11 People Who Were Fired For Posting "Sexy" Pictures

In the world of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and all of the social media sites out there, sometimes it’s hard to have self-control when posting pictures of one’s self for some. Before the world of the internet, people would think twice before posing naked in front of a camera. The internet has made it so easy for people to share pictures with family and friends, but sometimes they forget that these photographs will not only be seen by those they prefer, but to everyone in the world who happens to have an internet connection. These people happen to have jobs where posting inappropriate pictures can get them fired; and it did.

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11 English Teacher Olivia Sprauer


Twenty-six year old Olivia Sprauer was a high school English teacher in Florida in 2013, when her boss found out that she was posing for xxxtremevisionradio as a lingerie model. She went by the pseudonym of “Victoria Valentine James,” but somehow her boss found out about the gig she was doing on the side. Olivia wasn’t posing nude, but it was enough (or not enough clothing) to get her booted from the education industry. Eventually, Hustler persuaded Olivia to model for the magazine in March 2014, even though she had previously said she would never do that.

10 Firefighter Clare Deloughrey


Clare Deloughrey was a volunteer firefighter in Manchester, U.K., when she posed for several revealing photographs on a website. She is seen in lingerie, in the shower, a bathtub covered in bubbles and also in her uniform. When the Whitefield Fire Station (her place of employment) found out about the photos, she was immediately fired. Regarding the dismissal, a fire spokesperson mentioned, “It would not matter if they are male or female, paid or unpaid, we would not want our brand used in any commercial venture without our permission.”

9 Ballerina Karina Sarkissova


Karina Sarkissova was a Russian ballerina in 2010, for the Vienna State Opera, when they found out about some pictures in which she appeared. She was seen naked in two popular men’s magazines; Penthouse in America, and Weiner in Austria. Karina was previously warned for the first occurrence of nude pictures, but she posed again not too long after that threat; which cost Karina her career.

8 Tracy Chandler, Mascot


Tracy is the mascot named “Donny Dog,” for the Doncaster Rovers, which is an English soccer club in Britain. She had some pictures taken of her in sexy lingerie for a newspaper to help aid a children’s charity, when the owner of the soccer club found out and fired her. Tracy was extremely upset about this, demanding that it was unfair since men from the club had appeared nude for a calendar previously. Tracy ended up getting her job back after the club realized that they had made a mistake, and most likely to avoid a lawsuit.

7  7. Sergeant Penny Dane


According to news reports in Daytona Beach, Florida, Sergeant Penny Dane accessed pornographic pictures and videos through the internet while she was at work. Over 20 of those photos were of Penny, herself, which she sent to her boyfriend through email using the police department’s computers. Penny did not get fired, but she did resign after the public found out about the indiscretion.

6 Tiffany Webb, High School Guidance Counselor


Tiffany Webb worked as a high school guidance counselor in Manhattan for twelve years before she was fired for “unsuitable” pictures that were taken of her twelve years earlier. The pictures were of when she was a model in her early 20s and late teen years, and some of them had even been Photoshopped. She was completely honest with the school when she was first hired about the pictures, but for some reason, they decided to fire her just two years before she was eligible for tenure. She has since filed a lawsuit against the school board for wrongful termination along with a few other charges.

5 Matthew Maleski, Special Education Teacher

Matthew Maleski was fired from his position as an Occupational Therapist at a school in New York City, when they found out he was posting videos on Youtube in nothing but boxer shorts, and doing “grinding” moves in the film. He wasn’t just fired for the video; Matthew had reportedly been using the school’s computer to send emails to Craigslist recipients in similar pictures of himself to gain dating opportunities among other members.

4 Hostess, Waitress, Fetish Model


Pennsylvanian Sarah Hunter worked as a hostess and a waitress, while posing for pictures as a fetish model. She has appeared nude in photographs online and in magazines, and was fired from her waitressing job and her job as a hostess while she was also working as a model. Apparently they said it wasn't exactly because of the unbecoming pictures; but in Pennsylvania, businesses can fire virtually anyone they desire, as long as they are not discriminating against the employee.

3 Justin J. Speekz, Chili Cook

According to reports, a man who calls himself Justin J. Speekz was fired for tearing off his shirt, laying on a table, and proceeding to snap pictures of himself. This is fine; except for the fact that the table belonged to Chili’s Bar and Grill, and Justin was at work while he did this. He even “tagged” his boss in the pictures, making it even weirder. Obviously Justin was fired after the images went public.

2 Katie Rees, Miss Nevada, Former Miss USA


Former Miss USA, Katie Rees was stripped of her crown and title in 2007, for pictures of her that were taken while she was partying at a club with some other girls. The photographs allegedly show Katie’s bare breasts and has her in several risqué poses that are inappropriate for someone who is supposed to be representing the United States.

1 Geraldo Rivera, News Anchor and Public Speaker


For some odd reason, Geraldo Rivera thought that it would be a clever idea to snap a selfie of himself in front of the mirror; completely naked. He did; however, cover his “manhood” with a tiny towel, so at least his private parts did not show. After he took the picture, he then posted it on Twitter. Apparently the Catholic Church is not a big fan of naked selfies, and when they found out, Geraldo was “uninvited” from a discussion in which he was supposed to speak at the Catholic Higher Learning Institution in Dusquesne University.

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