10 Shocking Things That Actually Dropped From the Sky

Rain falling from the sky is pretty normal. Space debris falling from the sky, although scary is also normal. However, what if we were to tell you that abnormal stuff such as cows and golf balls fall from the sky just as rain does? There have been incidents where people have witnessed weird things such as spiders, blood, fresh meat, money, live sharks, frogs, worms, and jellyfish raining from the sky. Most are still a mystery until today, but some can be explained.

Scientists and meteorologists have explained that things such as spiders that build their nests high up on trees may be susceptible to strong winds while tornados and waterspouts can suck up unsuspecting animals such as frogs, worms, and jellyfish, as well as golf balls, transport them over a distance of hundreds of kilometers and then drop them forcefully onto the ground. It is this forceful dropping that creates the impression of weird things raining from the sky.

Here are 10 of the weirdest things that have dropped from the sky that you probably do not want to miss:

10 Money

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A 24-year-old woman from Germany was mesmerized by Euro notes raining all around her car. She quickly slammed her brakes, got out of her car and frantically tried to collect as much money as she could. Then, she drove to the nearby police station where she turned in the substantial amount of money she had collected. She told the police that she had tried to collect all the money but was unsuccessful. She then accompanied the authorities to the scene but couldn’t find anything. No one knows where the money came from. What a mystery!

9 Fresh Meat

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One day, Mrs. Allen Crouch was busy making soap out in her yard when suddenly she heard what sounded like large snowflakes falling from the sky. On closer look, she was surprised to see fresh pieces of meat. She said that the pieces were not very large as one piece fell next to her, and it wasn’t larger than a four inch square. The shower covered one hundred yards in length and about fifty yards in width. At the time, the sky was as clear as crystal and she didn’t know where the meat originated from. Officials visiting the area confirmed that they saw pieces of meat sticking everywhere and on the fence.

8 Blood Rain

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The residents of the small town of La Sierra Choco in Columbia experienced something weird in 2008. They claimed that blood had fallen as rain on their petite neighborhood. A bacteriologist was then called in to test the liquid and confirmed it to be blood. The community’s priest Johnny Milton Cordoba became afraid. He confirmed that God was communicating to his people to turn away from their evil ways. These occurrences have also been documented in History. It is believed that Zeus caused a rain of blood twice to warn of slaughter in a battle.

7 A Cow

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In 1997, a cow falling from the sky inexplicably struck the crew of a Japanese fishing boat. The cow hit their boat so hard and caused it to capsize. The crew was rescued and imprisoned for several weeks. During this time, highly ashamed Russian Air Force officials contacted the Japanese officials and explained that one Russian cargo plane stole a cow that was moseying on a Siberian Airfield and forced it on the plane. Once they took off, the cow became uneasy and started kicking, throwing the plane off balance. That’s when they decided to get rid of the cow since, well, they were flying over ocean.

6 Golf Balls

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Residents of Punta Gorda, Florida woke up to a weird phenomenon on September 1, 1969. They found dozens and dozens of golf balls along sidewalks, on their gutters and yards, on the streets, and even on Punta Gorda Isles. Some officials from the Punta Gorda Police Department and the Charlotte’s County Sheriff’s Office tried to convince the locals that it had rained golf balls all night. So, what caused this mysterious rainfall? Meteorologists reckoned that Punta Gorda experienced a passing tornado that picked up hundreds of golf balls from its many golf courses and then rained its content on the town.

5 A Live Shark

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The San Juan Hills Golf Club played host to an unusual guest in October 2012 – a live shark. The live leopard shark fell out of the sky and onto the 12th tee. Doing his usual rounds, the unwary course marshal then stumbled upon the animal. He frantically loaded it onto his golf cart and drove it to the clubhouse. Staff at the clubhouse put it into some water, and few moments later, and employee was sent to put it back to its natural habitat – the Pacific Ocean. How it landed on the golf course remains a mystery but some speculate that it was snatched by one of those big ocean birds and dropped over the course.

4 Fish

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Residents of Lajanamu were left tongue-tied in 2010 when hundreds of spangled perch started falling over their small town. The residents, who confirmed that the fish were still alive when they hit the ground, rapidly ran around picking them up. One local called his folks who only brushed off his story as a joke. Just like the golf ball case, meteorologists confirmed that it could have been caused by a tornado sucking up fish from rivers and dropping them hundreds of kilometers away. One of the locals, Les Dillon, also affirmed that it wasn’t the first time the town was experiencing such a bizarre phenomenon as he had the same experience around 30 years ago.

3 Frogs

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Frogs and toads raining from the sky has been reported multiple times around the world. In June 2009, this occurrence was reported in Ishikawa Prefecture, Japan. It was also reported twice in Rákóczifalva, Hungary in 2010. Basically, what causes frogs and toads to fall from the sky is a phenomenon known as waterspouts. A waterspout is a strong columnar vortex that hits a water body, sucks up frogs and toads into its funnel and then transports them over a given distance. It then suddenly dies down and the frogs are forcefully let go which gives it the impression it's raining frogs.

2 Spiders

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People with an intense fear of spiders may want to skip this entry. Erick Reis had just finished shooting his friend’s wedding in Santo Antonio da Plantina when thousands of spiders started falling on his car as he drove off. He was so mesmerized that he took his camera again and started shooting the crazy occurrence. Thousands of the Anelosimus eximius spider were dropping from the sky all round him. A biologist from the Pontifical Catholic University of Parana explains that this spider builds its web high up on trees, which makes them susceptible to strong winds. When these strong winds blow, they can sweep away the spiders and transport them great distances.

1 Worms

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Eleanor Beal, an employee of Jennings Police Department, was crossing the street heading over to work when she witnessed the most disgusting stuff in her life. She saw large, snarled clumps of worms falling from the sky, and she thought she was going kooky. She quickly pulled her co-worker aside to confirm what she just saw. The co-worker confirmed that it was indeed true. So was it another waterspout case? Or was it just strong winds? Well, it still remains a mystery.

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