11 Celebrity "Bedroom" Tapes That Made Us Puke

In the wake of wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan's sex tape, it has become clear that the lure of a celebrity having sex is big money.  Although Hogan won his lawsuit against the people who posted his ta

In the wake of wrestling superstar Hulk Hogan's sex tape, it has become clear that the lure of a celebrity having sex is big money.  Although Hogan won his lawsuit against the people who posted his tape, there's no doubt that the news coverage this story got made all the people involved a little bit richer. That brings us to the old celebrity saying, "There's no such thing as bad publicity." This proves to be true as many of the celebrities involved in these scandals release the tapes themselves to kick-start their flagging careers.

Obviously the thought of a sexy celebrity getting down and dirty for the camera sounds like music to the ears, rushing to the internet in order to catch a glimpse of the otherwise unattainable stars. However, there are some stars that we have to question: why would they do a sex tape but more importantly, who would have sex with them in the first place?

This is the question that we pose with this list as we look at, not only the worst celebrity sex tapes, but the ones that left us feeling queasy. Warning: If you choose to look up these sex tapes up afterwards, you will have nightmares!

11 Hulk Hogan

The scandal that has put celebrity sex tapes back into the headlines. When wrestling legend Hulk Hogan was filmed doing the dirty, he was outraged to find the tape available to the public and how it got there. If you can't trust a woman who's obsessed with you and would do anything to bed you, and a 'friend' who filmed it, who can you trust?

10 Tonya Harding


The act that Tonya Harding performed on Nancy Kerrigan is now legendary. A lesson to young people about the curse of competing and how far some people will go to win. But breaking Kerrigan's leg is by no means the worst thing that Harding has been involved in.

9 Kid Rock and Scott Stapp


Our first question is Scott who? Then we realize and instantly feel nauseous at the thought -that's before we've even seen it! Kid Rock and Scott Stapp (from Creed, in case you were wondering.) receiving oral sex from some groupies. Yes, it really is as sleazy and gut-wrenching as it sounds. Why anyone thought that people would want to see this is beyond us.

8 Chyna


There is no denying that Chyna is a butch and muscular woman. The former wrestling and bodybuilding star used this to great advantage in her career, but in a sex tape? No thanks.

'Starring' in this tape with fellow wrestler X-Pac. The two ex-wrestlers made a career out of pretending to hurt people, but now they hurt people for real with this tape. With muscles and hair flying everywhere, this is a tape that no one wanted to see.

7 Danielle Staub


It's almost become a career path now for a reality TV star to be involved in a sex tape. It's almost as if it's one of the steps you have to climb in order to reach fame, without having to have actual talent. This is the case with Danielle Staub. The self-proclaimed star of The Real Housewives of New Jersey became so desperate for attention, good or bad, that a sex tape surfaced.

6 John Edwards


Is there a more nauseating thought than a politician, his mistress and a camera? No, we didn't think so.

5 Gene Simmons

We all know that the life of a rock star is full of sex, drugs and rock 'n roll. However, do we really need to see it? Especially when the rocker in question is, to put it nicely, past his prime.

4 Fred Durst

Another rocker that thinks the world needs to see him 'rocking' between the sheets. The Limp Bizkit front man was a constant sound on the airwaves in the late 90s and early 2000s. The band's popularity soon waned and Fred Durst found himself being slowly forgotten.

3 Dustin Diamond


No matter what happens in the world, Dustin Diamond will forever be Screech! The former Saved By The Bell star has never been able to shake off the Screech persona and has been firmly typecast as the nerdy, women repelling geek.

2 Verne Troyer


When a sex tape with Troyer surfaced, nobody found the thought of his naked body exciting. However, everyone still saw it because let's be real, it would be interesting to watch.

1 R-Kelly

For those out there that may not know this, R-Kelly used to be a famous musician, and a good one, too. That is until his 'personal' life took over and his career nose dived. With his musical talent going to waste, R-Kelly is remembered now for his sexual interest in underage girls. This tape has R-Kelly, not just performing and receiving  some shocking things, but one of the girls featured is only 14.

We must say that recently it has been disputed as to whether it is R-Kelly in the tape; with a jury acquitting the case. Whether or not it is R-Kelly or this is another example of  a celebrity with power to make things go away, is not the issue here.  We're just talking about the tape here. No one should watch this and no one has; the information about this tape is enough to make us all sick!



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11 Celebrity "Bedroom" Tapes That Made Us Puke