10 Satisfying Videos Of Bullies Getting What They Deserve

First, let's start off by saying that we don't condone fighting in any way.  It would be better for everyone if people approached perplexing situations and heated confrontations by being chill.  In a perfect world, people would talk it out, hug it out and share a Cinnabon, but as you might have already known, it's not a perfect world and what kind of demented person voluntarily shares a delicious Cinnabon!?

The unfortunate fact is that fights happen everyday between normal people from all over the world.  And for the most part, fights suck for everyone.  But sometimes, no matter how wrong we think it is and how we wish people would aspire to rise above it all and walk away from fights, there are certain types of altercations that are oddly satisfying to watch. Specifically, when a bully gets a fistful of karma shoved in their face.  If you're like us, it gives you the warm fuzzies when you see a piece of sh!t a-hole get put to sleep by an unexpected hero.  It also gives you a little hope for the world.  Hope that sometimes, the little guy does indeed get the last laugh and the idiot gets exactly what he deserves, because, at one time or another, we've all been that little guy and most of us didn't get the last laugh.

So let's salute these everyday underdogs by watching 10 wonderfully satisfying videos of bullies getting exactly what they deserve.  Cuddle up kids, this is going to be heartwarming as hell.


10 Old Guy Puts Young Douchebag To Bed

The video opens up at a scene on a beach. It looks like someone flipped out their sweet Motorola Razr phone to capture an altercation happening involving a 'tough guy' having a verbal argument with a bunch of girls.  He's young, obnoxious and probably has a matching fedora for every one of his v-neck shirts. The guy is such an incredible douche bag that you can practically feel the spectators' hatred towards him through the screen as he keeps cursing at the girls, almost looking like he's challenging them to a fight. An older man tries to diffuse the situation and it's only a matter of time until the bully sets his sights on him, and eventually tries to fake throw a punch to back the older guy off. Much to everyone's surprise, young guy was greeted with a very real punch to the face by the older guy who instantly became everyone's hero at the beach. The wonderfully direct one punch that put the idiot to bed is so amazingly satisfying to watch that you'll be hugging yourself with glee when you watch it.

9 Bully Piledriver


This video went viral for a damn good reason because it's disturbingly satisfying. It seems like your basic, run-of-the-mill, bully-picking-on-kid scenario that happens every day in every school for thousands of kids.  Except this particular one happened to be caught on video and the 'kid' the bully was pestering is the size of a mountain compared to the skinny, Justin Beiber-y looking bully who's taunting him in front of his classmates.  You see something start brewing inside the mini mountain of a boy as the bully slaps him in the face several times and laughs. We're going to be up front and say we were sincerely concerned for Bargain Bin Beiber when mountain boy erupted and pile drived his head into the ground because that shit could have been fatal.  But thankfully, it wasn't.  It was just enough to get the kid walking crooked in a way that only happens when you get bashed in the head with the sidewalk.

8 A Face Full Of Kung Fu

Here's a free tip you guys; if you're about to get into a fight with someone and he transforms into Bruce Lee, that would be a great time to walk away from that fight before shit gets real.  Unfortunately, the bully in this video didn't have the luxury of being able to walk away because it looks like he was the one challenging the guy to a fight and his friends were all watching.  Once the other guy agrees to fight, he does some crazy-ass kung fu interpretive dance before getting into his stance and it was then the bully knew his mouth had written a check that this guy was going to cash all over his face.  You can guess what happens next but I bet you would've never guessed that Bully McClown Shorts fights like a toddler throwing a tantrum.  Nothing says thug life like hail Mary windmill punches before getting two hits in the face by a fist and the asphalt.

7 The Good Ol' Basic Girl Ground and Pound


Girls do a lot of their violent acts by talking shit about each other. We throw 'f*ck you b*tch' jabs and finish it off with a knockout punch comment of about their fat ass, ugly face or [insert insult about looks here].  It's the kind of fight that hurts much more in the long run than a physical fight, which is why it's great when girls skip the complicated word games and get back to the basics of hair pulling with a side of ground and pound.  Judging by the bully's lack of preparation for a fight (tie your hair back, amateur), it seems like she planned for this to be just a verbal altercation.   It starts with basic bully apparently confronting brunette girl for talking sh*t, but once basic bully starts pushing, brunette girl shuts the conversation down by throwing her on the ground by her hair (see? what did we tell you?) and giving her face a makeover with her fists.

