11 Structures That Look Like A Woman's Punani

We all know the feeling. You're just driving around, you see a building and you think to yourself "Hey, that looks just like a vagina." Okay, maybe we don't all know that feeling, but there are some buildings and monuments out there that look so much like vaginas one has to wonder what the architect who designed them was thinking. Or, actually, maybe we don't need to wonder about it much at all.

Really, when one thinks about it so many of the buildings in the world are so phallic that isn't it about time that some vagina-shaped buildings came along? You're darn right it is. These buildings and monuments exist all over the world. Some of them you will have to use your imagination to make the whole vagina thing fit, while others are so obvious that you simply can't help but think of all sorts of sexual innuendo when you see them.

Check them out for yourself; maybe it's just me, I don't know. I have been accused of thinking about sex too much in the past, so maybe it is all my imagination. Or maybe I am right and these buildings are just filled with sexual innuendo.

There is only one way for you to find out. Check out TheRichest's list of 11 Structures That Look Like a Vagina.

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11 Sheraton Huzhou Hot Spring Resort

via coolhunting.com

This hotel in China goes by a few different nicknames. Some call it the horseshoe hotel, while others call it the doughnut hotel. It is easy to see why they chose those two appellations as calling it the vagina hotel probably would not have caught on. I really doubt a lot of families would go there for one thing. While this one does not look quite as much like lady parts as others on this list, it still makes the grade. This hotel is right on a lake and is 27 stories high.

10 Mode Gakuen Cocoon Tower

via free-d.nl

This education building with the very obvious vertical smile is in Tokyo, Japan. There was a competition held to see who would get to design the building. The only rule that every architect was asked to follow was to not design a building that was rectangular. Not a problem for this architect, who just rolled in with a design that captured the essence of a vagina in every way. This building is 50 stories high and was erected in 2008. See what I did there?

9 Bayonne Teardrop Memorial

via blog.nj.com

So, it seems that Russia gave the city of Bayonne, New Jersey a gift to memorialize those lost during the 9-11 terrorist attacks. That was awfully nice of them. It would have been even more nice if it did not look like an enormous vagina that was dripping with semen. It was supposed to look like a tear between the two towers, and I am sure whoever designed it could not be more dismayed about the whole thing, but truth be told, this one is a lock to be on this list.

8 Qatar's World Cup Stadium

via nydailynews.com

All right, so some of these look a little like a vagina. Some of these look a lot like them. The Spaceport in New Mexico really looks like one. But Qatar's World Cup Stadium? Well, it pretty much looks exactly like one. When plans for this building came out, they almost changed the design because they received so much ridicule. Again, though, isn't it about time? Why do so many buildings have to be huge examples of male appendages, sticking straight up in the sky? Why can't some buildings look like vaginas? Maybe, just maybe, in the future more can.

7 Peachoid Water Tower

via postandcourier.com

All right, so it looks like a peach. We get that. But it also looks like so much more. Some say this giant peach-shaped water tower in South Carolina looks like a butt, but this article isn't about buildings that look like butts, now is it? To us, and to many others, this water tower looks more than a little bit like a vagina. Although if you think it totally looks like one, you probably should not buy any peaches any time soon. Either way, it is probably the worst water tower I have ever seen.

6 Monte St. Angelo Subway Station

via https://aedesign.files.wordpress.com

This subway station in Naples, Italy looks so much like a vagina one would think that was what they had in mind when they designed it in the first place. And really, a subway? They already have all sorts of visual innuendo and then they add a dark tunnel with a subway car shooting through it.  Naples is cool, as is Italy, but we have to ask...why this? Are there people really gathering around in committees trying to think up ways to make things looks more like a female genitalia?

5 Norman Foster’s Spaceport

via http://www.fosterandpartners.com/media/News/387/img0.jpg

So, what you are looking at here is a spaceport. We are not sure exactly what that means except that in theory you can blast off into space from here in the coming years. This spaceport is in New Mexico and is partly funded by Richard Branson, who runs Virgin Records and obviously has a good sense of humor. While all the entries on this list look a lot like vaginas, this one is very close to snatching the championship trophy in this event.

4 The Cathedral Of Christ the Light

via staticflickr.com

The architect of this building in Oakland, California says it was supposed to look a bit like a Jesus fish on a Bishop's hat. Others say that it looks like a beehive. While others, myself included, say it looks more than a little like a vagina. Can you imagine being a famous architect who is commissioned to design a cathedral and then having a bunch of people saying it looks like a vagina? I mean, I really doubt that he had this article in mind when he designed this building, but one never knows.

3 San Francisco, MoMA

via hydrotechusa.com

Well, at least this one is a museum of modern art. Having a building that is supposed to be a cathedral look like a vagina, is one thing, but a museum of modern art? Sure, why not? Who cares - it's modern art, anything goes.  One has to use their imagination a little with this one, but just a little, really, as it is pretty obvious when you look at it a bit. Right now there is construction going on here, as the building is expanding. It will open back up in May of this year.

2 Rem Koolhaas’s CCTV building

via https://classconnection.s3.amazonaws.com

This building, which is the CCTV headquarters in China, has actually faced a bit of controversy. The architect has been accused of making his building sexual on purpose and that he designed the building to look like a woman bent over next to a penis. We don't know anything about that; this story is about buildings that look like vaginas after all. While the architect denied any ill intent, we have to conclude that where there's smoke there's fire, at least a little bit anyway.

1 Crain Communications Building

via wordpress.com

This building in Chicago is actually known as "the vagina building." How classy right? When asked if this was done on purpose, a representative for the architectural firm said that they "never had that thought in mind. It was never our intention. I assure you, absolutely not." All right man, good enough, but why does your building look so much like a vagina? What makes all of these entries so great is that most of them obviously look like one, but apparently no one ever noticed. Really? I am so not buying that.Sources: fastcodesign

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