12 Celebrities Who Shocked The World With Hateful Speech

There’s nothing juicier than hearing about a celebrity having a slip-up. Celebrities like to constantly remind everyone that they are just like you and I and make mistakes, because after all they are human. However, sometimes these mistakes have racist undertones. The celebrity will claim they were not in the right state of mind when they made the comment and apologize for what they said and people they might have offended.

Celebrities are typically at the center of the media attention. Of course when they say something that is a bit unconventional, everyone hears about it. Some celebrities have been known to say some pretty nasty things about certain people or topics and have caused controversy. Their remarks lead to them losing fans. These remarks are almost always followed by a public apology, in which they say they regret what they said and that they did not mean the said remark.

However it does make a person wonder if the celebrity is sincerely sorry for what they said or if they are just sorry for getting caught. Because, after all, nobody really says offensive things by accident; usually these remarks are made due to a deep-seeded hate they have.

Below is a list of 12 celebrities who have said shocking and hateful remarks.

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12 Michael Richards - The Laugh Factory Debacle

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The “Seinfeld Curse” is all too real for comedian Michael Richards, also fondly remembered as the character, Kramer. In 2006, the comedian was recorded saying some terribly racist things to an audience member during a stand-up show at the Laugh Factory in West Hollywood. In the video, Richards was interrupted and booed by an apparent heckler which he did not react to kindly. The ex-Seinfeld star went into a shocking and racist rant that proved the comedian could not handle the critiques of an audience. At first, the audience laughed at his remarks but as Richard got carried away and started to repeatedly use the N word and saying things like “Shut up! Fifty years ago we’d have you upside down with a f***ing fork up your a**,” audience members started to feel uncomfortable. Richards continued on a 3 minute rant saying that the men who were heckling him should be kicked out, but eventually audience members grew tired of the hateful comments and started to clear out the room. Richards made a public apology on the Late Night Show when he was invited by his old co-star Jerry Seinfeld, but his career and image have never recovered.

11 Michael Jackson - "The Jews Do It On Purpose"

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In 2005, ABC’s Good Morning America obtained a recorded message of Michael Jackson making some anti-Semitic remarks to one of his financial advisers. The recording was obtained as part of evidence in a lawsuit against the pop king. Apparently the singer’s business manager would handle how much money he would spend on a month and when Jackson was not given the money he wanted, he would go to one of his advisers to borrow the cash amount. When the late singer would not receive the money he wanted, he would become extremely agitated and borderline abusive.

In a voice mail left to his former adviser, Marc Shaffel, Jackson was recorded saying, “they suck — they’re like leeches.” He continued his offensive rant by saying he was tired of it. Jackson believed that his lack of money was part of a conspiracy and that “…the Jews do it on purpose. “ Very harsh words coming from the man that brought us the song “We are the World.”

10 Eddie Murphy - The "Homosexual Problem"

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In 1983, just as the aids epidemic had started to spread, comedian and actor Eddie Murphy thought it would be a good idea to makes some jokes on the subject. Murphy started his stand-up act by saying that one of his rules for stand-up was that f****ts were not allowed to stare at his behind. He continue his so-called joke by saying that they were the reason why he moves around on stage so much because, “you don’t know where the f****t section is.” As if that wasn’t offensive enough, he continued his act by saying that homosexuals were going around killing people by spreading aids to straight men and their girlfriends. Murphy said it “petrified” him because a girl could be hanging out with her gay friend having a little fun and might wind up with aids on their lips which they end up spreading to their boyfriend.

9 John Mayer - His Genitalia Is A White Supremacist

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During an interview with Playboy in 2010, singer John Mayer revealed that he does not like all woman equally. In the interview, the singer was asked multiple questions about his love and sex life and the type of woman he prefers. When Mayer was asked if black women throw themselves at him, his response got him more attention that he intended to. He said that he does not believe he opens himself to the idea of black women throwing themselves at him because his “[penis] is sort of like a white supremacist.” He also went on to say that he needs to start separate himself from his penis because the two want different things in terms of dating. Although Mayer meant to be funny and edgy with his comments, the general public and the media did not react very well to the interview.

8 Giuliana Rancic - Hateful Hair Speech

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7 Whoopi Goldberg - A Woman's Responsibility To Not Get Raped

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Whoopi Goldberg has stayed loyal to Bill Cosby despite all the recent controversy surrounding the comedian. Earlier this year it came to light that the once loved Bill Cosby had been accused of date rape by several women. Goldberg continues to defend her long-time friend even though there is staggering evidence against Cosby.

Her loyalty comes as no surprise to the people who have heard her remarks about the problems with college campus rapes. Apparently The View co-host believes that it is a woman’s responsibility not to get raped. During a discussion on the talk show, Whoopi said “in my opinion, if you don’t want this kind of attention, don’t get poop faced,” implying that rape victims that had been drinking asked to be violated. Goldberg also made bold statements about how the rape of a 13-year-old wasn’t really “rape-rape” because the young girl was intoxicated.

6 Robert Downey Jr. - Don't Take Spanish People Seriously

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5 Alec Baldwin - "Thoughtless Little Pig"

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4 Mel Gibson - The Angry Racist

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3 Paris Hilton - Won't Sleep With Black Men

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In Neil Strauss’s book “Everybody Loves You When You’re Dead,” he detailed an encounter he had with Paris Hilton back in 1999. In the book he writes about the events leading up to their interview and how Paris was getting drunk on midori sours and popping ecstasy right before she had an alleged threesome. In his interview with Paris, she made a surprisingly racist comment. She told Strauss about the time she walked away from a hook-up simply because the guy was black. He quotes her saying,” I can’t stand black guys. I would never touch one. It’s gross.” He then asked her, “how black does a guy have to be?” in which she says one percent was enough for her. Strauss now believes she made those comments out of the pure joy of shock value.

2 Ariana Grande - Hates Americans

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Earlier this year, Ariana Grande had to issue a public apology after she was caught saying some un-patriotic remarks. The 22-year-old pop singer was at a doughnut shop in Southern California when she was caught licking a doughnut on display and later exclaiming, “what the F**k is that." It's odd enough that she would lick a random pastry that wasn't hers but she continued the weird behavior by saying, "I hate Americans. I hate America." The "Focus" singer immediately regretted her actions, or at least that she was caught because she issued out a public apology via Twitter. She tweeted that what she meant was taken out of context because she actually loves America. Grande stated that the only reason she made that remark was because the United State's problem with childhood obesity frustrates her.

1 Donald Sterling - The Walking Hypocrite 

In 2014, Donald Sterling was banned from the NBA, and was fined $2.5 million which forced him to sell the Los Angeles Clippers to his ex-wife. The NBA’s decision to ban the-then 80-year old owner came after TMZ leaked a recorded conversation between Sterling and his girlfriend V. Stiviano where he forbade her from associating with black men, specifically Magic Johnson. In the recording, he tells her to stop associating herself with black people and to never bring them to his games. He tells her that it really bothered him that she would broadcast her friendship with black people on her Instagram and that he is fine with her sleeping with them but the only thing he asks of her is to not bring them to his Clippers' game. Sterling more than likely regrets saying all that since his career was instantly killed.

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