12 Absurd Addictions That Will Make You Say "Huh"?

There are some addictions that seem “normal,” and others that are just downright strange. For instance, you or someone you know likely has an addiction to coffee, and can’t seem to get the day started without a hot cup of Joe. Unfortunately, you may also know someone who can’t seem to stop drinking, and comes up with excuses to have a cocktail every chance he/she gets. There are also a number of people who are seriously injured, start taking painkillers, and become addicted to the medicine, which can lead to years of hurt and destruction.

It’s pretty common to hear about celebrities having addictions. We have tragically lost some of the most talented people in Hollywood due to their dependence on harmful substances. Still, there are still countless famous people who are almost more well-known for their alcoholism and drug abuse than their creative work. While we’re familiar with many of the vices that seem to control the actions and lives of these famous people, there are also some addictions that are pretty unheard of. These weird addictions can affect both celebrities and civilians, and while not all of them are extremely harmful, they are odd enough to make you wonder how they turned into addictions in the first place. Here are 12 absurd addictions that make you say “huh?”

12 Gambling Addiction

11 Drywall Addiction

10 Diet Coke Addiction

9 Doll Addiction

8 Teeth Brushing Addiction

7 Baby Powder Addiction

6 Human Ashes Addiction

5 Plastic Surgery Addiction

4 Car Addiction

3 Rubber Tires Addiction

2 Bee Sting Addiction

1 Hair Addiction

Sure, there are some people who are obsessed when making sure their hair is perfect. There are even some people who like and collect pet hair. However, there are times when being hyper-focused on one’s hair can become a serious addiction. One woman has decided to grow her hair to 21-feet long in length. The woman, who appeared on My Strange Addiction, has stated that her hair is her “baby, sweetheart and crown.” We can only imagine how cumbersome it is to lug all that hair around on a regular basis, and washing those tresses can be such a chore. This is clearly a sign of a much bigger issue, and may have something to do with self-esteem or self-image.


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12 Absurd Addictions That Will Make You Say "Huh"?