10 Successful Stars Rumored To Be in The Illuminati

For years, bizarre rumors have circulated main stream pop culture. Rumors that allude to the idea that the entertainment industry is controlled by members of an elite and elusive group, known as The Illuminati. The word Illuminati originates from its Latin predecessor, illuminatus, meaning "enlightened". The Illuminati is believed to involve powerful figures who participate in devil worship, human sacrifice and world domination through mind control of the masses. It is said that members of the illuminati use blatant occult symbolism in their work to conspicuously identify themselves. It is also said that once initiated into the illuminati, you are promised honor, success, prestige, power, and wealth beyond your wildest dreams; all in exchange for your soul.  A laughable concept to those of a rational mind, but frighteningly believable to any pop culture addict.

For the past few decades, some of the most popular music videos produced by powerful record labels have featured blatant and reoccurring symbolism. Symbols such as Egyptian pyramids and the infamous all seeing eye  These allusions fuel speculation of an artist's perceived involvement in the secret.society. Although the YouTube conspiracies can be a bit of a stretch, some of the reoccurring dark symbolism in music videos really makes you wonder what message those in power are actually trying to send. Here are some of the usual suspects and facts, now you be the judge.

10 Michael Jackson


Conspiracy theorists believe that the late Michael Jackson was a former member of the Illuminati since his youth, and became a victim of the secret society at the time of his death, allegedly murdered for profit. His music videos were among the first to portray occult imagery in the 80's, most notably in the video "Thriller," in which he transforms into a beast, and terrorizes a young woman. According to the King of Pop himself, he generated billions of dollars for "Sony," and had publicly expressed his eagerness to part ways with the record label due to poor treatment. Shortly after revealing this in a recently outspoken attitude, the singer died from cardiac arrest, caused by the drug propofol. Sony recently released a posthumous album in Michael Jackson's name and is expected to generate even more money in his death than in his life.

9 Ke$ha

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Ke$ha is referred to as the priestess of the Illuminati. Her music videos regularly feature blatant and very disturbing occult symbolism. In an interview with Ryan Seacrest, Ke$ha discusses having had bizarre sexual experiences with a spiritual entity. In her self explanatory song titled, "dancing with he devil" she sings about selling her soul and dancing with the devil. Conspiracy theorists believe that she uses her popularity with young fans to indoctrinate them into the Illuminati mass programming of sinful rebellion. They also believe that by doing so, she contributes to the corruption and breaking of values of modern day society.

8 Nicki Minaj


Rumors of illuminati affiliation began swirling around Nicki Minaj, following her unusual and occult filled performance at the 2012 Grammy Awards. The performance features a possessed Nicki Minaj as her alter ego, Roman Zolanski, re-enacting a scene from the horror film, "The Exorcist," in which a pastor enters her bedroom, and attempts to exorcise her demons. The name of her alter ego alludes to the name of the director of the horror film, "Rosemary's Baby," Roman Polanski. The film is about a woman who is coerced by her husband and a Satanist cult, to birth the Antichrist through a ritual.

7 Kanye West

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Rap phenomenon, Kanye West once rapped in a concert that he sold his soul to the devil. In his earlier works, Kanye rapped about his Christianity and even released a song titled, "Jesus Walks." He can frequently be seen in clothing with shocking occult designs and patterns. Many of his lyrics and music video content is abundant with dark and mysterious material. In his song "Eyes Closed," Kanye raps that he sold his soul to the devil, and it came with a few toys like a happy meal. Conspiracy theorists believe that Illuminati puppets are given fame, wealth and power, in exchange for selling their soul to the devil. Just as the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs were self proclaimed god's, recently Kanye started referring to himself as Yeezus, which is a play on Jesus.

6 Lil Wayne

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Rapper, Lil Wayne is believed to be a long time member of the illuminati. In his music video for the song, "Love Me," featuring Drake and Future, occult symbolism is heavily depicted throughout; Including a scene in which Lil Wayne's eyes roll into his head, appearing momentarily possessed, while women are shown bathing in a tub of blood. The rapper has also been accused by conspiracy theorists of performing questionable ritualistic sex acts with his mentor, rapper Birdman. .

5 Katy Perry

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Pop star, Katy Perry is among the more recent celebs rumored to be involved with the Illuminati. Over the course of her career, occultism has become more and more prevalent in her music videos and lyrics. Beginning with her controversial song "E.T. " featuring rapper Kanye West. The song has been referred to by conspiracy theorists as a love song for Satan in which she praises and pledges allegiance to him. More recently, her latest single, "Dark Horse," centers around the use of magic, and the music video depicts an ancient Egyptian theme. In a recent interview, Katy mentions that she began as an unsuccessful gospel artist, and says rather facetiously, that her career didn't take off until she finally sold her soul to the devil.

4 Lady Gaga

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3 Rihanna

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Referred to as the, "Princess of the Illuminati," Illuminati rumors have surrounded Rihanna since the release of her third studio album titled, "Good Girl, Gone Bad." Her music videos seem to consistently feature more dark occult symbolism than any other recording artists in the industry today. She's among the many accused celebrities who deny being involved in the Illuminati, and asserts that she knows nothing about the secret society, but her image is very contradictory. Her music video for "Umbrella," in particular received tons of backslash by conspiracy theorists as an outright representation of Satanism. She's also criticized for her overt sexuality, which conspiracy theorists believe she uses to further a supposed sexual agenda put forth by the illuminati.

2 Beyonce

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America's beloved sweetheart, Beyoncé, introduced us to her alter ego, Sasha Fierce in 2003. You tube conspiracy theorists refer to her infamous alter ego as a demonic spiritual entity that possesses Beyonce during her performances. It is believed by conspiracy theorists that Beyonce is killed off in a scene in the "Crazy in Love" music video. Afterwards Sasha fierce is born, when Beyonce makes a re-appearance in a new outfit. Many of Beyonce's music videos and concert shows are heavily rife with occult symbolism, though she maintains publicly that she is of Christian faith.

1 Jay Z

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Referred to as the "godfather of the Illuminati," Jay Z is the mastermind behind the infamous triangular hand symbol  known as,"The Roc." Concert goers are often encouraged to, "throw their diamonds in the sky," or, "throw their rocks in the air." The hand sign is sometimes thrown up over one eye. Conspiracy theorists believe this gesture symbolizes the eye of Horus, which in ancient Egypt signifies protection, royal power and good health. Jay Z also goes by the moniker, J-hov, a shortened version of Jehovah, meaning God in Hebrew. Illuminati members are known to see themselves as God, as the ancient Egyptian Pharaohs did. The rapper's controversial lyrics often contain occult references. In line with the notion that Illuminati initiates usually come from poor backgrounds and experience immense wealth, Jay Z was raised in the impoverished Marcy projects of Brooklyn, New York and today is worth $550 million.

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