12 Bizarre Things You Could Actually Buy On Craigslist

Craigslist is an advertisement site that has modelled itself on the classified ads you would usually find in newspapers and magazines. Since its founding in 1995 in San Francisco, it has become one of the most popular websites in the world, with thousands of posts every single day and millions of visitors. In fact, it has become so well known that it has effectively replaced the traditional small ads, allowing people from all over the planet to buy, sell and trade a variety of goods and services.

It is usually used to advertise items that are for sale in local areas, however, it is also often used as a gateway for people to offer their services to others, posting resumes and job applications, as well as providing somewhere for people to gain exposure for their events and gigs. The site though, has an almost rule-free structure that allows people to post any kind of ad they want, outside of illegal and erotic services, meaning that it can sometimes be host to rather strange listings. These can include truly bizarre things that are for sale, items that you might not have even realized existed or that people would want to buy.


12 Pope Hats

The economy downturn over the past few years has meant that many different businesses have gone bankrupt or had to downsize in order to cope with the bad financial situation. No one was harder hit than novelty hat shops and when one man had to shut down his company he immediately turned to Craigslist to try and get rid of the 1,300 Pope hats that he still had in his inventory. There was some bad news though for anyone thinking of dressing up as the Pontiff as the hats were a little on the small size and irritating to the skin.

11 Awesome Coffee Table


Described as a coffee table of the Gods, this particular table is obviously very valuable to its owner. That didn’t stop them from wanting to sell it though, especially at a rather small price of just $7.83, four cans of Chef Boyardee Beef Ravioli and a framed photograph of Betty White - an absolute bargain. Unfortunately, not everyone had the opportunity to purchase it though, as anyone interested would have to take a test to prove they were worth owning it.

10 Church Organ

Having the opportunity to own a fully working Kimball organ is something that many people would find too irresistible to pass up. The musical instrument would allow you to play all the hymns and sinister music that anyone would ever want to in the comfort of their own home. The “totally awesome organ” was available to anyone who wanted it and the deal was even better as the seller didn’t want any money, just a trade for something equally valuable, though they would prefer a puppy if you have one available.

9 Lots Of Hot Sauce


Sometimes you just can’t get enough hot sauce in your life, especially if you are a lover of spicy foods. For those people, one Craigslist seller has provided the perfect solution as he was advertising a lifetime supply of hot sauce. According to the listing there was actually enough of the condiment to fill up an entire bathtub, just in case you wanted to have a rather strange wash. The good news was that the seller didn’t even want any money for the collection. Instead, he simply wanted to exchange it for something that is equally as awesome.

8 Belly Button Fluff

Whether you like it or not, belly button fluff is something that almost every single man has to deal with throughout their lives. It is an inevitable part of wearing clothing and having body hair. For those who can’t produce their own though, one seller on the site was offering a huge collection of belly button lint that had been neatly packed into a few closed jars. He was willing to trade for a variety of items, including a car, motorcycle or a gun.

7 Morrissey Shrine

Although many people may love English singer and author Morrissey, very few have their own specially made and personalized shrine in his honor. So if your love for the 56-year-old is the object of your desire then you should have paid attention to a listing from 2012 that offered such a shrine. The woman had ran out of money when her unemployment benefit ran out and needed to downsize. This meant her home was no longer large enough to support the structure. Unfortunately, you might have had to put up with a crying woman on collection however.

6 300 Stuffed Penguins

One recent university graduate took to Craigslist to try to get her life back on track after finding out that her philosophy degree wasn’t helping her to get a job. Needing extra cash and wanting a room that wasn’t filled up with 300 stuffed penguins to make it appear as if an adult was living there rather than a teenage girl, she put up her entire soft toy collection. Anyone wanting to create their own army of the birds had the perfect chance to do so.


5 Magical Horse

To get your hands on an undoubtedly magnificent animal all you had to do in 2013 was have over $800 in cash or Fred Meyers gift cards. However, if you had any albino chickens the seller was willing to negotiate to exchange the creatures. The magical horse had been well looked after by its previous owner for a total of five years and fed on a diet of horseradish and cucumber, as well as the occasional protein shakes, to ensure that it grew up strong and healthy.

4 A Soul


Lots of people make jokes about the fact that lawyers don’t have a soul and are completely heartless, so one graduate who was due to become one decided to not allow his to go to waste before he passed the bar exam. Although it isn’t clear what you could do with an extra soul, the seller does suggest keeping it around for emergencies or perhaps starting your own collection of souls. Unlike other such deals, this one didn’t even require you to sign a contract in your own blood to verify the transaction.

3 A High School

It isn’t every day that you get the chance to purchase a real life high school but that is exactly what one Craigslist listing was offering to potential buyers in 2014. The building had 24 rooms, 11 bathrooms, a fully functioning laundry room and facilities, as well as a stocked out gym. Unfortunately for anyone who actually wanted to buy the school it turned out to be a prank by some students and the real owners and teachers had no idea about it until local news reported on the advert.

2 Positive Pregnancy Test

There aren’t exactly many reasons why someone would want to get their hands on a positive pregnancy test that doesn’t belong to them. However, if they really did want one then a woman on Craigslist is offering the perfect solution as she began selling them in 2014 while she herself was pregnant. According to the seller, women were asking for the tests to help their relationships by either putting off other females who their partners were cheating on or by trying to get a boyfriend to commit to a relationship.

1 Antique Sex Toy


We aren’t exactly sure how much demand there is for second hand sex toys on the internet but there are bound to be at least a few interested parties. Especially when they find out that this particular listing is actually an antique version that is operated with a hand crank. It had apparently been passed down through the family for several generations before its previous owner had died. The seller had no need of it and simply wanted to get some extra money for the holiday period.


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