11 Weird Phobias You Didn't Know Existed

Have you ever looked down from a 400-meter building? Did it make your heart beat faster? Did it make your palms sweaty? You might be afraid of heights.

Fear is an unpleasant but a normal reaction that we usually feel whenever we sense something that might cause danger to us. Each person is afraid of something. Being scared of something can be rooted to the bad experiences that you had while growing up. Drowning yourself with those things that you fear the most, in certain conditions, could only make things worse. Consulting your psychiatrist or psychologist may give you other solutions for your phobias. They could give you different kinds of therapies, medications or hypnotisms that might prevent, permanently take your fears away, or treat them for only a certain period of time (because some phobias cannot be completely cured). However, keep in mind that each process is different, and it would depend on the severity of the phobia that you have.

Do not worry too much, though, because scientists are now working on understanding fears and how those incurable conditions would be permanently treated.

Although it is hard and it might take up too much time to face and conquer all of those fears, not being able to overcome them might hinder you from doing even the simplest chore or other activities that you have to do every single day of your life like the phobias that some people are suffering from listed below:


10 Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia or sesquipedaliophobia


Hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is fear of long words. (Talk about irony!) This 15-syllable term might probably cause panic and anxiety to people who are suffering from the said phobia.

Actually, nobody is born with this kind of phobia. Having this fear of long words is learned or experienced from an unpleasant experience in the past. Most of the people would not even remember how or when their fear started.

So if you are one of the unlucky persons who are sesquipedaliophobic, you might want to cross out Taumatawhakatangi­hangakoauauotamatea­turipukakapikimaunga­horonukupokaiwhen­uakitanatahu (a hill that is located in North Island, New Zealand) on your travel list.

9 Chrometophobia or Chrematophobia


Chrematophobia is the fear of money. Even if money is one of the fundamental things we need in life to survive, some people find it difficult to deal with their everyday activities because of this phobia. Having this fear gives phobics anxiety or panic attacks when giving or receiving money; thus making it hard for them to commute, or even participate in social gatherings. Even the simplest sight of money can make them sweat, tremble, or it can give them irregular heartbeat.

Like in most disorders, drugs and medications for chrematophobia aren’t the best approach. Drugs would only mask the symptoms.

8 Chaetophobia


Having fear of hair is a mind-boggling fear that was an effect brought by a very traumatic experience from the past. Maybe you watched The Grudge way too many times

While some sufferers are okay with the hair that is attached to them, some may also be afraid of their own body hair. The fear varies from different stages, though – from a strand of a person’s hair to a hairy animal. In most cases, the condition is related to fear of germs that make them feel nauseated. Some are afraid to come in contact with fungal infections, dandruff, or lice. Imagine Rapunzel being chaetophobic.

7 Domatophobia


Your house gives you the feeling of comfort and security and that is why after a long day, you would always want to be at your home. But for a person who is domatophobic, being inside their home feels overwhelming. Some people even experience palpitations, fast breathing, and panic attacks.

Some people fear being inside their home because they feel caged in. An outgoing person who have been injured and required to stay indoors can also develop domatophobia because it might give them the feeling of helplessness.

So what’s worst, to be homeless, or to be afraid of your own humble abode?

6 Electrophobia

Today, almost everything around us is powered by electricity – our refrigerators, computers, printers, game consoles, etc. and it would be quite hard for us to finish our work without electricity. However, some people fear electricity – making them electrophobic.

Electrophobia is an uncompromising feeling that could hinder a person’s progress in finishing task. Sufferers would feel discomfort when using appliances. Even the mere thought of being struck by a lightning can give phobics a panic attack. Also, by just observing a person using electricity-powered devices can make them tremble in fear. Like in most conditions, this phobia is learned from previous frightful occurrences.

5 Anthropophobia


First things first - social phobia is different from anthropophobia. While social phobia is being afraid of being involved in social situations (like eating in public, doing a presentation in front of a lot of people, etc.), anthropophobia is literally being afraid of other people. Anthropophobes are troubled whether they are being judged by others and would always feel the need to run away from the awkward situation they are in.

Anthropophobes can also suffer from anticipatory anxiety. People who are suffering from this condition may find it hard to sleep for days before the expected date to meet with someone.

4 Ergophobia


Does the mere thought of work already give you the creepy feeling? Are you afraid of getting up early for work? You’re not crazy; maybe you’re just one of the few people who are ergophobic.

Ergophobia is a condition where a person is afraid of work and the things related to it. Having a job is important; however it would be like torture to people who have ergophobia. They would have to suffer from the triggers every day of the year until they could no longer function well as an individual. Some sufferers would seek a therapist's advice only when the condition has worsen.


3 Catoptrophobia


Do you get scared when you look at yourself in front of a mirror? Fret not, you are not ugly; maybe you just have this condition of being scared of mirrors or your own reflection.

Sufferers fear that it might cause bad luck to them if the mirror would accidentally break while they are holding it. In some cases, this phobia would cause a person feel as if an entity would abruptly appear. It could also be a result from watching too much horror movies that are related to mirrors. Some people also fear that they are being watched by an entity through the mirror.

2 Hypegiaphobia or Hypengyophobia


People who are hypegiaphobic could be the most irresponsible people you would ever meet. Hypegiaphobes have this extreme fear responsibilities. In most cases, people who suffer from this condition could be self-indulgent, selfish and even childish.

The cause of this condition varies from person to person and can be traced to a person’s childhood - having parents not allowing them to take responsibilities as a kid or other scenarios that are associated with responsibility. There is also a big possibility that sufferers of this condition would blame others for their doings and would not take responsibility for the consequences of their actions.

1 Neophobia


Literally, people who are suffering from this condition are afraid to break the routine that they got used to. Although some things are quite terrifying to try for the first time, some people really have this irrational and extreme fear of trying stuffs. To neophobes do not worry, though, this phobia is not new.

Food neophobia is commonly found in toddlers and young children where they would only eat the food that they are already familiar with. On the other hand, elderly people could also suffer from this condition. Older people who are suffering from general neophobia are content with that they had already got used to and would refuse to learn new things.

1. Zoophobia


Zoophobia, is a class of specific phobias that are associated with animals and is found common among children. Some common examples of zoophobias are fear of cats, fear of birds, fear of dogs, and fear of snakes. Although some animals can be as cute as you can think of, some people could not even stand the thought of certain animals they are afraid of and might cause them anxieties, palpitations, or panic attacks.

So if you are going out on your first date with a person who is zoophobic, you might want to skip the zoo, ocean parks, or cat cafes.

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