10 Weird Facts From Celebrity Social Media Feeds

Celebrities are not like normal people. Normal people don't have their every move recorded by paparazzi. They don't make millions of dollars for mere months of work. They don't demand audiences with politicians to discuss pressing social issues, or bring attention to charitable causes simply by virtue of their names.

Normal people don't have stylists, makeup artists, personal trainers and personal chefs on-call. They don't make money from reality shows. And normal people don't have a team of publicists controlling their social media feeds, making sure only the most flattering photos get out.

You know the kind: those Instagram feeds where every picture is drawn from a stock database. Those Twitter accounts littered with "casual" product placements. Those Facebook pages that include long personal notes that read like they were written by a public relations team.

But celebrities can surprise you. As much as those tweets and Instagram posts are strategic, they are often revealing. There are real people behind the celebrity facade. And real people have little quirks and character traits you might not expect, from an unlikely hobby to a special dance they do to make their kids smile.

Big screen icons are just moms at the end of the day. Wealthy investors want to help the environment. And actors listen to whatever music that makes them prepared to get into character for that night on Broadway. So here's a collection of unexpected facts culled from celebrity social media: from sweet to interesting to unexpected and, in some cases, downright weird.

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10 Jim Parsons Listens to Justin Bieber

Jim Parsons used his time off from The Big Bang Theory during the summer of 2015 to appear in "An Act of God" on Broadway. Just before heading out onstage, he revealed to his Instagram followers that an old Justin Bieber tune was playing in his dressing room. Parsons joked that "mere seconds from taking the stage to play God" he was listening to "Somebody to Love." He included the hashtag "#mysteriousways."

Whether Parsons is a true blue "Belieber" is anyone's guess. But he may be close friends with one of Bieber's admirers. Parsons is a fan of tennis player Eugenie Bouchard and recently hosted her on the Big Bang Theory set. After an Australian Open match in January 2014 a reporter asked Bouchard whom she would date if she had the chance. Looking embarrassed, Bouchard responded, "Justin Bieber?"

9 Daymond John Raises Bees

Daymond John is a fashion mogul. He is the founder of FUBU, an iconic name in urban apparel. He's also known to television audiences as an investor on Shark Tank and as the owner of a marketing and branding company. As John's Facebook followers know, he also raises bees.

In a May 2015 Facebook post, John described how one Shark Tank pitcher, a company called Bee Thinking, influenced him to help save bees to benefit the environment. John did not invest in the company, but was taken with its message. At the time of the post, he had 30 bee hives on his property and promised his friends and families they would receive a generous supply of honey.

Daymond John has even posted a video of his bees at work.

8 Kourtney Kardashian Makes Mickey Mouse Waffles

Kourtney Kardashian is a reality show personality and entrepreneur, running several fashion lines and a retail business with her sisters Kim and Khloe. She was also the first of Kris Jenner's six children to have babies. As of 2015 Kourtney has three kids under the age of six, which makes her a very busy mom.

She's also a mom who likes to make breakfast fun for her kids. In June 2015 Kourtney showed off her Mickey Mouse waffles on Facebook, and captioned the picture "Sunday mornings." The character's mouth was neatly adorned with what appeared to be chocolate chips. Kourtney did not reveal how she created the special treat, but a Mickey Mouse waffle maker is available for sale on Amazon.

7 Anderson Cooper is Good With a Chainsaw

Via Bigstock Images

Anderson Cooper is a journalist, television anchor and writer. Cooper's history as a war zone correspondent, visiting some of the world's most dangerous places, seems at odds with his rich-kid reality. Cooper is part of the ultra-wealthy Vanderbilt clan and his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, is a fashion icon.

Cooper is a bit of a fitness junkie. Men's Fitness called him one of the "9 Most Ripped Nerds." He also gets his hands dirty, as he recently showed his Instagram followers. In a photo posted in May 2015, Cooper was shown wielding a chainsaw in a rural location. Anderson captioned the photo: "Spent the weekend clearing dead trees. My new favorite pastime."

