10 Women Who Have Dissed Charlie Sheen

Let's talk Charlie Sheen. It's not as if the subject itself hasn't been talked about to death. Charlie Sheen went from lovable playboy on television to renegade drug-abusing alcoholic psychotic. Mix in a large amount of womanizing and the proclamation that he is HIV positive and Sheen has become the most hated man in the universe. It's not as if all of this just happened overnight. And to be honest, Charlie Sheen has always been the same guy he was before. He was born with a silver spoon, opportunity that doesn't come for many. He is Hollywood royalty, coming from a successful family featuring Martin Sheen who paved the way for his son's successes. Charlie Sheen made his own name for himself by being a lovable comic playboy. This cavalier personality was adorable to many despite the fact his name constantly came up involving prostitution.

Mostly, the Heidi Fleiss case in which Sheen was mentioned numerous times ordering prostitutes. Unapologetic, Charlie Sheen confirmed the allegations were true and smiled all the way about it. He even was able to land a hit television series and be the top earning entertainer on television despite his involvement in prostitution, drugs and alcohol. So what happened that caused everyone to care so much about Charlie's indiscretions?

“I am on a drug. It's called Charlie Sheen," said Charlie Sheen, on an American daytime show. "It's not available because if you try it, you will die. Your face will melt off and your children will weep over your exploded body." And we all remember: “Winning!” Crazy started to happen.

Being an unapologetic playboy and smiling all the way through is very different from losing your mind and appearing psychotic. That is when things turned on the Charlie Sheen bandwagon. People, and women in particular, couldn't jump off the bandwagon fast enough when Charlie began to proclaim himself as some sort of God and speak about himself in third person everywhere he went (mind you, he was already a convicted female abuser).

What happened next was a downward spiral. Charlie Sheen was diagnosed with HIV. With the secret out and with everyone looking back on time it is clear that Charlie Sheen is not nearly as lovable as once thought. And you can't really blame the women closest to him for being the angriest. These are 10 Women Who Have Dissed Charlie Sheen.


10 Denise Richards

Denise Richards was Charlie Sheen’s second wife. Richards split from Sheen in 2006 after four years of marriage and shared what Sheen was like at the beginning of their relationship: "Charlie, when I married him, he wasn't a bad boy," Richards said. "He was sober for almost four years. He was a very different person. His lifestyle was very, very different. He was a former bad boy, I guess." For the most part, Richards has held her tongue about her ex. On the other hand, Sheen had this to say about Richards on Father’s Day, 2015: “Brooke M is a sexy rok star whom I adore. D Richards a heretic washed up piglet shame pile. Happy Father’s Day!!!” He has called her a worthless pig amongst other issues. Okay, ‘nough said!

9 Brooke Mueller


Brooke Mueller was Mrs. Sheen number 3. Mueller was lucky enough to be married to Sheen from 2008-10. When news broke over Sheen’s HIV, Mueller was forced to proclaim that she and her two sons (both of whom are Charlie’s) were clear of HIV. "Brooke has been inundated with calls from friends and family," the statement read. "To put their minds at ease, Brooke can confirm that she and the boys are not HIV positive." Mueller is no stranger to problems from issues of her own. She obtained a restraining order against Sheen after a domestic violence incident and went through a messy divorce when she took Sheen’s twin boys away from him.

In fact, both Mueller and Sheen were so strung out, the court removed their children from both their care and gave custody to Mueller’s brother for a short period of time. After Sheen went public with his HIV diagnosis, Mueller again fell off the wagon and had to go to rehab as she feared Sheen would take her mansion she was living in. Mueller lashed out over Sheen possibly pulling the mansion out from under her. She is playing the sympathy card while their children are once again shuffled back to her brother’s and mother’s home to be cared for while she sits in a Utah rehab facility. Where is Sheen? Who knows.

8 Jenny McCarthy

Jenny was pissed. Not just a little either. The outspoken former Playboy model did a guest stint on Two and a Half Men and was not amused when news came out that Sheen was HIV positive. She went right on the attack, chastising Sheen for not being forthcoming with the virus. McCarthy was particularly upset because she played Sheen’s love interest on the show and they were “hot and heavy” making out on camera during numerous episodes. Although HIV is not known to travel through human saliva, that didn’t stop McCarthy from blowing up on the small chance the virus could have been transmitted to her. And who can blame her? Although it’s impossible to pinpoint Sheen’s contraction date of the disease, his attorney did tell McCarthy that Sheen supposedly contracted it after Two and a Half Men.

