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12 Shocking Alien Encounters That Will Actually Make You Believe

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12 Shocking Alien Encounters That Will Actually Make You Believe

It’s hard to argue that aliens don’t exist. Probability wise, it makes sense that they would exist somewhere in the vast universe. But have they actually visited? Why are all the pictures of aliens taken by such awful photographers? Can aliens not be shown in HD? So many questions. Whatever the reasons or answers, stories of alien visitations are really interesting, almost as interesting as the typical UFO enthusiasts themselves.

Even if you don’t believe their accounts, the stories on this list are amazing. I, for one, want to live in a world where these things actually happen. The world would be so much more interesting with aliens coming down to give us a little probe every now and again. As long as I’m not the one getting probed, I’m completely fine with some stranger taking one for the team. I may not necessarily believe in any of the stories below, but I wholeheartedly get all Mulder-like listening to them. See what you think. Here are 12 outrageous alien stories that might make you believe.

12. Kentucky Girls

UFO over highway B83


At 11:15pm, after a late night dinner in Kentucky, three women drove back home. During the trip, the three women saw a disc-shaped metallic object flying overhead and glowing. They described a number of red and yellow lights, as well as a bluish beam of light that came down. Next thing they knew they were arriving at home and it was 1:25am, about 75 minutes later than they should have arrived. The three women took and passed lie detector tests. There were also a number of reported UFO sightings in the area at the time. Spooky.

11. Antonio Vilas-Boas



The Brazilian farmer, Antonio Vilas-Boas, was abducted in 1957 while out working on his fields. Apparently used as a sperm-donor, Vilas-Boas was instructed by 5-ft tall aliens to have intercourse with a female alien with long white hair and red body hair. The aliens, he claimed, were dressed in gray overalls and wore helmets, and their spaceship was egg-shaped. All in all, that’s not too bad of a day for the farmer.

10. Mother Russia



Kirsan Llyumzhinov, a Russian politician, has claimed that he was abducted in the 1990s by aliens in yellow spacesuits. Even though he could not comprehend the alien’s speech, he was able to communicate with them. He also described their spaceship as a transparent object. This one is particularly interesting because of his status. Politicians don’t lie, do they?

9. The Pascagoula Abduction



In 1973, co-workers Charles Hickson and Calvin Parker, were abducted when fishing. An oval-shaped ship appeared and out came three 5-ft tall pale aliens, with lobster-like claws and weird growths on their faces. While Parker was unable to remember the event, Hickson described that he was inspected by a robotic eye. When left alone in a police headquarters room during questioning, the two men quietly discussed the events as if they had truly taken place.

8. Aliens Over Allagash Waterway



Four men were fishing at the Allagash Waterway in Maine in 1976, when they witnessed strange and unexplainable events. After an unsuccessful fishing day at shore, the men clambered into a canoe and went fishing at night. All four men recall that, while sitting in the canoe, a large glowing light came over the tops of the trees and rested on top of them. Next thing they knew, they were sitting in front of a burnt out campfire with no memory of how they got there. The events that took place came back to them slowly, and they were able to draw detailed accounts of the night. They also all kept to their stories even under hypnosis.

7. Jesse Long Abduction


Jesse Long reported that in 1957, when he was five-years-old, he and his brother approached a round house that was under construction. A tall man came out when they approached and flashed him with a bright light, temporarily paralyzing him and leaving the event a blank in his mind. The events stayed unclear until he was hypnotized years later and the details of his abduction were unleashed. Apparently he was implanted with an object in his shin, an object that was extracted in 1991 and revealed to be glass, but of a strange composition.

6. Peter Khoury and the Hair



While sleeping at home in Australia in 1992, Peter Khoury was approached by two alien women, one blonde and one Asian (weirdly enough). The one blonde women kept forcefully pressing his head into her breasts, so he bit one of them, resulting in no blood and thought he swallowed a chunk of nipple, which is pretty gross. The women then left, but when Khoury awoke, he noticed that a blonde hair was left behind on his private place, an alien hair. DNA test results from the hair are said to be somewhat confusing with traces of a rare genetic composition.

5. The Doctor and the Alien Cure



Dr. John Salter and his son claim to have been abducted in 1988 while driving down a highway. Unlike other stories of fear and harm, this alien story is a happy one. The two say that their visit was friendly, and, despite the implants, probes and injections, it was a pleasant experience overall. Dr. Salter also claims to have been given healing and psychic abilities to boot, even erasing a scar that was on his forehead prior to the event. Not too shabby for an alien abduction.

4. Not Leaving Without A Fight



After watching a meteor shower one night in New Mexico in 1975, Air Force Sergeant Charles Moody noticed a craft approaching him but then take off into the sky. Soon after he realized that he had lost time, and he started developing a rash and some lower-back pain. Under hypnosis and after about two weeks, the events of that night came flooding back to him. He recalled that he was approached by two alien figures, but being the bada** he was, he fought them. Unfortunately though, they temporarily paralyzed him and took him to their craft. It appears, however, that they just took him there to talk with him, promising him another meeting later on.

3. The Disappearance of Frederick Valentich



In 1978, Australian pilot Frederick Valentich, was on a training mission over the Bass Strait when he called in to report a strange craft following him 1000 ft above his own. He described it as having a green glow and orbiting his airplane. He told the air traffic controller that he was experiencing engine problems. When he was asked to better describe the aircraft, he said “it’s not an aircraft” before the transmission was lost to the sounds of metal scraping. Later that night there were more reports of UFOs in Australia. Valentich was never found.

2. Fire in the Sky


The alien film Fire in the Sky, was based on events which took place in 1975 to Travis Walton and a crew of fellow loggers. While driving home after work, a number of the loggers reported seeing a UFO overhead. When Walton got out to examine it, a beam of light hit him. The crew apparently fled the scene, leaving Walton behind, some calling the police. The site was later searched, but Walton had disappeared. Five days later, Walton returned disoriented with a story of UFOs and aliens, and he had lost a significant amount of weight.

1. The Hills


Driving home from a vacation in 1961, Betty and Barney Hill stopped to get a better look at a shooting star that was moving in odd directions. When they got closer, the object flew towards them. Scared, they ran back to their car, but, when they had collected themselves, they realized that their watches had stopped. In the commotion, they had lost two hours of time, and later while hypnotized, they both had memories of an alien abduction pulled out of them.

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