6 Big Mouth Knock Out

The video goes right into the action with one guy yelling at another.  At first, they look to be about the same size, with the guy in the black just a smidge taller than the tough guy in his face, but it's hard to tell at first because he's wrapped in a blanket. However, as the guy continues yelling at him about tea and crumpets, we had to pause real quick to go to Urban Dictionary and see what 'tea and crumpets' really meant and it doesn't seem like this guy is using the term correctly, it just seems like he's really mad about tea and crumpets because ... "it ain't no donuts and coffee, b*tch!" ('Murica!) Who knows.  Anyways, black shirt guy drops his blanket and you kind of cringe a little because he's WAAAY bigger than white shirt guy, so things aren't looking so good for tea and crumpets dude.  Our suspicions were confirmed when black shirt guy finally makes big mouth's wish to "hit me!"  come true and big mouth inhales the other guy's fist before taking a power nap on the floor.

5 Chivalry Is Alive And Well (And Throws Great Punches)


What's that girls? Guys aren't what they used to be anymore? Chivalry is dead, you say? It's probably because you're still dating 'guys.'  If you're confused about the difference between a 'guy' and a 'man,' let this video be a quick lesson on what the latter means. Opening doors, pulling out chairs - sure, that's chivalrous, but it all pales in comparison against a man fighting for his girl.  In this video, chivalry is  put to the test when three guys in Times Square pull a girl's hair and find out that her fiance is having none of it. There's no "reporting them to the police" for this dude.  He straight put his dukes up the old fashioned way and kicked the crap out of them.  Even after he gets a cheap shot by one of the guys and his girl tries to help him out (#relationshipgoals), it only adds fuel to the fire and he ends up knocking the bully to the ground a few more times before they decide they've had enough chivalry for one day.

4 Pimpin' REALLY Isn't Easy, Guys

A wise Big Daddy Kane once said, "pimpin' ain't easy," and this video is a prime example of a pimp having a hard-ass time.  First of all, you know business is in the toilet when a pimp isn't wearing his standard giant hat and animal print trench.  He makes his tough times even harder when he decides that he's going to hit one of his girls in front of a karate master who told him to knock it out. (See girls? More chivalry!) The pimp foolishly tries to pull a "come at me bro" on the karate master who clocks him with some Mr. Miyagi "paint the fence" shit.  Pimpin really isn't easy and it's even harder to do when you're dragging your face on the ground.


3 The Bully Bodyguard


Warm fuzzy feelings aside, when we were gathering these videos, we also felt kind of horrified at the amount of footage on the internet of teenagers fighting, implying that the first instinct for teens when they see a fight is to whoop out their phone.  Fights now last a little longer than usual because no one really wants to put down their camera down to stop it and everyone CAN'T WAIT to put it on YouTube.   Are there any decent teens left who are willing to stand up for the guy who can't do it for himself?  We don't know how many are left, but the bully in this video unwittingly found one after he kept trying to bully a kid to fight him.  After he gets no reaction from his victim despite his lengthy taunting session, a bigger someone (who is obviously being raised correctly by his parents) steps in for the kid and puts the bully in his place. (On the ground, flat on his back, rethinking his life choices).

2 Ask A Stupid Question ...

We don't know exactly what's going on here but we do know that the big guy definitely needs some type of GPS navigation device as he incessantly asks the smaller dude "where he's at" to which the smaller dude replies, "um, I'm right here, jackass." But even after the smaller dude repeatedly tells big dude of his location, big dude is relentless in his quest to find out where the little guy's exact location coordinates are.  Is this some kind of new fighting technique? Because if it is, it didn't work out for him. After a whole lot of huffing and puffing and getting into each other's face like they're going to make out, punches finally get thrown and the little guy shows the big guy exactly where his fist was at; (Latitude: 40.712784 | Longitude: -74.005941 - because you know the big guy's gonna wanna know exactly where his nose got knocked off).

1 What's That Taste In Your Mouth?


Oddly enough, the best little guy vs bully altercation we've seen thus far involves zero physical punches with not one drop of blood shed.  But it's also simultaneously the most brutal and wonderful beat down you'll ever see.  You would have never guessed that someone so meek and unassuming could cut a big guy down so fast.  Especially when at first, it seems like the big guy was the one throwing the gauntlet at him, firing insult after insult at some gaming convention; criticizing his skills, his face, his lifestyle - an asshole-y move, especially since his insults weren't the least bit clever.  But don't fret!  The little guy not only beats him at whatever game they're playing, he then proceeds to stomp on his already mangled ego with just a few choice words that will warm your soul and bring sheer joy to your heart.  Gather up your loved ones, this is a video to watch with the entire family.

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