12 Absurd Addictions That Will Make You Say "Huh"?

There are some addictions that seem “normal,” and others that are just downright strange. For instance, you or someone you know likely has an addiction to coffee, and can’t seem to get the day started without a hot cup of Joe. Unfortunately, you may also know someone who can’t seem to stop drinking, and comes up with excuses to have a cocktail every chance he/she gets. There are also a number of people who are seriously injured, start taking painkillers, and become addicted to the medicine, which can lead to years of hurt and destruction.

It’s pretty common to hear about celebrities having addictions. We have tragically lost some of the most talented people in Hollywood due to their dependence on harmful substances. Still, there are still countless famous people who are almost more well-known for their alcoholism and drug abuse than their creative work. While we’re familiar with many of the vices that seem to control the actions and lives of these famous people, there are also some addictions that are pretty unheard of. These weird addictions can affect both celebrities and civilians, and while not all of them are extremely harmful, they are odd enough to make you wonder how they turned into addictions in the first place. Here are 12 absurd addictions that make you say “huh?”


12 Gambling Addiction

We’ve all heard of someone having a gambling addiction. But to most people, this is pretty baffling. After all, how can one be addicted to the risk of losing thousands of dollars by playing a game? Sure people win sometimes, but the odds are never all that great when you’re gambling. An addiction to gambling is technically classified as an impulse control disorder. This means that the person with the addiction doesn’t have the ability to practice self-control, and must learn how to do so through behavioral therapy. There are even people out there who have lost their homes, ruined their marriages and compromised their relationships with their children due to an addiction to gambling. Actor Ben Affleck has recently been in the news for an alleged gambling addiction. He was recently banned from playing blackjack at a casino, but claims it was because he had gotten good at the game and the casino didn’t want him to win too often. Interesting.

11 Drywall Addiction


In some cases, people can become addicted to eating things that aren’t actually food. This could indicate that there is a vitamin or mineral deficiency in the person, and of course, this issue should be treated in a much healthier way. This condition is sometimes known as pica, and mostly affects women. There are people who are addicted to drywall, and consume it every chance they get. During an episode of the show My Strange Addiction, a woman confessed to grabbing drywall from the walls in her home, and sometimes leaving three-foot-wide holes in the wall just to satisfy her addiction. It takes extensive counseling and a desire to change in order to overcome this addiction and prevent further damage to the body.

10 Diet Coke Addiction

Most people likely indulge in a soda every now and then, but there are some people who can’t seem to go a day without having a bubbly drink. There are even people who are legitimately addicted to Diet Coke, including actor Robert Pattinson. It’s not just the caffeine in the beverage that can be addicting. The sugar substitute used in Diet Coke can also have a strange effect on the body. It can cause a jittery feeling, increased heart rate, moodiness and fatigue, the same way that a strong dose of painkillers or an overdose of caffeine would. Perhaps this soda addiction is the reason for Pattinson’s strange and often sullen attitude. The addiction can also mess up your teeth, which is just another reason it’s a bad idea to get hooked on soda.

9 Doll Addiction


Some people have doll collections, and some people remember their favorite dolls from childhood fondly, but don’t still play with the dolls. My Strange Addiction featured a man by the name of Davecat (yes, that’s what he prefers to be called) who actually has a “relationship” with his doll. He claims that foot rubs are his doll’s Sidore’s favorite thing. Davecat and Sidore also “live” together, and do the things that couples do, such as go shopping and have dinner. The notion of developing romantic feelings for an inanimate object is a condition called objectophelia, and is an addiction that is sometimes difficult to overcome.

8 Teeth Brushing Addiction

We’re all for good hygiene, but some people just take it way too far. Some people are actually addicted to brushing their teeth. Yes, it’s a real thing. There was even an episode of My Strange Addiction in which a woman confessed that she was a tooth-brushing addict. She admits that she brushes her teeth when she’s stressed, and she has different toothbrushes for different occasions. She also has a toothbrush that she uses only when she wakes up in the middle of the night to brush her teeth, and has even confessed to using two toothbrushes at once. This is obviously a sign of OCD and anxiety. Singer Katy Perry is a self-proclaimed addict when it comes to brushing her teeth, and says that she brushes her teeth six times a day. Then again, she is constantly photographed, so we kind of understand her obsession, even though six times a day is pretty excessive.

