10 Weird Facts About Left-Handed People

facts about left handed people

Left-handed people are intriguing and fun to pick out. There are so many theories out there surrounding lefties and their ways. From their chemical makeup to their brain function to even their sexual orientation, there are loads of studies that have compared right-handed and left-handed people. Here we have a list of 10 weird facts about left-handed people. We hope you enjoy reading some fun tidbits about our left-handed counterparts. You may learn something new about yourself or a loved one!

Left-handed folks have had it tough throughout history and all over the world. Some parents will still insist that their children write with their right hand and not their left. In some countries, a child would even be reprimanded for writing or doing any activity with a preference for their left hand. Yes, the world has not been kind to lefties, but finally we have scissors, desks, and even pens for left-handed individuals.

This list shines a bit more light on these people and some of the scientific research behind their lefty ways. So take heart, you left-handed friends. We are with you and we support you. And sometimes we think you are just plain weird!

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10 They Are More Likely to Have Certain Mental Issues

Schizophrenia, bipolar disorder, depression...these are just some of the cognitive behavioral disorders that people who are left-handed are more likely to have. A study by Yale University determined that the connection between losing touch with reality correlates a lot with the mindset of left-handed folks. Researchers are even toying with the idea of offering different treatments to those who are left-handed, so that they can better find a solution for their mental disorder. About 1/10 of Americans are left-handed, and about 11% of the Americans with mental disorders write with their left hand, which makes sense. However, about 40% of those with schizophrenia are left-handed, about 30% more than you would expect.

9 They're More Likely To Chicken Out

Left-handed people are more likely to get spooked because they respond to fear in a stronger way than right-handed folks. Lefties are more likely to suffer from post-traumatic stress disorder, or at least show signs of it after watching a scary film or experiencing a frightening event. So should all left-handers stay inside on Halloween and skip the horror movies? Not necessarily, but it might not hurt to forego the terror and try something more light-hearted instead! Lefties usually have more connections to the right side of the brain, which is more attuned to fear and terror. So never sneak up on a lefty!

8 They Kicked Butt in the Bible

There were some awesome left-handed people in the Bible. Scriptures tell us about heroic deeds in which being left-handed was a cool advantage and attribute. Many lefties in biblical times came from the tribe of Benjamin, leading researchers to wonder if most lefties are descendants of the Benjaminites. Perhaps the most popular story of a heroic lefty is Ehud, an assassin who was sent by God to fight the King of Moab. Ehud used his left-handed prowess in a sneak attack and was able to take the king down. We are not sure whether the tribe of Benjamin trained people to be left-handed, or whether it was simply an innate trait.

7 They Hear Things Differently

Mainly speech; lefties are able to hear more accurately in terms of sound changes that occur frequently and swiftly. It turns out that the right and left sides of the brain are specialized in different types of sounds and sound effects. This means that left-handed people, who are more connected to the right side of the brain, can hear sound changes better than their right-handed counterparts. Lefties are more likely to pay attention and notice changes in syllables and intonation. Scientists and researchers are working together to try to use these findings to develop more treatment solutions for lefties who experience strokes and other illnesses.

6 They Make More Money

Yes, if you are left-handed then rejoice. You may very well make more money than your right-handed friends and family members. Since lefties are usually more creative, they are more attractive as employees in the workplace, depending on the job field. Left-handed people also have control of different abilities, as their brains work in a slightly different way. In a nutshell, lefties see things in a unique way, one that is appealing for employers. Just look at MENSA members and the great geniuses: DaVinci, Einstein, Michelangelo. All were left-handed and all of them rocked the world with their creative awesomeness!

5 They Will Win a Fight

If you are sparring, do not choose a left-handed person as your opponent. Whereas righties are used to fighting mostly right-handed people, lefties are accustomed to defending themselves against both right-handed and left-handed people. The world is practically made for the right-handed population, so we are used to things coming from the right, holding things with our right hand, and so on. Well, for a lefty, they must deal with right-handed things on a daily basis, but they also live a life that is left-hand dominant. So, if it ever comes to do or die, try to have a left-handed person on your side.

4 They Are More Likely To Have Allergies

Yep, if you are left-handed, you may want to double up on the Allegra or the Claritin. It turns out that scientists have determined that left-handers have more allergies and are more susceptible to allergic reactions than their right-handed peers. That is not all, though. Lefties are also more prone to migraines and alcoholism. They also will have more trouble staying fit than right-handers. Science has shown that the right side of the brain has a lower tolerance to alcohol, so you may want to keep the bottle or glass of wine away from your mate if they are left-handed.

3 They Are Better At 3D Perception

It has already been established that left-handers and right-handers just see things differently. That may help to explain why left-handed people are better at perceiving three-dimensional space than right-handed people. Lefties and righties have brains that function a bit differently, so left-handers think in a different way and will have different results on brain tests and brain teasers. They excel at creative thinking problems as well as with optical illusions. When taking a test in which they had to find hidden images in a larger image, lefties did exceedingly better than righties. Their brains were okay with letting them perceive the space more creatively.

2 They Make Up A Greater Percentage Of Alcoholics

We touched on this a bit, but for a more in-depth look, we turned to the evidence. The connection between lefties and alcoholism has been studied for decades, and it has been found that if you are left-handed you are likely to drink more and at a higher frequency than right-handed people. As we all know, alcohol warps your brain makeup and distorts reality, and the right side of the brain is more connected to the effects of alcohol. Left-handers use their right brain more than their left brain, so they have a tendency to really go heavy on the alcohol. More and more leads to a greater dependence, so you might find a lot of left-handers in an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting.

1 They Have More Trouble Sleeping

Various studies have shown that being left-handed could be more detrimental to your health, and that includes having insomnia and other sleep disorders. Another study linked left-handedness to trauma during birth or pregnancy, and that could explain the sleep disorders as well as other lefty-only issues. Does this mean we should just let left-handed friends sleep the day away? Of course not. Obviously there are many other factors that go into insomnia, but it does make sense that lefties are more likely to have mental disorders, which could also cause sleeping problems. Still, a left-hander cannot use this as an excuse to be lazy!

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