6 Mick Jagger Goes Hiking In a Cowboy Hat

Mick Jagger is a music legend. He's also one of rock's most notorious wild men. He has a long line of past relationships, a large brood of children and, as of May 2014, great-grandchildren. In the summer of 2015 The Rolling Stones were touring North America and Mick was still the consummate frontman, strutting on stage like a man half his age.

The 71-year-old Jagger let his Instagram followers in on a secret: he hikes to stay in shape. In May 2015, Mick posted a photo of himself enjoying a trail near San Diego. The beaming Jagger was shielding his face from the sun using the most American of fashion accessories: a cowboy hat.

5 Katy Perry Wears a Mask to Taco Bell

Katy Perry has some creative interests. She was married to Russell Brand, after all. The American pop sensation often plays with her image, leading to some unforeseen fashion choices. While on tour in Japan in the Spring of 2015, Perry sported a new look: a surgical mask.

No, this was not the kind of surgical mask you might find in a supply closet at your local emergency room. This was an apparent fashion accessory noted by Glamour. The magazine said Perry had caught on to a Japanese trend, supposedly favored by women because it accents the eyes.

While in Japan Perry even wore a black silk surgical mask to Taco Bell. Her Instagram snap of the moment didn't reveal whether she'd removed it to eat, but did remark upon the hour-long wait for entry.

4 Melissa McCarthy Is Obsessed With David Bowie

Melissa McCarthy is a sitcom star and big-screen actress. The comedian also has a thing for one of glam rock's icons. She posted to Twitter in May that she's been obsessed with David Bowie since elementary school. McCarthy made the comments after attending the "David Bowie Is" exhibition of Bowie memorabilia in Paris.

So, just how obsessed is McCarthy with David Bowie? Well, McCarthy caused a bit of a stir by inadvertently revealing that her Tammy co-star, Susan Sarandon, had an affair with Bowie. McCarthy presented Sarandon with a lifetime achievement award, and described her as "so cool," because she'd dated David Bowie. Apparently Sarandon had never discussed her affair with Bowie publicly.

3 Miley Cyrus Makes Art While Listening to Dolly Parton

Miley Cyrus has taken weird to another level. The once-innocent child actress, who came to fame as Disney Channel's Hannah Montana, has made it clear she lives by her own rules. One woman who's said she won't give Cyrus advice is her godmother, Dolly Parton. Parton is good friends with Cyrus' father, Billy Ray, and watched Miley's evolution first hand.

And Miley apparently admires the country legend. She recently posted a video to Facebook of herself singing along to Dolly's classic "9 to 5." She didn't describe exactly what she was doing, but her caption implied it had something to do with "zit cream" and "dirty hippie art." So if Dolly's listening, she may need an intervention. Or not.

2 Zoe Saldana's Husband Dances For Their Kids

Zoe Saldana is a box office powerhouse. USA Today reported that her movies have grossed a total of $2.5 billion. She recently had a change in schedule when she gave birth to twins, Cy and Bowie. Her husband, artist Marco Perego, has also made news for his decision to take Saldana's last name.

As Zoe recently revealed to her Instagram followers, Marco is also hands-on with the child-rearing. On the twins' 6-month birthday, she snapped a photo of her hubby doing a dance for their kids. Her caption said his moves always put the little ones in a good mood.

1 Chris Pratt Likes Crazy Water Sports.

Chris Pratt is the star of blockbuster hits such as Guardians of the Galaxy, The Lego Movie, and Jurassic World. He's happily married to fellow actor Anna Faris and the couple have one son together. Despite his personal and professional success, Pratt is missing one thing: Skarping.

Pratt made the revelation with a tweet in June 2015. He linked to a video on Hunter & Fishing's Facebook page, which showed a clip of the sport.

Skarping combines water skiing and fishing for flying carp. Skarpers hold on to the water ski with one hand and brandish a net in the other. They drive through a community of flying carp, and when they catch one, put them in a floating basketball net. No word as to whether the Humane Society knows about this one.

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