concerts in 1975 and didn’t begin dating until 1992. When Michael was accused of sexual molestation, he relied on Lisa Marie for guidance and support. The couple had an intimate wedding ceremony in the Dominican Republic on May 26, 1994. Michael and Lisa Marie divorced on January 18, 1996, although in a later interview with Oprah, Lisa Marie revealed the two had spent much time traveling together after the divorce.


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12 Facts Michael Jackson Wouldn't Want You To Know