10 Videos of Animals Giving Ignorant People What They Deserve

It's never nice to see anybody getting hurt or suffering in any way - we genuinely don't wish that on anybody - but sometimes it can be satisfying or even pleasurable to see someone who is asking for

It's never nice to see anybody getting hurt or suffering in any way - we genuinely don't wish that on anybody - but sometimes it can be satisfying or even pleasurable to see someone who is asking for trouble getting their comeuppance (it's what the Germans call "schadenfreude").

One way to invariably ask for trouble is to mess with the inhabitants of the animal kingdom - and given how much we love animals, if we're happy to see anybody getting attacked or given a fright it's those people who have provoked them.

It really is hard to believe that there are people out there who lack the basic common sense, survival instincts, respect or compassion to not play around with wild animals - but, unfortunately, there appears to be plenty of them on the loose.

This article is going to showcase the morons who lack the above traits (and, evidently, several brain cells) and who opted to place themselves in danger by getting in an animal's face on the wrong day. Here are ten videos showing animals giving idiots what they deserve (Warning: There is some mildly graphic content in this article).

10 Sri Lankan Elephant Attacks Drunk Man

The first video in the article sees us taking a trip to Sri Lanka, where a group of clearly drunk men have parked their vehicle on the road by a grass verge where an elephant is minding its own business.

One man risks his life by approaching the elephant and sitting just feet from its face. He appears to taunt it with words for a while before laying on his back and having a little rest. The man in charge of the camera then appears to lose interest in the situation - that is until the drunken idiot decides to walk right up to the elephant (at around the 1 minute and 10 seconds mark), which promptly crushes him.

9 Crocodile Bites Trainer's Head

You know what tends to happen when you put your head in a crocodile's mouth? It will bite you - and yet, unfortunately, these cruel shows in which "trainers" taunt the giant reptiles and attempt to show-off to a crowd by (supposedly) avoiding getting bitten by them still exist.

In this instance, two trainers at a Thai zoo are "performing" with a crocodile - one holding it by its tail and the other prodding its face with sticks - when one of them puts his head into the creature's mouth. Rather predictably, the animal bites down hard on the man's head and briefly shakes him around.

8 Kangaroo Attacks Man In Monster Costume

What is it that they say in the world of television? "Never work with animals or children?" Well this particular video is testament to that.

An Australian children's television show decided to bring a kangaroo on set and broadcast the event live to its viewers in front of a live audience. Of course, the kangaroo had a handler, but trying to control such a large animal in unnatural surroundings is never easy - especially when there's an idiot in a monster costume getting in its personal space.

7 Gorilla Scares Taunting Kids At Zoo

This one's a little bit different to the other entries on this list, because not only does nobody actually get hurt, but the victims of the animal in the video are a big group of children.

Now, while it might seem harsh to call any children "idiots", these little rascals at Dallas Zoo were taunting a gorilla in its enclosure from the opposite side of some reinforced glass - with one child repeatedly shouting out at the beast, calling the gorilla "ugly".

6 Bulls Injure Runners At Spanish Event

One of a number of traditions in Spain that need to be stopped quickly (another being bullfighting), the Running of the Bulls is a brutal and stupid event that takes place over an eight-day period in Pamplona in the Navarre region of the country.

Every year, thousands of people participate in the event in which a group of bulls are released onto the streets and the participants must simply evade them - and every year many people are injured. In fact, fifteen people have been killed doing it.

5 Sheep Attacks Mean Little Girl

Remember a couple of entries ago when we said it was harsh to call children "idiots"? Well, in this instance, it's perfectly justified and these little rogues got exactly what they deserved!

Clearly intent on tormenting this sheep as it grazes in its field, a group of young girls (in what sounds like Australia, going by their accents) appeared to be feeding it some coconut - that is until one of them decided to throw a piece of the coconut at the sheep's head.

4 Llama Chases Man Away

Initially, it doesn't appear that the people in this video are doing an awful lot wrong - they just happen to be in a grassy area where there also happens to be a llama present. But then you see that there's alcohol involved, as all of the adults present have a can of beer in their hand, and you can imagine how the situation came about.

Each member of the group attempts to nonchalantly interact with the llama, with some of them reaching out to touch it and others putting their faces right up to that of the llama - that is apart from one guy, who is apparently called "Joel" (Joel appears at around the 1 minute and 35 second mark).

3 Leopard Attacks Its Tormentor

This video comes to you out of Africa, when a leopard that had been captured after killing farm animals was being released back into the wild by a group of rangers.

It was placed in a cage, put on the back of a truck and driven back out to its natural habitat, where the door to the cage was carefully opened from a safe distance to allow it to exit without any risk to the rangers. Unfortunately, it refused to leave its cage - obviously fearful of some kind of trap being set by the rangers.

2 Camel Bites Man's Head

We don't know exactly what these men are ultimately trying to do to this camel and, frankly, we'd rather not, because it looks pretty awful (here is your warning that there is some blood in this video and, as a result, it may cause some distress), but one of them gets exactly what he deserves.

Two men are trying to restrain said camel against a tree using ropes and one of them appears to cut it across its throat/breast area with a knife, causing it to start bleeding quite heavily.

1 Bear Attacks Man In Its Zoo Enclosure

This video takes place at an unspecified zoo and depicts humankind at its absolute most idiotic and ignorant. A man visiting a zoo decides to foolishly enter the bear enclosure and the footage joins the "action" after his comeuppance has already started to arrive.

Having approached the large furry creature, the man promptly learned the reason you'll never find a bear in a petting zoo and why visitors are kept separate from such animals. He receives a mauling - suffering bites and clawing - and generally gets thrown around like a rag doll.

Fellow park visitors throw things at the bear to try to distract it, but it is futile. Sadly, it took the police arriving to tranquillize the bear - who was only defending its territory - to bring the idiot's ordeal to an end.

Sources: YouTube

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10 Videos of Animals Giving Ignorant People What They Deserve