11 Shocking Places People Have Been Caught Having Sex

Let’s face it, the old saying “money makes the world go ‘round” is probably wrong. Sex makes the world go ‘round, and makes getting up in the morning far more worth it. Everyone (over a certain age) is sexually active to some extent; it is basic human nature. And while everyone’s preferences regarding sex (things like orientation, likes, dislikes, where, when, who and what) range broadly, there are some things that many people just feel the need to try.

One of the more common taboo forms of sexual expression is sex in public. Whether it be about the risk of being caught, the thrill of exhibitionism, or just a desire to explore a different aspect of one's sexuality, sex in public is by no means anything new, nor is it really all that shocking. What is shocking is some of the places these people have been caught mid-fornication.

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11 In a Pizza Express

Via thesun.co.uk

I’m sure many have had trysts with co-workers, probably even at work following a late night shift, but back in 2010 a pair of Pizza Express employees in the U.K. took the almost cliché co-worker sexual relationship to an extreme when, clearly overcome with lust and lacking some common sense, the pair had sex in the front area of the restaurant.

Not only was this encounter at work in broad view of the busy street the Pizza Express is located on, the lights were still burning brightly. Did I mention the entire storefront is floor-to-ceiling windows? Pedestrians sure got a show as they passed by the pornographic window scene, and many even took photos and posted them online. The news travelled fast, and within days, Pizza Express announced, "we can confirm that two employees have been suspended following inappropriate behavior."

10 On the Hood of a Car… with a Cop

Via abcnews.go.com

Police officers are sworn to serve and protect the public, but this particular police officer from New Mexico took the "sworn to serve" decree a little further when security cameras meant to catch vandals in the act off a rural road, caught him instead, in uniform, having sex with a woman on top of the hood of a car. Though the Police Department concluded and assured the public that the sexual encounter was in no way an exchange for services related to the officer’s job, as the woman involved was not connected to any cases the officer had pending, and that the officer did not commit a crime, the police officer was subsequently fired anyway.

9 Beside a Dunkin’ Donuts Dumpster

Via gawker.com

America runs on Dunkin’ and apparently some couples get a little extra jolt from the coffee. So much so that a couple in Delaware ran straight outside to the nearest dumpster to get going. The most unhygienic sounding sexual encounter imaginable, the couple, who remain unidentified, is wanted by the police for their sexual indiscretion. It’s really easy to just shake your head at this one. There’s nothing sexy about it, but, if ever there was a defense, it was St. Patrick’s Day when the two met beneath the dumpster, so… there may have been less Dunkin’ and more green beer involved in this one. At least I’m hoping.

8 In Front of a Church

Via wwmt.com

While it may be a fantasy for some, having sex right in front of a church, beneath a cross no doubt, seems like a bad idea for a public display of affection. Add some drunkenness into the mix, and you stand a pretty decent chance of being caught for your act of sexual rebellion. Earlier this year police in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma arrested a pair of intoxicated 52-year-olds who were reportedly having sex on the sidewalk in front of a Methodist church. Both were buck naked and hammered, barely able to stand when police ordered them to get up and get dressed. Though some passers by took photos of the show, based on the couple’s mug shots, it may have been for comedic value.

7 On a City Wall

Via mirror.co.uk

Social media can be a wonderful thing. For the couple that decided to take their relationship to new heights, atop a city wall in Newcastle, England, social media turned their brief (really brief) liaison into a Twitter trend. The couple apparently decided that the wall was a discreet enough locale for a quickie, and proceeded to get down to business. Ironically enough it was an employee at an office building across the way from the wall who captured the 15 second video that made its rounds across the internet, posted on everything from social media sites to even newspapers.

6 In an ATM Vestibule

Via watchinga.com

If you have ever lived in a big enough city, and you’ve needed cash, especially at night, you may have come across a few unsavoury things inside the ATM vestibule at a downtown bank. Some drinking, maybe some drug use and, for the most unlucky one’s looking to withdraw some cash, a couple having sex. It’s surprisingly not as uncommon as you might think. There have been reports of couples having the police called on them, security camera footage capturing the tryst, and, as in most cases in the social media smartphone age, curious bystanders snapping photos and posting them online.

5 In a Street Car

Via kiss925.com

In November 2014 in Toronto, Canada, a city streetcar came to a standstill during the evening rush hour after police were called when passengers reported a couple, or possibly three people, engaged in some sort of “sex act.” While no one is saying exactly what took place, the fact that the pair, or trio, took to getting intimate on a packed streetcar warrants inclusion on this list. I mean, that takes brazen to the extreme. The guilty party(ies) fled the streetcar before police arrived, but passengers were certainly none too impressed. Following the incident a spokesperson for the Toronto Transit Board quipped, “every streetcar in Toronto is named desire," making the awkward situation that much more awkward.

4 On the Roof of a Chipotle

Via fiestafrog.com

Everyone loves burritos, and where's better than Chipotle to grab one? Earlier this year, a frisky couple in Delaware apparently loved Chipotle so much that waiting to get home, literally two buildings away, to get down to business was just out of the question. Or maybe they got sick of waiting for their burrito. Whatever the reason, the couple took to the roof and went at it, and, committed to the cause, continued to do so even after police arrived on the pornographic scene. It was only after police told the couple they were under arrest that they interrupted their escapades to flee to the male participant's apartment building. Again, literally two buildings away.

3 The Queen’s Lawn

Via thesun.co.uk

The lawn of Windsor Castle, the residence of the Queen of England, was the site of a royal union between a couple in their mid thirties back in 2009 when the pair stripped down and took to some yard work. Blissfully ignorant to their surroundings, the drunken duo were watched by passing vehicles, tourists on the grounds, soldiers from open windows up along the castle, and even a few Japanese tourists who filmed their own amateur production for over 20 minutes before they were arrested. The Queen was at Windsor Castle at the time, but her apartments apparently face the opposite side of the grounds, shielding her from the actions of the “mortified” couple.

2 On Top of a Bridge

Via 4dudes.com

Even I am impressed with this extreme public display of affection. The old cliché “taking your sex life to new heights” is sadly appropriate in the case of the Estonian couple that made getting off an extreme sport by scaling a bridge over a river and going at it at the very top. In truly risky fashion, the pair not only climbed to the top of the Arch Bridge in Estonia to engage in a little public action, they brought some alcohol with them. Seriously, there’s a bottle of booze clearly visible in the multitude of photos that onlookers captured with their cellphones. Climbing a bridge, while drinking, to have sex? Not gonna lie, pretty impressive.

1 In Front of a Pediatrician's Office

Via popsugar.com

From kind of cool crazy to really creepy crazy. Back in the spring of 2012, a Florida couple was thrown in jail after deciding that it was a good idea to get drunk and get down in front of a pediatric office in Saint Petersburg, with several children at the office looking on in what was described as “horror.” After numerous children witnessed the sexual encounter and informed an employee at the office, police were called around 8:30 pm and the ordeal was finally over, with the drunk couple having a lot of explaining to do to authorities, and a lot of parents left with a lot of explaining to do to their traumatized children. Bad news all around.

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