10 Virtual Reality Sex Toys You Won't Believe Actually Exist

Long gone are the days when sexual intercourse took place between two human beings. Now, if you have hidden desires - just tap in your details online and have sex delivered direct to your door step. Recently there have been untold advances in virtual reality technology and a wave of new liberation is sweeping the world, to the point where the thought of intimacy with a loved one appears practically medieval to many.

But do the latest and greatest sex machines really offer better sexual experiences than the real thing - or even come close? Are we really being beaten by robots when it comes to providing pleasure to our partners? Getting laid was once an act of skill involving the careful wooing of a potential partner. Now, anyone can get their kicks so long as they have an internet connection, a plug socket and a discreet place to enjoy the world's most incredible, immersive virtual sex simulators.

This new wave of virtual love making has been labelled "technosexuality" - or, to others, "perversion". Ask any business that supplies these robotic sex toys and they will assure you the orders are shipped by the thousands. The internet and the concurrently emerging world of virtual reality are opening up a world of truly bizarre fetishism for those who are searching for it - and they will always deliver.

Advisory: Adult themed material and images follow

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10 LovePalz


How kinky is your social group? With LovePalz you can feel closer than ever to your peers online. This network of people all own special LovePalz devices and are raring to go. You plug your LovePalz toy into the computer, hook up online and the simulations you both send through the network will be felt by whomever you are connected with. Don't worry if your Wi-Fi is down as there is an option to "play solo" too.

Spending between $79-$89 on one of these toys will allow you to have a no strings attached virtual one night stand, without the awkward morning after.

9 LaunchPAD


This gadget was created when some genius took the consumers' love for watching adult entertainment on their personal devices and turned it into a useful invention. Those days of trying to manage holding the screen with one hand and holding yourself with another are gone. Whether you're viewing the latest video or catching up with your favourite sex-cam friend - the LaunchPAD is the one for you. It's the handsfree device every adult entertainment lover has been waiting for.

Apple might be disgruntled that the company took the likeness of their iPad name for the LaunchPAD name, and that the sex toy makers market these strap-ons with Apple devices: You simply place the iPad into their holder and the rest... Well, it really doesn't need further instruction.

8 Svakom Gaga


Possibly up there in the most bizarre devices ever, The Gaga is a penetrative vibrator that also includes a video camera. Those who wish to see what happens inside their partners' bodies - for whatever reason! - need look no further than this device. You can even control the device remotely by using a smartphone app.

It really does go without saying that when this bit of kit was released the world was shocked. The disturbing number has been dubbed the $200 selfie stick of the sex world.

7 The Electric Eel


Why have sex when you can simply simulate it? The Electric Eel works much like a robotic condom and slides onto one's manhood using an electric sleeve. A series of electrodes are then shot through the wires, with vibrations helping to create the sensation of penetration. The holder of the remote control is then in the driving seat, determining how much power is sent to the sleeve.

The device has the ability to reach up to 24 volts, so it is not recommended for the weak hearted. Currently The Electric Eel is just a prototype but there is already interest from a variety of intrigued parties who wish to invest. So watch this space.

6 Sybian


The Sybian has been labelled the "most powerful sex toy in the world". Designed for females, the saddle-like seat is motored and allows vibrations and rotations from a man-shaped toy to drive women wild. The entire device is controlled by a gearbox which includes an instant speed reducer in case it all becomes a bit too much for the receiver.

The invention was a real labour of love by its creator Dave Lampert. He originally had the idea in the 1970s but it was not developed until 1983. Surprisingly, the prototype - which was made with sheet metal and wood (ouch) - did not have the desired effect. Later, the Sybian became an internet craze, after Lampert wisely began using softer materials.

5 Yui Hatano Japanese P*rn Star


Japanese adult videos are always a popular category on adult entertainment websites. So, it's no surprise that the Yui Hatano Japanese P*rn Star has had big sales online. The virtual doll is modelled on the likeness of actress Lin Chi-ling, a Taiwanese-born model and actress. In 2006 Lin embarked on an unusually fast rise to fame which was labelled the "Lin Chi-Ling Phenomenon".

Adult entertainment actress Yui Hatano looked so much liked Lin that she herself developed an enormous fan base in Taiwan, which outnumbered her fans in Japan. Thus, her virtual doll became a hit worldwide, said to offer the closest experience possible to actually having sex with the star - for a staggering $1200.

4 Nora 


Nora is an adult toy which brings phone sex up to a whole new level. The toy allows you to team up with a partner, as they work your vibrator's controls via an app. The second user controls the speed of penetration as the "performer" tries their best to keep up. Long gone are the days where you both had to be next to each other to enjoy intimate moments.

The only downside is the fuddy-duddy name; nobody wants to conjure up mental images of their Great Aunt when they're purchasing one...

3 AutoBlow 2 


The Autoblow 2 adult toy has the best marketing logo for men: "Enjoy unlimited blow jobs on demand". It's a surprise then that every man isn't running down the street right now screaming "shut up and take my money!" The Autoblow 2 offers a realistic skin-like feel and is available in three different sizes so they can accommodate all.

Retailing at $145.99 this device is rechargeable, which will spare you the delay of running around the house in a desperate search for batteries. The other great news for buyers is that the Autoblow 2 is completely hands-free so they can kick back, relax and get just get weird with it.

2 VR Tenga 


Sex in 3D is now officially the future. The VR Tenga is a device which you place on your intimate parts for stimulation, and it comes paired with Oculus Rift virtual reality goggles so you can choose the immersive video you wish to accompany the sensations.

Manufactured in Japan the cylinders provided are labelled "masturbation aids" and they are (unlike its predecessor: The Fleshlight) disposable. So if nothing else, they're at least hygienic.

The user simply wears the goggles and allows an anime character of his or her choice to do the pleasuring. The character will respond to your own real-life movements and actions. This device has delivered the future of safe, exploratory sexual relations in a virtual reality - the only fear is that some owners will struggle to ever leave the house again.

1 RealDoll


If you have the money to burn then why not treat yourself to the very best there is on the market: RealDoll is the ultimate life-size, life-like sex doll. In fact, it's so real it's almost scary. Available in both male and female form this is not a cheap date, retailing at $5,000. Since the year 2010, over 4000 have been manufactured and sold around the world.

If you're the type of person who enjoys the thrill of variety then Abyss, the company who make RealDolls, introduced a "Face-X" range which allows the faces to be changed as they are attached by magnets. There are currently nine females bodies and sixteen female faces available.

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