9 Weird Things You Didn’t Know About Your Body

The human body never ceases to amaze us. There are some incredibly interesting – and weird – things we can do with our bodies. While we learn the basics in school, the facts on this list may surprise you. For example, are you aware that right now you are housing thousands of little friends? The human body is fascinating, but it can also be a bit gross.

These are 9 weird things you didn't know about your body. From the changes we go through from birth to adulthood, and why old people seem to have huge ears, this list will explain everything. Some of these facts may creep you out a bit, but hey, ask any doctor: health is not always pretty. Nor does it always smell good. You may be among an elite percentage of people who are not affected by body odor. You may be surprised what actually causes it.

These facts are intriguing and remind us just how intricately made we are. There is always something mind-boggling to discover about the human body. Odds are, this list will need updating again and again, because there are simply too many things we are learning all the time! Enjoy these facts and share with a friend.


9 You Have About 60 Less Bones Than A Baby

Babies may be small, but they actually have more bones than adults. Human babies have about 305 bones when they are born, while adults have about 245 bones. How can this be? Well, the human body is quite incredible. At the time we are born, our bones are made up mostly of cartilage, which produce stable bone as we get older. The process is called ossification, and the new bone material is formed from cells called osteoblasts. The new bone covers the cartilage, which allows marrow and other nutrients to reach other parts of the body. Basically, our bones start fusing together, and by the time we are adults, we have 60 fewer bones, because the smaller bones have merged with others to make larger bones.

8 Humans Produce About 25,000 Quarts of Saliva in a Lifetime


Think dogs drool a lot? Consider this: humans produce about 25,000 quarts of saliva in their lifetimes. That is enough to fill two swimming pools! Saliva is formed from the salivary glands, and humans have three different glands (located in the cheek, bottom of the mouth, and underneath the tongue.) Saliva is made up of water, electrolytes, enzymes, and mucus. Saliva breaks down carbohydrates and makes digestion run smoothly. Some people tend to slobber more than others, but on average, 25,000 quarts will be produced by the average human. While most of saliva is water, we still would not want to be swimming around in the stuff.

7 The Amount of Iron in Your Body Could Make a 3-Inch Nail

For average, healthy humans, there are about 4 to 5 grams of iron in their bodies. The majority of this iron is located in the red blood cells while the remaining iron is scattered throughout the rest of the body. There are increased amounts of iron in the bone marrow, liver, and spleen. The amount of iron in an average person could be collected and composed to create a nail that was 3 inches long! The thing is, most nails are made of steel, not iron, since iron tends to rust. If humans do not have enough iron, they may become easily exhausted and become anemic. Iron also makes our hair, skin, and nails brilliantly shiny.

6 Human Eyelashes Are Home to Tiny Critters


Not to gross you out too much, but when you bat your eyelashes, you are disrupting the lives of thousands of tiny mites. Yes, there are little critters living on your eyelashes as you read this. These tiny guys eat, sleep, and procreate while you go about your daily business. They look like little tiny rods with stubs for legs. They sit there with their heads in our hair follicles and munch on the oils we secrete. Sometimes, if we are at rest, they might crawl around on the facial skin. This fact was discovered back in 1841, and the mites are present on all ethnicities and races.

5 Human Sweat Doesn't Smell

It's interaction between sweat and the body's bacteria that cause that funky body odor. There is a specific bacteria on the human body that has the job of consuming the molecules we secrete when we sweat. Some people have bacteria that just does not do their job properly, which results in that bad case of B.O. So, you actually want those bacteria to get busy on your bod; they help to keep that ripe gym-sock aroma away. About 2% of people of European percent have the recessive gene that results in lazy bacteria, and thus, no body odor. In Asians, this percentage is exceedingly high.

4 The More Body Hair You Have, The Smarter You May Be


If you are well-endowed in the body hair department, this fact may please you. Researchers say that those with more body hair exhibit more intelligence. Take a look around and you may start noticing that your doctor, dentist, or accountant may be as hairy as a yeti. Psychiatrist Aikarakudy Alias studied this phenomenon for 22 years, citing that men with more body hair occupy higher-paid and higher-intelligence jobs. When he ranked students by academic standards, he found that the hairier males achieved higher grades. Even IQ tests showed that those participants with more hair on their backs and chests had the most exceptional scores.

3 Human's Ears and Noses Never Stop Growing

Have you ever wondered why old people have such big ears and noses? Well, it turns out that these body parts never stop growing! While you may lose a couple of inches and shrivel up, your ears and nose are actually still getting bigger. This is because they are made up mostly of cartilage cells, which divide more as we get older. Yet, as we age, the connective tissue gets weaker, leading to the ever-growing syndrome. If you were already born with big ears or a large schnozz, sorry to put a damper on it. The human body is incredible, isn't it?


2 Each Person's Tongue Print is Different


The tongue is one of the strongest muscles we have. Yet, did you know that each person has their very own tongue print? Much like a fingerprint, everyone has a tongue print, and researchers are developing an instrument that can scan and detect the prints of different people. In the future, police officers and detectors could be scanning a person's tongue to nab them of a crime, instead of their finger prints. The mouth is impressive, and the bacteria in it is also unique to every individual. This is because the bacteria under the gums is just as effective as a fingerprint in determining a person's ethnicity.

1 All of Your Body's Bacteria Weighs in at About Four Pounds

Here is another gross factoid: your body is carrying around enough bacteria to weigh in at 4 pounds! Bacteria cells outnumber human cells 10 to 1, and we have bacteria in our bodies and on them. Bacteria cells are much smaller than human cells, and comprise about half of our waste. In just your belly button alone, you are harboring around 1,400 different types of bacteria. The National Institutes of Health's Human Microbiology Project studied the various kinds of bacteria living on our bodies. When they took belly button samples, they discovered over 660 new strains. So much for bathing.



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