12 Bizarre Things You Could Actually Buy On Craigslist

Craigslist is an advertisement site that has modelled itself on the classified ads you would usually find in newspapers and magazines. Since its founding in 1995 in San Francisco, it has become one of the most popular websites in the world, with thousands of posts every single day and millions of visitors. In fact, it has become so well known that it has effectively replaced the traditional small ads, allowing people from all over the planet to buy, sell and trade a variety of goods and services.

It is usually used to advertise items that are for sale in local areas, however, it is also often used as a gateway for people to offer their services to others, posting resumes and job applications, as well as providing somewhere for people to gain exposure for their events and gigs. The site though, has an almost rule-free structure that allows people to post any kind of ad they want, outside of illegal and erotic services, meaning that it can sometimes be host to rather strange listings. These can include truly bizarre things that are for sale, items that you might not have even realized existed or that people would want to buy.

12 Pope Hats

The economy downturn over the past few years has meant that many different businesses have gone bankrupt or had to downsize in order to cope with the bad financial situation. No one was harder hit than novelty hat shops and when one man had to shut down his company he immediately turned to Craigslist to try and get rid of the 1,300 Pope hats that he still had in his inventory. There was some bad news though for anyone thinking of dressing up as the Pontiff as the hats were a little on the small size and irritating to the skin.

11 Awesome Coffee Table

10 Church Organ

9 Lots Of Hot Sauce

8 Belly Button Fluff

7 Morrissey Shrine

6 300 Stuffed Penguins

5 Magical Horse

4 A Soul


3 A High School

2 Positive Pregnancy Test

1 Antique Sex Toy

We aren’t exactly sure how much demand there is for second hand sex toys on the internet but there are bound to be at least a few interested parties. Especially when they find out that this particular listing is actually an antique version that is operated with a hand crank. It had apparently been passed down through the family for several generations before its previous owner had died. The seller had no need of it and simply wanted to get some extra money for the holiday period.


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12 Bizarre Things You Could Actually Buy On Craigslist