12 Eerie Things Celebs Did Or Said Before They Died

The lives of celebrities are often followed very closely, because fans (and the general public) love to know intimate details about famous people. Those who are obsessed with celebrity culture also want to know “fun facts” about their favorite celebrities, such as where they like to shop, their favorite cocktails, and what they like in a man/woman. Sure, this information doesn’t help most people in their daily lives, however, some individuals like to feel like they are just a little closer to their favorite stars. Of course, the media also loves to share private details about celebrities that should be kept private in most cases. A number of famous people have had their careers ruined or significantly tainted due to excessive information being leaked to the public.

People also love to obsess about celebrity deaths. When a famous person passes away, this news makes the headlines almost as fast as news about a celebrity marriage or birth announcement. There are also some interesting things stars said before they took their last breaths that are strangely scary. It seems that some celebrities had a sense that their time on earth was coming to an end, which provokes a number of questions from those close to the celebrities, as well as the fans of these famous people. Here are 12 creepy things celebs did or said before they died.

12 Walt Disney

Walt Disney is credited as being the man behind many of the fairytales and children’s movies we’ve come to know and love. Disney passed away from lung cancer in 1966, but his legacy will likely never die. When Walt Disney died, he’d left behind a number of theme parks, as well as an animation studio that is now the California Institute of the Arts. There has long been a rumor that Disney’s body had been cryogenically frozen so that he can be revived later, but there’s also another mystery surrounding this animation mastermind. Walt Disney left a message on a piece of paper that was found in his office after he died. The paper simply read “Kurt Russell.” Kurt was still a child actor at the time of Disney’s death, and Walt Disney had recently signed Russell to a long-term contract. In 2009, Kurt Russell stated in an interview that lawyers brought him to Disney’s office shortly after the mogul’s death. The lawyers asked Russell why Disney wrote his name down, but he stated that he had no idea.

11 Charlie Chaplin

10 Steve Jobs

9 Oscar Wilde

8 Marie Antoinette

7 James Dean

6 James Brown

5 Michael Jackson

4 Elvis Presley

3 Marvin Gaye

2 Malcolm X

1 Barry White

R&B crooner Barry White is known for his songs “You’re My First, My Last, My Everything” and “Can’t Get Enough of Your Love, Babe”, among other popular hits. His deep voice and speaking intros for his songs will be remembered forever. White was overweight for much of his life, and suffered from high blood pressure and diabetes. There were also times when Barry White was forced to cancel performances due to his poor health. While undergoing dialysis in May 2003, White had a stroke and was forced to retire from public performances. By July 4th of that year, Barry White had passed away. It was his 29th wedding anniversary. Right before his death, White said: “leave me alone. I’m fine.” Some say that he said this because he didn’t want any more medical procedures, while others believe that he was tired of being sick and was ready to die.


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12 Eerie Things Celebs Did Or Said Before They Died