11 Celebrities With The Worst Breath

Have you ever talked to someone, wishing you could turn away from the conversation because there breath was so bad it made you want to cry? Bad breath can be a brutal thing. The expression poop breath comes from those people who smoke and drink a lot of coffee and don't brush their teeth enough. Bad breath can be a massive turn off when it comes to relationships. And it's crazy how some people are more prone to consistent bad breath than others. So when you are in front of someone who has terrible breath you certainly pay for it. You don't know whether to look away or stare straight into the path of the stinky breath. It can be a very awkward and uncomfortable situation.

Although we tend to put celebrities on pedestals, they too can suffer from the dire consequences of having bad breath. You would think that people who have notoriously bad breath would take a breath mint or brush their teeth more. But the reality is some of them don't know their breath is truly that bad and others just don't care. What is worse is that there are usually a lot of people who work for, and around, celebrities. They are make-up people, assistants, wardrobe people, interns; all these different people who have to endure hours of bad breath. It can truly be a challenging task.

In honor of those celebrities who just don’t care about their stank, here are 11 Celebrities Who Have Terrible Breath.


10 Angelina Jolie

When you are a sexy superstar, the last thing you figure you’d be accused of is stinking. Of course, we tend to hold celebrities to higher standards than others. Here, Angelina Jolie and all of her hotness apparently has a little issue going on in that sexy mouth of hers. That’s right, the often mercurial Jolie, who is married to equally sexified star Brad Pitt, struggles greatly with her stinky breath.

Jolie has a body that kills, but her breath is equally deadly. Pitt even gave his wife a not-so-subtle gag gift, a pack of breath mints, on Valentine’s Day 2013. US Weekly was told by an insider that it was “a joke gift — and it’s not.” We always thought of Jolie in many dirty ways, but having a dirty mouth?

9 Ben Affleck


That’s right ladies, Ben Affleck has troll breath. Perhaps there was more to Jennifer Garner walking out on him than just the whole "Ben-banging-the-nanny-thing." It is widely rumored that the Boston native who enjoys his cigarettes and coffee like any other “townie” emits terrible nasty breath. Things were so bad, it made Sandra Bullock crazy while they were filming the movie Forces of Nature together. To compensate, Bullock started bringing multiple packages of mints on set each day to distribute to Affleck. So all you nannies out there looking to be retained for Affleck’s new job post, steer clear of any close contact.

8 Beyonce

Beyonce may be known for being an amazing singer and dancer but there is one fact that is undeniable to those that know her well: her breath is terrible. That's right, apparently Beyonce can shake it on stage with the best of them but if you're stuck in an elevator and talking face to face with the songstress, you may regret that conversation. We would be greatly interested to hear what Jay-Z’s opinion on the matter might be, but he is way out-classed by Beyonce from the start, so putting up with a little oral odor may not be a big deal to the Brooklyn man. This may be the reason that Beyonce goes butt up and twerks so often. “Bad breath down, booty up!” I smell a new Beyonce-Pitbull song coming!

7 The Late Princess Diana


Princess Diana was elegant and dawned the covers of many magazines when she was in the public eye. But one thing people may not know about Diana is that she was bulimic. Of course, constantly being scrutinized for your figure and your weight can cause people to go to extremes. One of the side effects from being bulimic is having breath that stinks so bad that you can't stand it. In addition to Princess Diana allegedly throwing up on occasion, she also did not like to use toothpaste out of fear of gaining weight. Wow. The reality of being a real life princess was a difficult one as marked by her tragic death. But Princess Diana, despite the “royalty” label, wasn’t nearly as royal when it came to her oral hygiene.

