12 Celebs Who Actually Look Like Historical Monuments

No two snowflakes are the same. That is something we have heard for years, and the same is said for people. However, there are only a finite combination of facial characteristics in the world, so sometimes people can look eerily similar. It is said that your brain cannot come up with new faces, every face and every person you see in your dreams is one that you have actually seen in real life. What truth there is to that, I am not sure, but it is a fun idea to think about. To think that your brain remembers everyone you’ve ever seen, even just walking past on the street, is amazing.

Sometimes, however, this seems to happen in reverse. Statues and monuments created years ago, to honor different historic figures, seem to be remarkably similar to people and celebrities we see everyday on the big screen and tabloid sheets. Are they simply a reappearance of the same genes presented in different times and different people? Or is this just an amazingly rare but reoccurring coincidence generations apart? Regardless of what caused this occurrence, it is present and you can see it here in this list as we compare some of the more identical doppelgängers.

12 Darth Vader and Polish Statue


11 Eminem and this Greek Statue


10 Michael Jackson and This Egyptian Statue


9 Justin Trudeau and Michelangelo’s David


8 Kyle Gallner and the Statue of Liberty

7 Sam Waterston and the FDR Memorial

6 Bill Nye and Mount Rushmore-Abraham Lincoln


5 John Slattery and Mount Rushmore- Thomas Jefferson

4 Nick Offerman and Mount Rushmore-Teddy Roosevelt

3 Glenn Close and Mount Rushmore-George Washington

2 Elvis Presley and the Statue of Liberty

Late musical artist Elvis Presley may have died years ago, but his likeness lives on every day. His likeness lives on in the Statue of Liberty, whose features share a brilliant resemblance to that of the American superstar. The two both share a strong eyebrow line and jaw line. They have strongly shaped and narrow eyes, as well as a thinner and straight nose. However, some of their differences include the little curve at the end of Presley’s eyebrows, as well as a bit of a wider base for his nose. His bottom lip also seems to be a little bit thicker.

1 Owen Wilson and the Statue of Liberty


While the Statue of Liberty may resemble other celebrities, the resemblance between that American beauty and the beloved actor Owen Wilson is uncanny. You can look at their noses, long and narrow. Yes, Wilson’s has a bump in the middle, but otherwise the shape is perfect. They also both have the same strong and even brow line and a strong jaw. The image is rounded out to protection with the narrow, piercing eyes. While we know the Statue of Liberty was not directly modeled after Owen Wilson, it sure looks like it. Maybe he should consider it as a Halloween costume next year.


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12 Celebs Who Actually Look Like Historical Monuments