7 Baby Powder Addiction


You’ve heard of people snorting cocaine to get high, but it’s likely that you don’t know anyone who does the same thing with baby powder. According to LiveStrong, a craving for baby powder often occurs in pregnant women who are missing essential nutrients in their diets, particularly vitamin D or iron. An addiction to baby powder is also a result of pica, a condition in which a person has a strong desire to eat things that don’t provide the body with any nutritional value. Eating baby powder over time can have very harmful effects, and keep the organs from working properly, and the condition can also be detrimental for unborn babies.

6 Human Ashes Addiction

We all know how painful it can be to lose a loved one. There are several different ways to cope with death, but there’s no doubt that some methods are healthier than others. One woman expressed her grief in a very disturbing way when she started eating the ashes of her deceased husband. She explained that one day the ashes got on her fingers (she carries his urn with her wherever she goes), and she decided to lick the ashes off her fingers. That’s when the addiction started. Now, she eats a little bit of her “husband” each day. Her family was already concerned that she couldn’t go anywhere without the urn, now they’ve got to help her through another addiction.


5 Plastic Surgery Addiction

Before you roll your eyes, yes, this is a real condition. Some people have become so obsessed with plastic surgery that it has become an addiction. There are even some people who won’t rest until they look like their favorite celebrities (there’s a guy who continues to have surgeries to look like Kim Kardashian). Obviously, this is a serious problem. While there’s nothing wrong with getting a little nip and tuck here and there (if that’s your thing), spending thousands of dollars and never being satisfied with the results is a clear indicator of a serious addiction.

4 Car Addiction

It’s pretty safe to say that most guys have a special connection to their cars, especially if the car is brand new or is a vintage model. Men, for the most part, love cars, and do whatever is necessary to keep their vehicles looking great. However, some people have an addiction to their cars and start developing “feelings” for their vehicles. One guy named Nathaniel (you may have seen him on TV explaining his “love” for his car), has truly taken his love for his vehicle to the next level. He is sure to wash his car with “care,” takes the car on dates, and yes, he is even “intimate” with his car. We’re not sure there’s anything left to say about that.

3 Rubber Tires Addiction


There are actually people in this world who eat tires. The same tires that you see on your car, or on a bike, or on the city bus. Rubber tires. One woman has admitted that she likes the “chemical” taste of rubber tires, and that eating the rubber provides a “shock to the taste buds.” Interesting, indeed. While this probably indicates that she has some dietary needs that are not being met, this is also dangerous and addictive behavior. There are obviously healthier ways to get the nutrients that she is lacking, and it will probably take extensive counseling for her to break this strange habit.

2 Bee Sting Addiction

Most people try to get through life without getting stung by a bee. Stings hurt, and some people are dangerously allergy to bee stings. However, there are people (or at least one woman) who is addicted to stinging herself with bees. She intentionally catches the bees and stings herself with them. Some individuals are addicted to pain, and this is just one manifestation of that addiction. There are also people who are addicted to emotional pain and actually crave feelings of grief, anxiety or sadness. This particular woman just happens to feed her addictions with stings from bees, which is harmful to her body, and is obviously indicative of a mental issue.

1 Hair Addiction

Sure, there are some people who are obsessed when making sure their hair is perfect. There are even some people who like and collect pet hair. However, there are times when being hyper-focused on one’s hair can become a serious addiction. One woman has decided to grow her hair to 21-feet long in length. The woman, who appeared on My Strange Addiction, has stated that her hair is her “baby, sweetheart and crown.” We can only imagine how cumbersome it is to lug all that hair around on a regular basis, and washing those tresses can be such a chore. This is clearly a sign of a much bigger issue, and may have something to do with self-esteem or self-image.


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