12 Bizarre and Stupid Ideas That Made A $h!tload Of Cash

There are a few "classic" dumb ideas that have made millions that appear again, and again, and again in lists like this one. Pet Rocks, the Million Dollar Home Page, a fish that sings "Don't Worry, Be Happy" and Plastic Wishbones, have been making dumbest idea lists forever. Forget all of that. This stuff is really crazy. Really, really dumb. We have toilet themed restaurants, bikini airlines, dining in the dark, Billy-Bob Teeth, a couple who makes a million a year on YouTube posting (not what you would think) totally wholesome videos, and a guy who sells used cardboard boxes. And there's more.

You only need one really good idea, the problem is coming up with it. So, have a look at this list and think laterally, horizontally, vertically, any which way. Some are as simple as message tee-shirts or posting videos on YouTube. These really bizarre ideas have made one or two people a cool billion. The unlucky ones? Heck, they are only millionaires. But, it's nice work if you can get it. We would certainly "settle" for an extra million or two. Who wouldn't? So, read on and start thinking a little differently.

8 Toilet Themed Restaurants -  Taiwan

7 Cryo Weight Loss - Freeze Tried

6 Dans le Noir - Dining in the Blackout

5 Life is Good

4 Spanx

3 Cheezburger

2 Selling Used Boxes

1 DoodyCalls

Joel Glickman was at a wedding and bored. So, he started building things out of plastic straws. He thought of a construction kit for kids consisting of rods and connectors. You can add wheels, pulleys, gears and motors and, as the video shows, it's an action toy. In the 1990s, Glickman approached Hasbro, Mattel, Lego and Tyco, and they all turned him down flat. Then, he struck a deal with Toys R Us, who loved the toy. K'Nex is now distributed in 25 countries, including the US. In 2012, sales neared $100 million. Not bad.


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12 Bizarre and Stupid Ideas That Made A $h!tload Of Cash