10 Terrifying Real Life Spring Break Horror Stories

When spring break arrives, college and high school students flock to the most popular party destinations in search of fun and sun. They leave the safety of their dorms, their apartments, or their pare

When spring break arrives, college and high school students flock to the most popular party destinations in search of fun and sun. They leave the safety of their dorms, their apartments, or their parents' home and venture into what they assume is a place where they will be free to express their adulthood without criticism or consequence. But, what the young spring breakers do not realize is that where they are traveling for spring break, may be a party destination to them, but it is also a place where danger lurks. And a place where dangerous people are more than willing to take advantage of their naivete.

The majority of spring break accidents and deaths that occur are associated with alcohol, which isn't shocking since the majority of spring breakers partake in some form of binge drinking during their week of freedom.

Though some deaths that occur during spring break are tragically self-inflicted, others are crimes that are terrifyingly gruesome. These are ten spring break horror stories that might make readers think twice about all that fun in the sun.

10 Molly Ammon


In 2014, students of the University of Florida took a break from their studies at Madeira Beach. Among the group of students was Molly Ammon, a 19-year-old freshman, and several of her friends. After a night of drinking at a condominium, Ammon became so intoxicated that her friends had to put her to bed at about two in the morning. They checked on her once or twice before falling asleep themselves. That was the last time anyone saw Ammon alive.

9 Zeke Rucker


Many crimes that occur during spring break in Mexico are never solved. Such was the case of Zeke Rucker in 2010. The 21-year-old received a vacation to Cancun, Mexico as a gift from his parents for his upcoming graduation from Rutgers University.

On the first day of his stay, Rucker took a morning to lounge beside the resort pool. That was when he was inexplicably attacked, suffering two fractures to the back of his skull.

8 Amanda Eskridge


7 Christine Lazzaro


In 1993, Christine Lazzaro was a 20-year-old on spring break in Daytona Beach, Florida. After several nights of carefree spring break partying her body was found, in a grassy spot beside Dirksen Drive in DeBary.

There were inquiries into Lazzaro's whereabouts before her body was found, but there was little information besides a few sketches of a man that locals said they had seen the young woman with. Despite law enforcement's best attempts to find Lazzaro's killer, the case went cold.

6 Lucy Gradolph


The bone-chilling winters of Lansing, Michigan, often send students of Michigan State University in search of warmer weather during their week of spring break freedom. For Lucy Gradolph, an MSU senior, the warm weather was found in Cabo San Lucas, Mexico. She had been to the popular spring break party spot before and was ready to celebrate her final year as a college undergraduate. But, on March 7, 2014, Gradolph's spring break fun turned into a nightmare. On her final day of spring break she partied with friends at the nightclub, Mandala. As she did every night, Gradolph left the club and hailed one of several dozen cabs that waited to take her and other spring breakers back tot heir hotels.

A man from Mandala hailed her a cab and, without her permission, climbed into the back of the cab with her. He immediately began assaulting her as the driver argued in Spanish about whether or not to kill her. When the cab stopped Gradolph thought she could run for help. But the cab driver and the man threw her to the sidewalk and both took turns sexually assaulting her. Just as Lucy Gradolph assumed her life was going to end, a van drove past and spooked the men. They drove away, leaving Lucy to find a way back to her hotel room and to safety.

5 Matt James


4 Craig Taylor


3 David Parrish


David Parrish was a junior at the University of Colorado in 2008. At 21-years-old the young geography major went to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico with his mother for spring break. At 4 p.m. on March 26, Parrish was the victim of an attempted robbery. When Parrish resisted the two robbers he was shot and killed.

2 Brittanie Drexel


1 Mark Kilroy


Even as far back as 1989, students were vacationing in Mexico. Mark Kilroy, a pre-med student at the University of Texas, ventured with friends to Brownsville, a location just over the U.S. and Mexico border. They walked over the Rio Grande to Matamoros, a popular spring break spot in Mexico. But instead of a peaceful break, Kilroy found himself a part of a drug ring voodoo ritual.

After being separated from his friends, Kilroy was kidnapped by Mexican gang members. He was tortured, his head skinned off by a machete, his brain boiled, and his heart ripped out. According to police, the ritual was part of a religion known as palo mayombe, a voodoo cult that began in Africa. Kilroy's body was eventually found in a shallow grave.

The killing was orchestrated by Adolfo de Jesus Constanzo, a man who moved between drugs and voodoo and a crew of men and women who followed him. Constanzo and his crew kidnapped people from the streets and tortured them. Constanzo was shot in a gun battle with Mexican police but many of his followers escaped.

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10 Terrifying Real Life Spring Break Horror Stories