6 Biz Markie

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Marcel Theo Hall, aka Biz Markie, is a rap/hip hop artist from the late 1980s and 1990s. He's most recognized for his song, "Just A Friend." The song, in which Markie slurs his famous lyrics along, highlights the fact a woman doesn’t want to get with him and she just wants to be his friend. Perhaps Markie didn't realize that she only wanted to be a friend due to his brutal breath. Markie's breath is rumored to be downright awful. The New Jersey native's breath is about as nasty as the water in Newark. Anyone who has seen the ragged Markie may not be surprised by this news with his ultra-casual style (he dresses like a guy who just got out of bed). Throwing down a breath mint every now and again isn't a crime. While “Just A Friend” will live on forever as a one-hit wonder, his breath will seemingly linger for all of time.

5 Flavor Flav


Another rapper rolls onto the bad breath list. Flavor Flav! Shocking, we know. Whoever would have thought that Flavor Flav would have bad hygiene? It's a theme among people who know the former connoisseur of giant clocks. An even bigger problem is that Flavor Flav likes to spit when he talks. That's like a poisonous reptile that spits venom at its prey. In recent years, Flav has become a sort of caricature of himself, playing off his eccentric personality. If his recent television shows are any indication, it doesn't appear that Flavor is going to improve his breath any time soon. He seems pretty content with his appearance and we wouldn’t hold our breath on any changes in the near future (although Flav should be the one holding his breath).

4 Busta Rhymes & Puff Daddy


Busta Rhymes and Puff Daddy/P. Diddy/Sean Combs apparently used to get a kick out of having a bad breath contest. The two friends would try and work up the worst breath possible to see which one has deathly breath (a terribly true story). P. Diddy even went on the radio and called out his boy saying "Busta Rhymes's breath smells like a bag of horse sh*t." Ouch. There is no beef here as P. Diddy was just joking around. The two rappers equally enjoy the stink of their breaths, showing little concern for others. To be fair, Busta Rhymes also was on a radio show and he proclaimed P. Diddy’s breath was terrible like “warm dumpster juice.” So instead of East Coast/West Coast beefs, rap has come down to this? Because their stories seem to overlap and they enjoy the terrible smell of each other’s breaths, we opted to throw them together on the list.


3 Lamar Odom


With a lot going on in Lamar Odom’s life at the moment, you would think some people may go easy on him; we are not those people. Odom is notorious for his love of candy as seen on the television shows Keeping Up With The Kardashians and Khloe and Lamar. If you bother to watch the Kardashians on the small screen, you would have picked up the issues Lamar has inside his mouth. He is deathly afraid of the dentist and has cavities among other things going on inside his mouth. Kim Kardashian pointed out that one of her biggest fears in the world is going in for a hug with Odom due to his breath. She stated to her sister, “Khloe, I almost throw up in my mouth every time I give him a hug. Bible.” Yes Kim, truly Bible.

2 Robert Pattinson

Robert Pattinson, also known to millions of vampire fans simply as “Edward,” carries around with him numerous terrible odors, including bad breath. Before ladies and vampire fans start throwing things at their computer screens, this one comes straight from the horse’s mouth. Pattinson is a self-professed smelly guy. Pattinson has admitted that he hasn’t been very diligent about his hygiene in the past. He always claimed that he had no time for showers and brushing his teeth due to his busy film and interview schedule. That’s funny, my kids say the same thing about school and homework. Sorry, Robert, there is no excuse for being smelly. It just means you are smelly, not cool and indifferent.

1 Jessica Simpson


The bountiful blonde has been known for many things during her time in the spotlight: she was on a MTV reality television show which chronicled her first marriage, which naturally ended in divorce and she sang for a while and had her run at pop star success. She then used her money from singing and invested in herself, branding her name and becoming a successful businesswoman. However, the ever-so-ditzy Simpson admits that she sometime doesn’t get to brush her teeth. In fact, she has stated that at times, she only brushes her teeth three times a week. That’s right, not three times a day as recommended by doctors, but three times a week! Simpson instead tries to throw down mouthwash and polishes her teeth with a towel and flosses. Listen, if you have the time to floss and toss down some mouthwash, you have the time to Crest it up.


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