10 Weird Stories That Went Viral for No Good Reason

dumbest viral stories

We are in the year 2015 and just twenty years ago, we probably would never have imagined what kind of junk would be floating around on the Internet. Forget adult videos and websites; there is plenty of other garbage to see. Even so-called reputable news sources such as the Daily Mail and Yahoo! news are showing us stupid videos and stories that we could not care less about. From celebrities to your average Joe's, there is a video for everything these days.

Here is our list of 10 weird stories that went viral for no good reason. These tales are full of anger, frustration, comedy, and intrigue. Yet, they are basically pointless and have wasted a small portion of many people's lives. We like to think that we pay attention only to the important stuff, but the reality is even the most heinous and seemingly useless stories grab our attention and distract us from what is really important.

Whether we are at work, at home, at school, or on the go, the Internet enables us to shoot video, write stories, and witness the latest craze that is getting people's attention. Enjoy this list and don't expect the madness to end any time soon.

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10 Pharrell Williams' Hat

Via assets-s3.usmagazine.com

Sure, we care about fashion, but do we really need news story after news story about Pharrell Williams' hat? I mean, it is a freakish-looking hat, and while we may wonder what he has got hiding in there, we really are not that curious. We would rather focus on his music than his choices in headwear. The singer ended up releasing a smash hit "Happy", which was majorly boosted by the movie Despicable Me. Pharrell and his hat went on to become media superstars and he even appeared on a singing competition reality show. Since, this guy kind of faded into the background and so did his hat.

9 A Quitting News Anchor

Via i.ytimg.com

News anchors never cease to surprise us. Every so often we get that rampant reporter or a naked guy who streaks by when a breaking story is supposed to be highlighted. Well, nothing quite takes the cake like a news anchor in Alaska who really stopped trying. She began by speaking out about legalizing cannabis and then decided to just screw her job, give the company a big “F--- you,” and quit right there on camera. Funny? Yes. Intriguing? For a moment, yes. Worth a viral video buzz? Not really. Still, people are always scoping out the latest and outrageous clips and this one got people's attention.

8 The Blue's Clues Mystery

Via filmgarb.com

If you were born in the 1990s, then you probably loved the Nick Jr. show Blue's Clues. It followed the adventures of a guy, Steve, and his dog, Blue, who left clues for his owner to figure out. A children's show hit, people everywhere were stunned and disappointed when Steve left the show. That is when rumors started flying around the Internet. Steve died! He is a drug addict! He molested kids! The truth was never really revealed to the public, but if you do your research you'll discover that Steve left to pursue a music career and shrink away from kids' shows.

7 A Mean Dad

Via i.huffpost.com

How does a video go viral? Well, it has to be either funny, shocking, or a combination of the two. We think that this Internet clip hits the nail on the head. An average dad goes outside for a drive. On the way he videotapes school-aged children slipping on ice and falling to the ground. As we watch the six-minute video we are both amused and shocked by this father's amusement as kids fall and pound the ground. Yet, the other kids in the video were laughing about it. If there was any real danger, we're sure the dad would've helped. Or we will just tell ourselves that to make us feel better.

6 A Bitter Wife

dumbest viral stories
Via linkis.com

This is the ultimate revenge story. A wife finds out that her hubby is a cheating liar. With her twin sister no less! So the wife goes to a car park where her soon-to-be ex-husband and sister are getting it on. She surprises them in a sneak ambush and the scared couple jumps out of their car. In the buff. The wife scurries to hop into the driver's seat, hit the gas, and zoom away, leaving the two-timing husband naked in a parking lot with his girl on the side. Ouch! This video went viral and made us never want to double-cross someone ever.

5 A Gross Felon

Via tnews.co.th

There are weird and creepy people out there and thanks to the Internet, it is easier than ever to find out about them. Take for instance a university student who was attending a party and got caught with cocaine and MDMA. The authorities nabbed him and while in police custody he proceeded to masturbate. Oh, and he also contributed to several car accidents while under the influence of the drugs and stole an ambulance while he was at it. The 18-year-old lad from Scotland would not back down from his disrespectful and illegal actions, so officers had to sedate him with a stun gun.

4 A Viral Zit

Via entertainment.ie

Acne is gross. Acne that is two decades old is even more gross. So why not film it and post it to the web? So it happened with Andy Pepper, who was carrying a nasty zit on the back of his neck for twenty years before he decided to pop it to infinity and beyond. We have the Internet to thank for a video play-by-play. If you dare to watch it (as many people did,) you can bear witness as pus oozes out of the ancient blemish. It is absolutely disgusting and totally unnecessary. Do yourself a favor and save those precious five minutes of your life doing something productive and meaningful.

3 A Guy With the Whole Package

Via scoop.it

Morning news shows these days just seem to be getting trashier and trashier. Cue a guest who achieved fifteen minutes of fame by getting an enlargement for his...male package. Yes, that was a segment on a morning news show. A show that kids can watch before they go to school. A show that people watch as they eat their breakfast. We are not sure why on earth this would be featured or why anyone would want to give attention to this kind of act. Yet, the times are a-changing, and this story went viral for absolutely no good reason at all.

2 A Visit to Burger King

Via toprightnews.com

In another viral example of how petty we human beings can be, this video captures a seemingly typical visit to Burger King. A guy walks into a Burger King and...is faced with the horror and annoyance of a screaming kid waiting in line behind him. The child desperately wants a BK apple pie, but this dude is having none of it. He basically says “screw you” to the kid and orders all of the apple pies that Burger King has behind the counter. Twenty-three to be exact. There was nothing sweet about that! The kid learned a lesson that day: people are jerks.

1 A Sandwich War

Via lifebuzz.com

There is nothing quite like office politics. Usually we can get along with our co-workers or at least tolerate them in a civil manner. Yet when food comes into the picture, watch out. This story went viral after being shared on Facebook and by a New Zealand radio station. A worker writes a note on the office fridge asking everyone to play nice and stop stealing their beloved turkey-and-swiss-with-mayo-on-rye sandwich. What follows is passive-aggression at its best (or worst.) A slew of notes later ends with Human Resources getting involved in tracking down the “sandwich thief.” This is hilarious and sad.

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