10 Times Kylie Jenner's Lips Fluctuated In 2015

Kylie Jenner is possibly one of the most popular people in the world right now. Having surpassed her sisters in the fight for the title crown in Kardashian-land, Kylie has made a name for herself simp

Kylie Jenner is possibly one of the most popular people in the world right now. Having surpassed her sisters in the fight for the title crown in Kardashian-land, Kylie has made a name for herself simply by just being a pretty face to look at. Sure, she may not have the most insightful things to say and, yeah, maybe she spends way too much time flipping her hair around in senseless Snapchat videos, but the girl has something going for her that no one else in the 18-year-old celebrity category does: her ever-fluctuating lips.

It's nothing new - many celebrities before her have modified their lips. Angelina Jolie comes to mind, but so do others like Renee Zellweger and Heidi Montag. Why inflated your lips? The plump lip, if done right, really accentuates a woman's face. Comparing older photos of Kylie to the more recent ones, the plump lips really do make a difference.

Kylie Jenner's lips have become a talking point for the general public as it would seem that every time she's photographed, her lips are a different shape and size. Call it a mystery for the ages, or simply call it sloppy plastic surgery - whatever the case may be, those lips have peaked my interest.

So, in an homage to the lips of the century, here are 10 times throughout 2015 that Kylie's lips have fluctuated in size and shape.


Here we have Ms. Kylie Jenner in January 2015 at an event at Sugar Factory's Chicago location. Her lips had, at this point in time, been circulating throughout the tabloid covers with captions ranging from, "Kylie's Meltdown Over Her Lips" to "Kris Jenner Sues Kylie's Plastic Surgeon."

It was at this point that no one knew for certain whether or not young Kylie was getting lip plumper injections or whether or not she was over-lining her lips with makeup. Kylie didn't fool many, though, since I've never personally come across makeup that has the capabilities of creating an optical illusion that gives lips definition when I turn to the side.

9 February 2015


Kylie Jenner confused just about every single person in the world when she decided to show up to a Grammy's after party thrown by GQ and Giorgio Armani. I guess having ties to Kim and Kanye's fashion friends has some pull, huh? Kylie's lips were the topic of discussion once again this night despite the fact that her floor-length gown was a show stopper. Her lips didn't seem to have changed much from January, however, the side profile of her lips was painfully smaller than they were just one month prior.

8 March 2015


Only three months into 2015 and the-then 17-year-old couldn't take any one photo looking the same as the last. Her face has the power of a morphin' Power Ranger and I can't look away! The above photo was taken at a red carpet event in London for her ambassadorship for the brand Nip and Fab. Kylie spent the majority of March peddling the skin care line on her Instagram, encouraging her millions of impressionable followers to latch onto the brand.

Her lips at this event were clearly meant to be the main focus as she slicked some majorly red lipstick over them. Only one month had passed and it looked as though she had gone up the lip-size ladder.


Kylie was featured in the CR Fashion Book Vol. 6 and, while the photos may have been taken before March, the book was unveiled early on in the month. Kylie is said to be wearing little makeup in the shoot, making people reevaluate their lip-liner theories. It was around this time that a phenomenon known as the "Kylie Jenner Lip Challenge" began taking ahold of young souls, causing them to essentially mutilate their own faces in an effort to emulate Kylie and her unnatural lips.

The "lip challenge" got so out of hand that doctors were putting out PSAs urging kids to stop putting their lips into shot glasses and sucking the air away. Kylie eventually spoke out on the "challenge," telling girls that they need to love themselves the way that they are.

7 April 2015


When Kylie attended the premiere of Furious 7, I wasn't necessarily sure what exactly happened to her lips. Was she secretly screwing with all of us and had some special effects makeup team on hand when she wanted to have lips? It was all confusing. Her bottom lip showed up to the party, but her top lip must have wanted to stay in that night. It could be the fact that she's smiling - which is rare, she usually has a permanent pout stuck onto her face - that stretched her upper lip to the point of relative nonexistence. But, upon closer inspection of the photos from this night, it is clear that Kylie skipped a meeting with her plastic surgeon as her top lip has inflated.

6 May 2015


In May of 2015, the cat was let out of the bag when Kylie finally let us all in on the secret: she'd been plumping her lips with "temporary fillers." The Earth kept turning, days went on, and not one single life was left changed by this revelation.

However, with Kylie having removed the monkey from her back, she was now free to roam the streets, burden-free and lips forward. She attended a NBC Universal event back in her truest form: massive-lipped and pouty. The memory of her flat lip one month prior seemed so distant.

5 June 2015

Kylie flew to Miami in June of 2015 to celebrate the launch of Sugar Factory's newest location and, low and behold, we have more lip than ever! It was during this event that Kylie gave an interview that left the internet in shambles; Kylie was talking but it seemed as though her lips were hardly moving. Many referred to her as "trout pout" and other similarly tasteful nicknames after seeing the video. Memes began popping up with photos of Kylie next to VH1's Mob Wives' Big Ang, hinting that the road that Kylie is taking would lead to, well, Ang.

4 July 2015


Despite the fact that I was intensely opposed to Kylie's blue hair, I was actually floored by the photos from this event in July 2015. Kylie attended a red carpet event for Bellami Beauty Bar donning some of the most natural looking lips that I'd seen on her since her natural lips.

Her summer glow was radiating and was a nice contrast against her stark white getup and her makeup was nice and neutral. This look gave me more hope for the fate of Kylie's face than I had in several months. Maybe the teenager inside of her would overpower the plastic surgery and she would come out on top!

3 August 2015


The 18th birthday that the world was waiting for arrived in August 2015. Kylie Jenner was officially an adult under the eyes of the law and all of my hopes for her to encapsulate her youth were thrown out of the window of her new Ferrari.

The above photo was posted by several members of the Kardashian-Jenner clan and shows that Kylie clearly felt the need to kick things up a notch for her birthday. Those lips could possibly be fuller than anyone has ever seen them and, quite frankly, look like they're going to melt off of her face if she keeps them near that open flame for too long.

2 September 2015


Kylie showed up to New York Fashion Week in September of 2015 looking like she was moments away from being cast on a Real Housewives show. Her lips couldn't possibly have been filled more than they are here - they're legitimately about to pop. She is a gorgeous girl, don't get me wrong, but I really question whether or not there is anyone in her immediate family or circle of friends that's growing concerned for the well being of her lips. I'm not and will never be in Kylie's world and even I'm like, "girl, stop right now!"

1 October 2015


Please let me introduce you to Kylie Jenner. Yes, this photo is of the same girl that has been gracing your screen throughout this article. It's truly amazing what a month's time can do to Kylie's face, huh? We aren't even all of the way through October and already Kylie looks like a completely different human being. Her lips show no signs of those "temporary fillers" anymore. Now she seems to have jumped ship to permanent fillers that will permanently leave her looking like she's fighting with her own body to smile.

I would like to take this opportunity to wish Kylie's lips good luck, from the bottom of my heart. I worry about you two, and I feel as though I'm in a perpetual state of concern whenever I see that Kylie is photographed with a fork near you.

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10 Times Kylie Jenner's Lips Fluctuated In 2015