11 Totally Odd Products That Came Out Of Fifty Shades Of Grey

We have all been caught up in the whirlwind of the ‘Christian Grey’ saga, better known as Fifty Shades of Grey. We have all been seduced into reading the book and giving an opinion, whether favorable

We have all been caught up in the whirlwind of the ‘Christian Grey’ saga, better known as Fifty Shades of Grey. We have all been seduced into reading the book and giving an opinion, whether favorable or unfavorable. We have all loved to love, or loved to hate the book’s premise, and we have all been enticed into sneaking a peek at the book’s recent movie trailer!

Yet, the book has much more to offer than the totally page-turning, blush-worthy verbose that had us all enthralled. The book has given us much more than just another trilogy to add to our book collections (at least mine for sure!). Fifty Shades has given fans a whole array of bizarre, odd and totally inexplicable merchandise. Some are almost expected extensions of the book into the physical world of things and goods, but others are more like, “Why would anyone even want this?”.

Here’s a list of such odd, and at times, totally inexplicable product extensions of the highly popular book. We start with the ones that were most expected (after the book’s phenomenal success, that is) and move to the more bizarre, as we count down towards product number 1!

11 50 Shades Of Sex Toys!

(11) 50 Shades Sex Toys (Via

We expected this, didn't we? Bluebella’s website boasts of all products Christian Grey, when it comes to official Fifty Shades sex toys. The product descriptions are equally vivid and ask you to “re-live your favorite Christian Grey fantasies”. The Fifty Shades product range has every toy used or mentioned in the book, be it blindfolds, handcuffs and ties, to balls, beads and many other unmentionables. You will find several statistics on the net on how the book’s success has given the sales of sex toys a phenomenal, unparalleled boost, just as it has done for the sales of cable ties, rope and duct tape!

10 50 Shades Of Lingerie!

(10) 50 Shades Of Lingerie (Via

Over the years, the Fifty Shades of Grey lingerie segment has seen a lot of change. While the very first official Fifty Shades lingerie collection just had a whole bunch of basic knickers with embroidered lines, things have changed now! Most initial enthusiasts had to contend with the initial, ‘Laters Baby’ and ‘You. Are. Mine’ underwear, and now, they can choose from several more stylish and sensual pieces if they are still interested. Authoress E.L. James has teamed up with Swedish brand, KappAhl to give the world affordable collections of Fifty Shades lingerie. The collection also has the celebrated silver neck tie and a key necklace (that kind of deviates from the ‘lingerie’ segment, but is available nevertheless).

9 50 Shades Of Lubricants!

(9) Lubricants Of The Non Auto Kind (Via

Well, this was an interesting and certainly innovative way to package and market sex related lubricants, though one thinks that, had auto-lubricants been named the same, they would still have sold! Yes, well, without going into too much detail, Official Sensual Care Collection’s Fifty Shades of Grey lubes are selling like hot cakes on Amazon. They are advertised to have a ‘thick and luxurious lubricating formula that is moisturizing, soft and condom safe’! The lubricants are totally water-based, making them suitable for use on all silicone and non silicone sex toys! Considering the popularity of these products, you’d definitely find more information online.

8 50 Shades Of Musicals & Parodies

(8) 50 Shades Musical (Via

Al Samuels, founding member of Baby Wants Candy, is the Director, Producer, Co-Lyricist and Co-Writer to the comic musical, 50 Shades! The Original Parody. While there is no actual nudity in the show, due to the raunchiness of certain scenes, the show is only recommended for mature audiences. Certain songs from the show are available on iTunes too, and certain local shows also offer themed drinks to help audiences get into the mood. The idea behind the musical was to make sure that even people who had not read the book enjoyed the show, and got the book’s essential experience. Several fan podcasts give great reviews, as well as background information on the show and how it began.

7 50 Shades Of Wines

(7) 50 Shades Of Grey Wines (Via

Considering that, while wine is one of the authoress’s passions, and also that wine plays integral parts in the book, E.L. James paired up with a wine company to come up with the official Fifty Shades of Grey red and white wines. The ‘white silk’ and ‘red satin’ wines are available on the website, for $17.99 per bottle. White silk is a floral flavor that encompasses the essences of lychee, pear and honey, in addition to grapefruit and butterscotch. Red satin on the other hand, contains the flavor of black cherries, caramel, cocoa, vanilla and clove spice. Deluxe gift boxes containing both the wines are also available, for those special celebratory occasions.

