10 Extreme Things That Only Happen In The Adult Entertainment Industry

The adult entertainment industry is a wild one. A lucrative one, to be sure! But definitely a wild one. What really happens behind the closed doors of a shoot? Do stars live the sex goddess lives that

The adult entertainment industry is a wild one. A lucrative one, to be sure! But definitely a wild one. What really happens behind the closed doors of a shoot? Do stars live the sex goddess lives that they seem to in the films? Do they really crave all that sex, or is it just another paycheque for them? How many people even look at adult content? And most importantly, how many men are in that photo grabbing at Lisa Sparks? Trust me, we wouldn't be able to fit the total number in there.

The answers will surprise you. Give this list a look and prepare to be amazed at how little you actually knew about adult entertainment.

There are many facets to adult entertainment and this list covers everything from impressive to aggressive to repulsive. Who knew things could get so out of hand when you put a bunch of naked people in a room and have tons of money to throw at it? They say a new adult video is uploaded close to once every 40 minutes. Are you going to wait around or do you want to do some light reading in the meantime? Here we go:

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10 Money, Money, Moooneeeeey

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Only the sex industry, and we’re talking adult videos, phone sex, prostitution, strip clubs, etc, makes more profit than any other industry in the world. It is the largest industry, and boy do they rake it in. Videos alone account for $13 billion annually. An obscene amount of money. Move over, Hollywood, there’s a new cinematic powerhouse in town. Sure, the explosions are of a different variety. The sound tracks aren’t quite as good, either. But the plot lines are about the same caliber! Who isn’t riveted by Spider Babe or Kinky Kong? We’re sure the budgets were more reasonable for those two films than their Hollywood remake counterparts.

9 Commanding Attention

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Few things are able to command attention like the adult entertainment industry. With videos alone, it’s estimated there are as many as 30,000,000 unique visitors viewing one at any given second. So even as you are reading this, there are potentially millions of people hopping on to a website to check out some action for the first time today. That’s unique visitors! That’s not counting the people who’ve been on once already today and didn’t quite get their fix! That kind of reach is truly remarkable. For comparison, Facebook in recent years gets around 140 million unique visitors in a month.

8 Physical Aggression

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It’s mentioned that up to 88% of sex scenes contain abuse. Physical abuse, that is. The statistic for verbal abuse is closer to 49%. Well over 3/4 of sex contain some kind of physical roughness. It could be slapping, pushing, pulling, etc, but regardless of what it is, that sounds exhausting.

From a psychological standpoint, researchers are guessing that the aggression appeals to a wide market because it’s a far departure from the actual “real life” sexual experiences of viewers.

Having copious amounts of sex, while seemingly idyllic on paper, is in actuality very exhausting. Add some physical punishment to hours of filming, and you have one seriously taxing job.

7 Pies Reign Supreme!

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Where else are pies going to be the number one champ? According to statistics, the most searched-for term (relating to sex, anyway) in America was “creampie.” In a dessert competition, pies aren’t going to win. In an eating contest, pies don’t win (hot dogs anyone? Man vs. Bear in a hotdog eating contest, you just can’t beat that). So taking the cake (see, pies lose again) for adult-related search terms might just be the best it can do. But boy, does the creampie deliver.

We aren’t sure what the American fascination is with creampies, but to each his or her own.

6 World Champion


There are more competitions to be won, more records to set, more men to take! Yes, that’s right, we are talking about the record currently held by Lisa Sparks. It’s the record for most partners in a single day. Any guesses as to how many she had? The bar is set mightily high, friends. Nine hundred and nineteen men. Now, it seems that a simple penetration constitutes a “partner” for this competition. Does any sexual act beyond penetration need to happen for it to count? Does it even matter? That number, 919, is obscene!

It took place back in 2004 during the Gangbang Championship (the World’s Annual Gangbang Championship!) in Poland.

5 Corpse Rot

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Well, not quite corpse rot. But according to this YouTube video interview with adult stars, there are times when a woman's privates can smell like a “rotting corpse.” How...pleasant. According to the actress in the video, there’s a bit of an industry trick for dealing with a period on the day of a shoot. A makeup sponge can be placed in the vagina and it will stop the bleeding without being seen on camera.

What can happen, though, is a male actor will forget she put the sponge up there. After a couple days it will smell terrible. Like a rotting corpse. Then she’ll go to the doctor, the doctor will remove the sponge, and everything will be right as rain again.

4 Dropping Bombs

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You guys know what a “butt” is, right? Everyone has one? You sit on it? You also use it for waste excretion. So, we don’t want to be the bearers of bad news, but everybody poops. Even women. Even adult stars. Tough to stomach, I know.

Anyway, what ends up happening is that stars have anal sex scenes. And sometimes anal sex scenes aren’t the cleanest. So, while some action is going down in the anus, stimulating everything, sometimes nature comes screaming up. What we’re trying to say is, poop happens. And it’s happened on beds, it’s happened on male partners, and it’s landed on faces. Welcome to the glamorous world of adult film.

3 Incoming!

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There are poop stories abound, but apparently that’s not the only thing you have to worry about in the adult entertainment industry as there are also stories of vomiting! There was a male actor that didn’t speak the best English, and so he told one of the female actors in the scene to “vomit” on the other female’s face. So she did. He meant to say “spit.” Oops.

There are also female scenes where not every female participant is able to squirt on the woman in the middle. So the film crew fills up the non-squirters with some water and they hold it inside with the power of their kegels. On one such occasion, when a female was attempting to make it look like she was squirting from her v-jay, she accidentally snagged her tampon string. The tampon flew out and hit the woman in the middle. Like we said: Incoming!

2 Biggest Stick of Salami


There is a 50-something-year-old man named Roberto. The industry wants him bad. They don’t want him because he has an awe-inspiring physique. They don’t want him because he has incredible endurance or stamina. They don’t want him because he has the most beautiful face or the smoothest balls they’ve ever seen.

They want him because this man, Roberto, allegedly has the biggest penis in the entire world. It’s a real mammoth piece of meat. It’s nearly 19 inches long. What do you even do with something that big? If you got that much meat at the deli you’d be eating well for two weeks.

1 The Real WWE RAW

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The number one slot will disappoint you. Not because it won’t live up to your high standards, but because it’s disappointing that the act itself occurs. The adult entertainment industry has its fair share of womanizing men. Maybe more than its fair share. But an unfortunate number of those men get into the industry. With something like adult film, there are some pretty rough scenes. From the viewer’s standpoint, it seems like everyone’s just enjoying rough sex, and getting paid to do it, for our viewing pleasure. It turns out that can be pretty traumatic.

One ex star recounts a disturbing tale about how she was coerced into doing a scene with a man who unofficially hates women. He was punching her, hard, with his ring on. Slapping her around, really pushing her, and kind of just beating her up. There are plenty of gross, unexpected, or disturbing things happening in adult entertainment. As far as extreme goes, an angry man abusing a female star takes the gold.


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10 Extreme Things That Only Happen In The Adult Entertainment Industry