12 Disgusting Confessions Of Fast Food Employees

Fast food is often a guilty pleasure for many. Sometimes, getting lunch or dinner from a fast food restaurant is the “solution” during a busy day when you don’t have time to cook. The drive-thru or fast food eatery wasn’t originally meant to supply the general public with fatty, greasy and sugary foods. The restaurants were supposed to make it easier for families to have a healthy dinner in a short amount of time, but these days, it’s likely that you feel at least a tinge of self-consciousness when you give in to that craving for a milkshake, cheeseburger or large order of fries.

If you’ve ever worked in a restaurant before, you know there are some things that go on behind the scenes that would definitely turn some customers away. The kitchen areas of many restaurants are not always as clean as they could be, and we’ve all heard horror stories of restaurant workers “changing” the food of patrons who give waiters a hard time. Of course, there are also some pretty gross secrets associated with how some of your favorite fast food treats are made. We apologize in advance, but you may never look at some of the drive-thru snacks you love the same way again. Here are 12 disgusting confessions of fast food employees.

12 Don’t Order Pizza From Pizza Hut

11 Don’t Order The Chili at Wendy’s

10 Don’t Order Beans Or Steak at Taco Bell

9 Don’t Order The BBQ Sandwich From KFC

8 Don’t Order The Chicken Nuggets At McDonald’s

7 Don’t Order The Breadsticks at Little Caesar’s

6 Don’t Order The Egg White Delight at McDonald’s

5 Don’t Order the “Toasted” Sandwich At Any Fast Food Restaurant

4 Don’t Order Salads At Pizza Hut

3 Don’t Order The Cakes At Dairy Queen

2 Don’t Order The Roast Beef at Arby’s

1 Don’t Order the Tuna At Subway

Recent news stories have reported that the buns used for Subway sandwiches contained some of the same ingredients used to make yoga mats. Yummy. A worker has also stated that the tuna is made from dried tuna and mayonnaise—and that the employees mix the tuna by hand. How disgusting. First of all, you can’t be sure that the tuna is actual fish. Secondly, who knows if the mayonnaise is fresh? Thirdly, why would Subway managers teach their employees to mix the tuna with their hands? There have also been reports that the turkey slices are only 60% turkey, and the rest is “flavoring.” Interesting. And by “interesting,” we mean “gross.”


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12 Disgusting Confessions Of Fast Food Employees