6 50 Shades Of Jewelry

(6) 50 Shades Jewelry (Via

You’d find a whole lot of jewelry items on the website, which sells jewelry designs that have been officially approved by EL James. Several such creative jewelry items can also be found on sites such as Etsy. The creativity found here is simply amazing, for there are the usually expected necktie necklaces and key earrings, along with the more innovative handcuff bangles, necktie rings, riding crop earrings and even sensual charm bracelets. The official jewelry designer here is one Ms. Janet Cadsawan, but if you are not one to have authentic gear hangups, you can try several other places where people have showcased Grey inspired designs from their own creative talent.

5 50 Shades Of Clothing

(5) 50 Shades Clothing (Via

With all of the other products coming out of the Fifty Shades books, why should clothing be left behind? The UK’s Caroline Mickler Ltd. fulfills all the licensed product requirements for Fifty Shades of Grey clothing. This apparel segment doesn't only have t-shirts for men and women, but also for kids (we do wonder why). You can even find hoodies, ties, cuff links, handkerchiefs, sweat pants, etc. The most common of captions are ‘We aim to please’, ‘Laters baby’, ‘Tied up’ and ‘Property of Christian Grey’. If you support creativity over brand name, you can try Etsy for some more innovative Fifty Shades themed clothing.

4 50 Shades Of Toiletries & Cosmetics

(4) Fifty Shades Of Grey Range (Via

E.L. James’s erotic novel has sprouted up a whole range of themed toiletry and cosmetic products. For example, the beauty range contains just about everything, right from perfumes to lotions and shower gels. Fifty Shades has also inspired themed massage oils, bath soaps and Lip-& Nip Balms! Oh, not to forget the highlight of ‘em all, soap on a rope, in the shape of love balls, very like the ones enjoyed by Anastasia Steele! I personally love the perfume bottles, for they are quite attractively designed and have miniature handcuffs that go around the caps!

3 50 Shades Of Baby Clothing & Products

(3) 50 Shades Inspired Baby Clothing (Via

Oh why, oh why would Fifty Shades get into baby clothing, I have no clue! But relax, when I say that there are Fifty Shades themed baby products out there, at least you can rest easy that they are not latex bibs and leather nappies. They are quite simply products such as baby clothes, changing mats, bibs and bonnets that feature funny Fifty Shades slogans. Oh thank God, or else the baby would never forgive you for growing up into one Grey-ish-ly damaged infant! So yes, if you fancy these products and see their funny side, you can indeed, get your baby a “My mommy read 50 Shades 9 months ago’ bib or ‘All mommy wanted was a night with Mr. Grey’ diaper changing mat.

2 50 Shades Of Toys (Oh Not The Sex Kind, Let It Go Already!)

(2) 50 Shades Teddy Bear (Via

Of all the Fifty Shades merchandise, I find this to be the worst kind of ‘overkill’, if you know what I mean. One of the more tacky toys that have come from the Fifty Shades franchise has to be a grey colored teddy bear, that stands all regal, in a dark grey suit and silver tie. What completes the picture are a pair of handcuffs in one hand, and an eye mask in the other! Vermont teddy bear company, the company credited with this creation, calls it the 'Christian Grey' bear. Yes, you read that correctly, so you can let out that collective gasp now! The bear’s smoky fur and blue eyes add to the “Grey” look, so if you want your very own Christian Grey in your bedroom, you might want to get this teddy for $89.99.

1 50 Shades Of Bacon Burgers

(1) 15 Shades of Bacon Burger (Via

The most interesting, yet, odd and bizarre outcomes of the Fifty Shades popularity has been the Fifty Shades inspired '15 shades of bacon’ burger, a novelty at the Barnstaple’s Custom House. Quite literally, the 15 shades of bacon burger features 15 different types of bacon-inspired foods and is the material representation of an idea that occurred to the head chef at The Strand’s Custom House. The owner, Matt Spencer, finds the quirky idea to be a great success with the male patrons of the restaurant. The burger itself costs 15 pounds, and is a great way to capitalize on the Fifty Shades of Grey fame and popularity.

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11 Totally Odd Products That Came Out Of Fifty Shades Of Grey