10 Things You Didn't Know About Adult Entertainers

People whose careers involve exposing what most people consider to be the most secretive parts of themselves for millions to see in adult films or magazines are, after all, just people. Just like all people, they have secrets. Some of these secret practices and habits help them perform (for lack of better word) better at work. Other secrets or little-known facts about adult entertainers appear to function as coping mechanisms of sorts, and might just make what can be a difficult job, a little bit easier. Of course, not all adult entertainers do these things, but many have revealed that they do.

The adult entertainment industry is one of the fastest growing in the world, and an astounding $3075.64 is spent on adult films every second. With huge potential earnings as a motivation, tens of thousands of people join the adult entertainment industry every year. And there's a whole lot that we don't know about these adult entertainers and what goes into their work.

When someone's career requires them to look good, act upbeat and ready to go at all times, and do it all over and over again, it won't take long before they develop some behind the scenes trick to do so. Here are ten surprising things you didn't know about adult entertainers.


10 They Get Help

Ever wonder how adult male entertainers can do their job for so long? Well, they have a few tricks up their sleeves, or rather, their pockets. Many of them will use numbing lubricant in certain important places that will slightly reduce sensations that will help delay the grand finale. Some men will even go so far as to use an injection of a drug called "Caverject" that enhances their performance. Before you run out and buy some of this for yourself, you should know it is a penile injection, in case that sways your opinion.

9 It Doesn't Really Go On For That Long


If you've ever seen adult entertainers "entertain" for a lot longer than what seems normal, it's often due to camera tricks. In adult videos, scenes will often be shot from several different angles and then compiled to make the whole process seem way longer than it actually was. This means that what was actually just a five minute scene to begin with can be shot from four different angles, and when the footage from the different angles is combined, they're left with a 20 minute video.

8 Smooth Moves

Many adult entertainers have admitted that before they film they will take laxatives, get enemas, and exist on just lemon water for a day or two before the shoot. This helps them ensure things don't get messy while they're filming. It also helps them achieve a lean look. It goes to show that however spontaneous these scenes may appear to be, a lot goes into planning and preparing for them. There is a trend with lemon water diets, not just in the adult film industry but many women have adopted this diet when prepping for big events or trying a 'cleanse'.

7 Comfy Clothes are a Must


Because adult entertainers are seen up close and oh-so-personal, they want to make sure they don't have zipper marks, elastic band marks, button marks, or any other marks from tight clothing before they shoot or perform. This means when they aren't filming, they're often seen wearing really baggy and relaxed clothes - a far cry from the skimpy getups they have to don for work.

6 They Have All Sorts of Hair-Removal Tricks

For adult entertainers that want to achieve a smooth and hair-free look, shaving every day becomes an impractical pain. Many of them choose to use laser hair removal because the effects last much longer than shaving or even waxing, and eventually laser hair removal can prevent hair from growing back at all. Other entertainers use depilatory creams to remove any unwanted hair, but laser hair removal remains the most popular.

5 There's a Surprising Reason For Those Sky-High Heels


Scientists have revealed that high-heels may actually make a woman appear more attractive, largely due to the way it alters how a woman walks. However, many adult entertainers who wear high heels aren't walking at all. While they do make the legs look longer and leaner, heels serve a more practical function as well. Several adult female entertainers have actually explained that the high heels help them film scenes that require more complex positions, because of the way they elevate the pelvis and increase pleasure.

4 Means to an End

Many adult entertainers have bigger dreams than what they're doing right now, and their job is a way to achieve and fund these dreams. Some are putting themselves through school, some are supporting their children and families, and some just want a quick way to earn cash for traveling and other adventures. Adult film actress Belle Knox, made headlines last year when a fellow student at Duke recognized her from her online work, and outed her to the whole school. Knox began to work as an adult film actress to help her afford rising tuition costs, and when her identity was revealed, she was relentlessly harassed by students and by online communities. Knox defended the way she is choosing to make money and is now one of the most searched adult film actresses in the world.


3 It Doesn't Pay As Much as You Think


While adult entertainers generally make a higher hourly wage than most people their age so many will work in this industry as a means to an end, it is difficult, if not physically impossible, to work a 40-hour work week in their career. This means that while they may be able to make a quick buck, their yearly salary isn't usually six figures like many expect. World famous adult entertainers, like Jenna Jameson, who end up as multi-millionaires are incredibly rare, yet they give the public the impression that most adult entertainment performers rake in crazy dough. After the rise of the internet, when everything became so easily accessible, adult entertainment performers began to make less due to an increased supply. These days, a female adult film performer makes only $40,000-$50,000 a year on average, and male performers generally make about half as much. Considering the ever-rising cost of living in North America, most entertainers have to have a second job to make sure they can pay their bills.

2 It's Not Usually Long-Term

A seasoned vet of the adult entertainment industry probably hasn't been on the job for several decades. In fact, the average length of an adult film performer's career is only 6-18 months. This can be due to a number of factors, including the turmoil it may cause in their relationships, the physical toll, the emotional toll, health scares, or wanting out of the public eye. There's no doubt that adult entertainers have surprisingly difficult jobs, and it is understandable that their work would take a toll on them. Many former adult entertainers stick up for the industry and say they just left because it was time to move on or focus on other things, and that they are grateful for their experiences. However, some former adult entertainers like Vanessa Belmond, leave the industry and make it their mission to spread anti-adult entertainment awareness.

1 Natural is Preferred


While a busty and voluptuous blonde may come to mind when you think of an adult entertainer, that doesn't actually represent the average female adult film performer. Jon Millwad, a data journalist, performed a study of 10,000 adult film stars for six months, and the results were pretty surprising. He found that the average cup size for a female adult entertainer is 34B. Not only is that a far cry from the DD cup many would expect, it's even smaller than the average American woman's cup size: 36B. Similarly, blonde isn't the norm in adult films either. In fact, only 32.7% were found to be blonde. The overwhelming majority of the actors had dark hair, and only 5.2% had red hair. These numbers certainly challenge the physical stereotypes about adult film entertainers. Another interesting statistic Millwad uncovered was that the most common female adult film actress name was "Nikki," and for men, it was "David."

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