7 Mia Isabella


Now we get to a wannabe star who was more than excited to jump in on the Sheen HIV talk. Mia Isabella is a transgender model and adult film star who hung out with Sheen in 2014 (Sheen is rumored to be bisexual and into these kinds of activities). She went out of her way to voice support for Sheen during his trying times, going out of her way to applaud everything that is Charlie Sheen. After fawning all over Sheen, Isabella struck with a few poignant thoughts, criticizing his reckless behavior. Isabella stated this was a “lesson in safe sex, testing, being proactive with your health and knowing your status.” Sheen probably doesn’t want to hear from an adult film star with little notoriety and he certainly doesn’t want to be lectured by her.

6 Heidi Fleiss


The famous Hollywood Madame, Heidi Fleiss, used to be a very good friend of Charlie Sheen’s. How could she not be? Sheen was single-handedly filling her pockets with buckets of cash as he bought her woman left and right. Sheen “admitted” to spending at least $53,000 on 11 prostitutes sent to him via Fleiss herself. Fleiss was pissed at Sheen for spilling the beans but he did it to save his own ass. Years later, Fleiss hasn’t spoken directly to Sheen. The 20-year gap in communication didn’t stop Fleiss from joining in on the Sheen HIV commentary. She stated in reference to Sheen that it was “sad how they underachieve, how they drink and they act out.” Fleiss hurled a subtle grenade about Sheen’s out-of-control behavior.

5 Selma Blair


You have to feel for Selma Blair. The former star of Cruel Intentions landed a big role on Sheen’s “comeback” show, Anger Management. Sheen had a crush on Blair and wanted her badly on the show. The two had immediate chemistry on set. A word that was used to describe their behavior was “lust.” However, Sheen was in the middle of his prolonged dug and alcoholic meltdown. He was once again unprofessional. He was late on set and exhibiting the same behaviors that got him kicked off of Two and a Half Men. Blair and the rest of the cast were getting frustrated. So Blair complained. When her complaints and criticisms over Sheen’s behavior reached the man himself, she was slowly stripped of her main character’s role and tossed off the show. Blair is not part of “Team Charlie” these days but has tried to remain professional despite getting sacked for no reason.

4 Gloria Allred

You know when you get Gloria Allred on your bad side, you are in for a lot of migraines. Allred is none-too-happy with Sheen and the well-known women’s rights attorney is ready to take on any and all that want to sue the television superstar. She has made public statements against Sheen and is goading anyone and everyone to come out of the woodwork to go after Sheen. Of course, the case would be nice pub for Allred (crazy, cause she never likes the spotlight). The used car salesman of female rights litigation has a bug up her ass and that bug is named Charlie Sheen. It’s only a matter of time before Allred has a client and is in civil court filing suit against Sheen. She has cited Sheen’s behavior as unacceptable and atrocious. We will hear more about this as the lawsuits start rolling in.


3 Laurie Penny


Laurie Penny, a writer for the New Statesman, had some very poignant thoughts about Charlie Sheen back in 2011. She voiced them very plainly, citing that he Sheen has “brutalized the women in his life for years.” She went on to state that “those who are experiencing acute psychological and chemical breakdown are endlessly entertaining, especially if they are so overindulged that we don't even have to pity them. The actor has brutalized the women in his life for years, but the global press is more scandalized by his drug habit.” Penny is not at all amused by Sheen’s behavior. Penny also lashes out at the press for sensationalizing Sheen’s drug habit more so than his abuse toward his women. Her public lambasting of Sheen occurred 4 years prior to his AIDS revelation, but Sheen’s pattern of unacceptable behavior has continued on to this very day.

2 Bree Olson

When you’re an adult film star, there are certain job hazards you could incur. Although steps are taken to ensure as much safe sex as possible, there are no guarantees in the business. So star Bree Olson got involved with Charlie Sheen as one of his “Goddesses” in the whirlwind of madness. Upon discovering that Sheen was HIV positive, she flipped out and began to chastise her former lover in a barrage of angry messages. Olson was quoted as saying in response to Sheen’s revelations, “I could be dead!” Olson has since been relatively quiet and one wonders if she is one of the women who have secured an attorney to file suit against Sheen. It won’t take too long for us to all find out. But clearly Olson was none too pleased about the whole incident.

1 Brittany Ashland


Back in 1996, adult film star girlfriend Brittany Ashland called police because her boyfriend, Charlie Sheen, was being rather unruly towards her. Allegedly, Sheen slammed her into the marble floor of her home and threatened to kill her if she told anyone about his habit of throwing her around. Sheen pleaded no-contest to the charges and received a one-year suspended prison sentence for his efforts. Ashland wasn’t surprised when she heard about Mueller’s accusations that Sheen was abusing her (during their drug and alcoholic fits). Regardless, Ashland has no love lost for Sheen and gladly has turned the page on him.;

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