11 Shocking Celebrity Tattoos That Don't Make Sense

Tattoos can be a very personal thing. People get the ink on their skin for a variety of reasons. Some do it because they want to honor a family member. Other people do it because they want to profess their love to a significant other. For whatever the reason, tattoos are ways to promote self-expression. The best and worst part of tattoos is that they are pretty much forever. So if you get one, you better be sure it’s what you want.

Tattoos are also a highly versatile form of art. People can pretty much get tattoos on any part of their body a tattoo artist can reach. And if you’ve gotten a tattoo in the past, you know it can be mighty painful. Tattoos are needles carving lines and ink into your skin. The permanent nature of them is the main reason why they can hurt so much. And if you get ink done on a sensitive part of your body, it can definitely be a challenge to sit through the session.

For these reasons and others, this top 11 list becomes a very interesting topic. Celebrity tattoos aren’t unusual. But some celebrities have opted to go to extremes to prove their independence and creativity. These extremes have led to odd choices in tattoos themselves as well as where they chose to get their tattoos. Sure we've seen odd celebrity tattoos before. But there seems to be no end in sight when it comes odd or ridiculous tattoos.

These 11 celebrities went the extra mile to make themselves look ridiculous for reasons unbeknownst to us all. These are the 11 most awful celebrity tattoos!

11 Ryan Cabrera - Gosling, anyone?

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10 Kelly Osbourne – Crazy Train

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Best known for being the daughter of Ozzy Osbourne, Kelly has followed in her mother Sharon’s footsteps, managing to forge out a nice little career for herself. She sang and modeled a little, but where Kelly has seemed to find some success is as a television personality. She has always spoken her mind, much like the other members of her family, and she decided to get an odd tattoo to boot. Kelly had the word "stories" tattooed on the side of her head. Why? Not sure and don’t really care. It just looks dumb.

9 Ke$ha – Lip Service

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Ke$ha sure knows how to make a scene. The charismatic singer/songwriter prides herself on being different. She loves to be just a little crazy every now and then and when she opted for a strange tattoo, she didn’t let us down. That lip tattoo is 100 per cent real if you are wondering. The best part is the slammer at the end of the phrase. Well, thanks Ke$ha for proving that creative people don’t have to be smart to be successful.

8 Dean McDermott – Under a "Spell"-ing

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It’s one thing to try and show your love for another individual with a gift of some kind. It’s a whole other thing to get a tattoo to profess your undying support for them. McDermott got Tori Spelling’s face and upper body tattooed on his arm. McDermott is best known for being Tori Spelling’s husband. The actor met Spelling on a set when they were both married. They subsequently had an affair. The two adulterers then married themselves and have had four children together. McDermott, despite having Tori tattooed on his arm, had an affair  before going to rehab for alcoholism and having suicidal thoughts. I think the tattoo may be getting to him.

7 Cheryl Cole – Rosy Rump

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If you’re a British pop star and have a free spirit, you may just have the urge to do something silly. That’s where Cheryl Cole comes into the play. The singer has a creative side to her, and now, she apparently has a rose-filled side to her; as in, a tattoo of roses. That’s right, Cole went for the full-monty with her entire backside and rear being covered by an elaborate tattoo of a rose garden. Sure, the artwork is cool, but the tattoo and its placement are definitely not. Considering it takes up nearly a quarter of her body, I’m hoping she doesn’t try laser removal someday.

6 Jermaine Dupri – Holy Janet

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Again, it’s always nice to show your affection for the person you love. But in the celebrity world, where relationships never seem to last, it seems overboard to get elaborate tattoos of people you are dating. Enter Jermaine Dupri. The singer/songwriter was dating Janet Jackson. So, naturally, he wanted to get her face tattooed across his entire right ribcage. And why stop there? Dupri didn’t and had Jackson dressed up as the Virgin Mary in the tattoo. Why? Not sure. Judging by the tear-away clothing Janet Jackson likes to wear at sporting events, I can only guess the tattoo fell under the category of parody.

5 Eve – Woof!

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Sometimes you have to root for someone to be high or drunk when they get a tattoo. This way, there is some sort of excuse explaining the disaster. Paw prints on a woman’s chest would constitute such a disaster. Rapper Eve may think that paw prints on her cleavage is sexy or makes sense in some warped world, but to us, it just looks stupid. Generally, men don’t need an incentive to stare at a woman’s cleavage. Someone get Eve the message before she gets an uncomfortable tattoo on her privates.

4 Steve-O – There’s Dumb And There’s Steve-O

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When you’re featured on a reality television show entitled Jackass, where you engage in the most self-destructive behavior imaginable to earn a few dollars, you know the tool box is lacking sharp objects. Steve-O has had his issues in life and nothing highlights this more than having his own smiling face tattooed all over his back. The worst part is an added saying with his own signature. Words really can’t describe the tattoo except that it looks ridiculous. However, it did earn Steve-O some extra publicity and for someone with no talent, that’s a pretty smart move.

3 Mike Tyson – Iron Face

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Sure, we know all about “Iron” Mike Tyson and his boxing successes. He also has been infamous for chewing on people’s ears and raping a woman. Needless to say, Tyson has found his way into the media for a variety of reasons. Then came an infamous face tattoo. Tyson was near the bottom of the well when he went for a drastic change, getting the face ink. Tyson had to decide between the tribal tattoo he eventually got and his first instincts to get hearts tattooed on his face. Yes…hearts. That’s a true story. He thought the hearts would be funny. We are glad the tattoo artist persuaded him in another direction. Mike got the tribal tat.

2 Dennis Rodman – The Worm

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Well, what would a celebrity "strange" list be without Dennis Rodman? Words can barely describe Rodman’s behavior or even begin to understand why he does what he does. The former NBA champion and all-star has always been known as a "strange guy." Some of the things he does are downright odd beyond comparison. But when he got a back tattoo featuring a naked woman with wings, her legs spread open and a giant dingy emerging up on his back, one has to wonder if Rodman is all there. The tattoo is ridiculous and somehow isn’t number one on our list.

1 Gucci Mane – Lick me?

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Gucci Mane is a rapper and the only reason we know he is a rapper is because he got the most ridiculous tattoo of all time. He is our number one on the worst celebrity tattoo list. Listen, when you get a tattoo on your face you are asking for it. When you get an ice cream cone tattooed on your face…words can’t really describe it. This is easily the most ridiculous and worst tattoo of all. If Gucci continues to struggle, at least he can buy an ice cream truck and it would make perfect sense. Here’s to second careers!

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