11 Supermodels Arrested For The Most Shocking Reasons

Did you hear about the supermodel who has 4 assault convictions? Or the supermodel arrested for assaulting her plastic surgeon? What about the male supermodel who was arrested for public drunkenness, who was also charged with offering arresting officers certain "services" in exchange for his release? Then there's the swimwear model accused of running an international drugs ring and another supermodel arrested for money laundering. And there's more. More assault, DUI, tax evasion and possession of marijuana. Sometimes the stories have fairly happy endings, and sometimes they end in tragedy.

Supermodels are rich, famous and spoiled. They can make millions, jetting all over the world for photoshoots or to strut their stuff on the catwalk. Victoria's Secret has their "Angels". Sports Illustrated features them in their Swimsuit Issues. The term has been around a while, but became a real buzzword in the 1980s. Think Naomi Campbell, Claudia Schiffer, Elle Macpherson and Heidi Klum. The female supermodel came first, closely followed by her male counterpart. But sometimes all the fame, money and adulation means trouble. On occasion, the supermodels are the victims. 1998's VH1/Vogue Model of the Year Carolyn Murphy, had to endure the humiliation of her ex husband's arrest for attempting to sell a s*x tape made on their honeymoon. That had to hurt.

There are some supermodels that have come dangerously close to arrest. In 2015, Kate Moss was escorted off a plane for "disruptive" behavior. And US Weekly reported that she later claimed the authorities had tried to arrest her. Victoria's Secret model Selita Ebanks, was sued for assault by a woman who claimed Ebanks had punched her in the nose. Reportedly, the woman filed a complaint with the police, but no arrest was made. The biggest headlines come when the supermodel is well and truly arrested. Here are 11 supermodels who were arrested.

11 Naomi Campbell - Assault

10 Stephanie Seymour - DUI

9 Bar Refaeli - Tax Evasion

8 Nick Snider - Public Drunkenness, Disorderly Conduct and Offering "Services" To Arresting Police Officers

7 Jerry Hall - Possession of Marijuana

6 Nadja Auermann - Tax Evasion

5 Jessica White - Misdemeanor Assault

4 Ayyan - Money Laundering

3 Simone Farrow - Drug Ring, Skipping Out on Bail

2 Karen Mulder - Assaulting Her Plastic Surgeon

1 Gia Carangi - DUI, Police Car Chase

Active during the late 1970s, Carangi worked for Dior and Versace and featured in multiple editions of Vogue and Cosmopolitan. She battled drug addiction and sometimes had brief success. But, she was increasingly in a downward spiral. She was arrested in 1981 after, under the influence of alcohol and cocaine, she plowed a car into a fence and then drove off chased by police. She died five years later as a result of an AIDS related complex. Many consider her the world's first supermodel. Angelina Jolie starred as Carangi in a biopic, Gia.


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11 Supermodels Arrested For The Most Shocking Reasons