11 Disturbing Hazing Rituals That Actually Happen

Hazing has become a major problem across high school and college campuses. Some people have reportedly committed suicide because of hazing. Victims of hazing are often discouraged from speaking out. B

Hazing has become a major problem across high school and college campuses. Some people have reportedly committed suicide because of hazing. Victims of hazing are often discouraged from speaking out. Blowing the whistle can bring disaster to the group. And hazing is now against national fraternity and sorority policies. It’s also against the law. Any person who participates in hazing commits a misdemeanor of the third degree. And it can go farther than that. Some of the incidents that have happened in recent years are very serious. And students can go so far as committing criminal homicide.

A lot of the worst hazing involves emotional, physical, and even sexual abuse. Students take the hardest of drugs and do public sexual acts by force. Some of this would leave even seasoned S&M veterans blushing. "At least one student has died every year since 1970 because of hazing," attorney Douglas Fierberg has stated. Much of the hazing is unfortunate. It’s a part of the ongoing culture of each organization. Many of these rituals have probably been going on for at least a decade. In the worse case scenario, sometimes things go too far. And ordinary rituals become national news. And here’s the paradox, these rituals are far from ordinary. Some of them are downright inhumane.

Here are 11 Disturbing Hazing Rituals That Actually Happen

11 Wrestle Mania At Kentucky Western University Frat House

Collin Craig of Kentucky Western has many stories of hazing during his fall semester in 2014. In a practice known as being “sung to,” upperclassmen forced freshman to chug beer. Everyone would tickle the drinker’s throat and hit them in the testicles. The college swimmer says he was also forced to wrestle his teammates for hours at a time. He was “choked to the point of passing out” and forced to strip to his underwear and put on a horse head mask.

10 The "Jubie” - Sexual Jabs With A Broomstick


At Jaunita High School in the state of Washington, five football students held a special needs student on the shower floor, yanked his pants down and jabbed him with a broomstick. The hazing practice is called "jubie," a text message released in court revealed. The victim was pulled away in tears. Half an hour later, one of the perpetrators sent out a text saying, “I feel so bad now.”

9 "Bulldogging" In Search Of Sacred Rock


Lenoir-Rhyne University's Theta Chi pledge Harrison Kowiak died in 2009 during what was labeled as“Hell Week.” Theta Chi pledges were loaded into a truck and told to sit in the back blindfolded. After being driven to a North Carolina farm, they were told to find the “sacred fraternity rock.” First, they needed make it through 250 pound men. They called it “bulldogging.” Some played on the university’s football team. After a hard tackle, Harrison Kowiak fell to the ground. Upperclassmen told him to get up. He did, until he collapsed. After falling and striking his head on the ground, he suffered blunt force head trauma. The fraternity and 21 brothers were found responsible for his sudden death.

8 Water Intoxication Leads To Fatal Brain Swelling


7 "The Glass Ceiling" At Pi Delta Psi


6 “Hootie Hoo" Sexual Assault At New Jersey High School


5 Men of Honor Pledge Dies Trying To Swim Across A Deadly River


Marvell Edmondson drowned to his death while trying to cross the Appomattox River. It was the final step of the initiation hazing into the illegitimate fraternity connected to Virginia State University. Appomattox River is a popular destination for whitewater rafting and canoeing. And its waters are treacherous. Of the seven other students involved, 5 were pulled to shore. One student remained missing but was later found 200 yards downstream. At least three other people have died trying to swim across the Appomattox River since 2008. Marvell Edmondson may have fell into a sinkhole or a deeper spot somewhere in the river.

4 “Crossing Bus C” At Florida A&M


Drum major Robert Champion collapsed and died in November 2011. Cause of death? Florida A&M's hazing tradition known as “Crossing Bus C,” a 3-step process which ended aboard a parked bus, hours after a FAMU football game. During the final phase, Robert was struck repeatedly with fists and instruments. At least 15 other band members were involved. Robert soon became ill. After vomiting and having difficulty breathing, he fell unconscious.

3 Delta Sigma Theta - No Sleep


In recent years, hazing among woman has become even more grueling than what men go through. In 2010, sorority "Delta Sigma Theta" forced initiates to do many things. They held push-up positions and did wall sit ups for long periods of time. They were also told to stand on one leg and hold heavy bricks over their heads. Awesomely, they rubbed hot sauce on their lips and ate large raw onions. And for dinner, they consumed buckets of cottage cheese and buttermilk.

2 Unpadded Kenny Luong Dies During Frat Football Game

UCLA student Kenny Luong died in 2005 after one "brutal blitz.” As part of Lambda Phi Epsilon's hazing rituals, there was a football game. It matched 10 pledges against approximately 40 upperclassmen. It was a rough, no-pads, no-helmets, tackling contest. Pledges described it as "a brutal mismatch designed to inflict pain." After about two hours, only three "little bros" remained. Luong, playing quarterback, took a snap, and went down under a blitz. When he never got up, teammates took him to the sidelines. After five minutes, upperclassmen realized something was wrong and called an ambulance. Luong suffered a fatal head injury, dying in the hospital two days later.

1 Crawling Ritual In The Army Leads To Suicide


Nineteen-year-old Danny Chen suffered hazing by his fellow soldiers, resulting in his suicide on October 3, 2011. He was the only Chinese-American in his unit. They singled Chen out, on a daily basis, for six weeks. Using words like “gook”, “chink”, and “dragon lady” daily. They also assigned Chen excessive guard duty to the point of exhaustion as well as make him do push ups while holding water in his mouth and kicking him with their knees.


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11 Disturbing Hazing Rituals That Actually Happen