10 Women Who Have Dissed Charlie Sheen

Let's talk Charlie Sheen. It's not as if the subject itself hasn't been talked about to death. Charlie Sheen went from lovable playboy on television to renegade drug-abusing alcoholic psychotic. Mix in a large amount of womanizing and the proclamation that he is HIV positive and Sheen has become the most hated man in the universe. It's not as if all of this just happened overnight. And to be honest, Charlie Sheen has always been the same guy he was before. He was born with a silver spoon, opportunity that doesn't come for many. He is Hollywood royalty, coming from a successful family featuring Martin Sheen who paved the way for his son's successes. Charlie Sheen made his own name for himself by being a lovable comic playboy. This cavalier personality was adorable to many despite the fact his name constantly came up involving prostitution.

Mostly, the Heidi Fleiss case in which Sheen was mentioned numerous times ordering prostitutes. Unapologetic, Charlie Sheen confirmed the allegations were true and smiled all the way about it. He even was able to land a hit television series and be the top earning entertainer on television despite his involvement in prostitution, drugs and alcohol. So what happened that caused everyone to care so much about Charlie's indiscretions?

“I am on a drug. It's called Charlie Sheen," said Charlie Sheen, on an American daytime show. "It's not available because if you try it, you will die. Your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body." And we all remember: “Winning!” Crazy started to happen.

Being an unapologetic playboy and smiling all the way through is very different from losing your mind and appearing psychotic. That is when things turned on the Charlie Sheen bandwagon. People, and women in particular, couldn't jump off the bandwagon fast enough when Charlie began to proclaim himself as some sort of God and speak about himself in third person everywhere he went (mind you, he was already a convicted female abuser).

What happened next was a downward spiral. Charlie Sheen was diagnosed with HIV. With the secret out and with everyone looking back on time it is clear that Charlie Sheen is not nearly as lovable as once thought. And you can't really blame the women closest to him for being the angriest. These are 10 Women Who Have Dissed Charlie Sheen.

10 Denise Richards

9 Brooke Mueller

Brooke Mueller was Mrs. Sheen number 3. Mueller was lucky enough to be married to Sheen from 2008-10. When news broke over Sheen’s HIV, Mueller was forced to proclaim that she and her two sons (both of whom are Charlie’s) were clear of HIV. "Brooke has been inundated with calls from friends and family," the statement read. "To put their minds at ease, Brooke can confirm that she and the boys are not HIV positive." Mueller is no stranger to problems from issues of her own. She obtained a restraining order against Sheen after a domestic violence incident and went through a messy divorce when she took Sheen’s twin boys away from him.

8 Jenny McCarthy

7 Mia Isabella


6 Heidi Fleiss


5 Selma Blair

4 Gloria Allred

3 Laurie Penny


2 Bree Olson

1 Brittany Ashland


Back in 1996, adult film star girlfriend Brittany Ashland called police because her boyfriend, Charlie Sheen, was being rather unruly towards her. Allegedly, Sheen slammed her into the marble floor of her home and threatened to kill her if she told anyone about his habit of throwing her around. Sheen pleaded no-contest to the charges and received a one-year suspended prison sentence for his efforts. Ashland wasn’t surprised when she heard about Mueller’s accusations that Sheen was abusing her (during their drug and alcoholic fits). Regardless, Ashland has no love lost for Sheen and gladly has turned the page on him.


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10 Women Who Have Dissed Charlie Sheen