12 Celebs Who Actually Look Like Historical Monuments

No two snowflakes are the same. That is something we have heard for years, and the same is said for people. However, there are only a finite combination of facial characteristics in the world, so sometimes people can look eerily similar. It is said that your brain cannot come up with new faces, every face and every person you see in your dreams is one that you have actually seen in real life. What truth there is to that, I am not sure, but it is a fun idea to think about. To think that your brain remembers everyone you’ve ever seen, even just walking past on the street, is amazing.

Sometimes, however, this seems to happen in reverse. Statues and monuments created years ago, to honor different historic figures, seem to be remarkably similar to people and celebrities we see everyday on the big screen and tabloid sheets. Are they simply a reappearance of the same genes presented in different times and different people? Or is this just an amazingly rare but reoccurring coincidence generations apart? Regardless of what caused this occurrence, it is present and you can see it here in this list as we compare some of the more identical doppelgängers.

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12 Darth Vader and Polish Statue

via time.com

Darth Vader may not be a “celebrity” really, but his character definitely is recognizable world-wide so he is worthy to be on this list. During normal days, the statue of nobleman and military leader Jakub Wejher, appears to be a normal likeness of the 17th century man. However, during a snowstorm, the statue was revealed to look amazingly like the infamous Star Wars villain Darth Vader. The snow stuck to certain parts of the statue, emphasizing the deep eye sockets, high cheek bones and cape. These highlighted features brought a lot of attention to the statue, which many may never have seen before.

11 Eminem and this Greek Statue

via latesttrendz.org

Rapper and entertainer Eminem, otherwise known as Marshall Mathers without his stage and record name, is one of the more recognizable faces in the modern day music industry, including multiple on screen appearances in movies. He has found his way onto the internet again though with a doppelgänger in a Greek statue. The resemblance was brought to attention when people noticed the nose and lip shape, as well as the rounded eyes and deep seated placement of their eye under their brow lines. They also have similar foreheads and hair styles which make the resemblance even better, and even more unbelievable.

10 Michael Jackson and This Egyptian Statue

via nbcchicago.com

The Field Museum in Chicago made headlines when they featured a multi-thousand year old Egyptian bust that has a startling resemblance to the late singer and king of pop Michael Jackson. The two share the sharp, turned up nose. They also share the thin, yet full, lips and the softly curved chin. On top of that, they have a similar brow line and slender curved eyes that sit right underneath them. To make the resemblance even more stunning, the Egyptian statue has a headdress right over its eyebrows, just like Jackson used to have his hair hang down and frame his face.

9 Justin Trudeau and Michelangelo’s David

via twitter.com

The Prime Minister of Canada, Justin Trudeau, has made headlines for his gorgeous thick brown hair, and his strong jaw line. He shares these features and more with one of the most famous sculptures in the world, Michelangelo’s David. They both share the strongly defined jaw line and flowing brown locks. However, their similarities do not end there. Both men also have a strong, slightly protruding brow line, and subtly curved cheek bones. They both also have full lips, with a soft smile, that -and let’s be honest- can drive a girl or two wild, and an athletic body build.

8 Kyle Gallner and the Statue of Liberty

Actor Kyle Gallner, who may not be a household name from his time in Hollywood just yet, has a more famous look alike in the Statue of Liberty. Their faces share many similarities. These similarities include the long, narrow, and straight nose. They also share a strong and level brow line, as well as a strong chin and straight jaw line. They both also sport narrow lips, and thinner eyes that sit slightly underneath their eyebrows. While the two do not look exactly alike, you would like to think that if we painted Gallner all green, the two would barely be discernible.

7 Sam Waterston and the FDR Memorial

American actor Sam Waterston has the type of welcoming face that makes you feel like you can trust him, along with his dark and thick eye brows. Those signature eyebrows and trustworthy look are similar to those on the Franklin D. Roosevelt National Memorial in this country’s capital. It shows FDR staring off into the distance. You can clearly see the similarities between Roosevelt and Waterson, including the strong brow line. They also share strong smile lines and a sharply pointed nose. They also have narrow lips and a warm, welcoming look in their eyes. Although Waterston doesn't bare much of a resemblance to the real F.D.R., he does look quite a bit like the statue.

6 Bill Nye and Mount Rushmore-Abraham Lincoln

via science-all.com

Celebrity scientist Bill Nye, yes the science guy from those videos we watched as children, bears an uncanny resemblance to president Abraham Lincoln who appears on Mount Rushmore along with Thomas Jefferson, George Washington, and Theodore Roosevelt. Lincoln’s long and sharply shaped face make him one of the most recognizable faces in American history. Nye joins that group, sharing the same concave cheeks, high forehead, and deep eye pockets. The two men also have noses with a round shape at the bottom, and a slight upward curve, along with a slender body and wide smile. Nye should definitely consider rocking a tall top hat for Halloween.

5 John Slattery and Mount Rushmore- Thomas Jefferson

American actor John Slattery, who is most likely best known for his work on the hit show Mad Men, has a face that may look familiar besides his appearances in numerous different roles. That is because Slattery has an amazingly similar face to that of Thomas Jefferson. They both share the same strong and angled jaw line, as well as a strong protruding nose. They both also have eyes with a rounded top and more flattened bottom, that sit underneath a strong and defined brow line. The likeness is even further cemented in, when you consider the high cheek bones and narrow cheeks.

4 Nick Offerman and Mount Rushmore-Teddy Roosevelt

Actor Nick Offerman is famous for his portrayal of Ron Swanson on Parks and Recreation where he plays the newly thought of stereotypical manliest of men, love of meat and facial hair to boot. However, his outdoorsy attitude and life are not the only thing he has in common with President Theodore Roosevelt. The two look pretty spot on like each other as well. They both share the impressive facial hair and strong brow line, thick hair, as well as rounded eyes and softly round cheek bones. The two could basically be brothers had they been born in the right generations.

3 Glenn Close and Mount Rushmore-George Washington

This nation’s first president, President George Washington, may have been reincarnated as an American-born actress. Glenn Close is known for her work in Hollywood and has appeared on the big screen for years. She surprisingly shares a startling resemblance to Washington, however. They have a similar nose and brow shape, as well as a strong jaw and chin shape. They also both have a higher hair line and large, round cheek bones. Their eyes are situated towards the middle of their face, and the bottom of their nose curls downward towards their mouth. Besides the obvious gender difference, they are basically doppelgängers.

2 Elvis Presley and the Statue of Liberty

Late musical artist Elvis Presley may have died years ago, but his likeness lives on every day. His likeness lives on in the Statue of Liberty, whose features share a brilliant resemblance to that of the American superstar. The two both share a strong eyebrow line and jaw line. They have strongly shaped and narrow eyes, as well as a thinner and straight nose. However, some of their differences include the little curve at the end of Presley’s eyebrows, as well as a bit of a wider base for his nose. His bottom lip also seems to be a little bit thicker.

1 Owen Wilson and the Statue of Liberty

via elhurgador.blogspot.com

While the Statue of Liberty may resemble other celebrities, the resemblance between that American beauty and the beloved actor Owen Wilson is uncanny. You can look at their noses, long and narrow. Yes, Wilson’s has a bump in the middle, but otherwise the shape is perfect. They also both have the same strong and even brow line and a strong jaw. The image is rounded out to protection with the narrow, piercing eyes. While we know the Statue of Liberty was not directly modeled after Owen Wilson, it sure looks like it. Maybe he should consider it as a Halloween costume next year.

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