10 Stars Who Overdosed And Lived

So many people weigh the decision if it is worth taking narcotics. On one hand, they hold the thought of all the fun and madness that can come from drugs, but they also know the fact that they may die. On the other hand, they think about their normal, every day life. The smartest people then decide not to do drugs because they don't want to risk their own livelihood.

Celebrities seem to hold their lives in a lesser regard and do not think twice about the dangers after a night of narcotic excess. The reality behind this is they are chasing a high - the high they once got from attention stopped working, so they seek out a bigger high. The problem with this bigger high from these harder drugs is that they also experience much harder crashes.

Most people die from overdosing on drugs. Oddly enough, the following ten celebrities overdosed and somehow managed to live. Here are ten celebrities who escaped Death's warm embrace following an excess of narcotics.

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10 Pink

This famous pop singer has stated that when she was in her early teens, between 12 and 15, she would take drugs and sell them at clubs and parties. Pink admits to overdosing one night in 1995. From that moment forth, she swore she would never do drugs again and hasn't since.

9 David Gahan

If you are reading this and have no idea who Depeche Mode is, you fail. They're one of the greatest 80s bands of all time (Just Can't Get Enough). Personal Jesus might ring a bell, too. Anyhow, the lead singer of this band did the classic speedball overdose. That is when you do cocaine and heroin at the same time. Let's explain why this is a terrible idea.

Coke is a stimulant that will have you jumping through the roof. Heroin is a depressant that will have you sleeping standing up. Can you imagine what happens to the heart when two opposites are introduced into it? Yeah, it usually has no idea what to do and just stops. That is what happened to David Gahan.

But he came to and said "never again" and the rumor is he hasn't touched the stuff since.

8 Burt Reynolds

via nydailynews.com

Burt Reynolds is that 1970s and 80s guy with the mustache all women wanted to bang. Well, studly got hooked on some sleeping medication after breaking his jaw and took to the stuff a little too much. So much so, it put him in a coma. The rumor is that his mustache became sentient and began slowly talking him out of the coma, which eventually worked.

The man swore off all drugs after waking up from his overdose. As a side note, the mustache fact may have just been made up. May.

7 Courtney Love

The model citizen known as Courtney Love admitted to Vanity Fair magazine that she took drugs while being pregnant with her child. The problem was, Courtney's system was more used to drugs than it was being sober, so she always managed to wake up and shake it off like a normal person would a hangover.

She is kind of like a woman who has been hit by six trains (and looks like it), but just refuses to die. More on her family ties soon to come on this list.

6 Lamar Odom 

So you overdose inside a brothel? What is this, an episode of Game of Thrones? The only reason this Lamar makes it so high on the list is because of how current this story is. It actually inspired the piece. At least his wife has decided to stay with him and help him through his struggles...

Dear all ladies ever,

If your man is found overdosed inside a brothel and YOU STAY WITH HIM... well, you shouldn't be surprised at all the not-so-nice things that are inevitably going to happen to you.

5 Elton John

It's ironic that this performer would go on to be friends with our number one entry. Elton John was known as an excessive partier in the 70s and 80s who actually overdosed during his own "Elton John week" party that was happening in L.A. Nothing says hardcore like almost partying to death at your own themed celebration.

But the dude survived, kicked all drugs, and uses some of his energy to try to help other artists with addictions now.

4 Lil Wayne

This dude drank so much Codeine-laced grape drink ("sizzurp" for the uneducated), that he actually fell into a coma. A coma. And honestly, this is one of those guys who has clearly been gunning for this since day one. Lil Wayne was always seen carrying that Styrofoam cup around, always so messed up he that he could barely speak (and rap), it only seemed like a matter of time before this dude's heart just gave out.

But of course, he woke up and was just fine, because the world needs more nonsensical rap from a man who looks like a cartoon character.

3 Demi Moore

This one is ironic. A woman who was not known for doing drugs and maintaining a fairly healthy lifestyle smoked some "unknown substance" and started having seizures. At the time, her young beau, Ashton Kutcher, had just left her and she was spiraling pretty hard.

Rumor is at this night, Demi had a bunch of young people over and was trying to get over the breakup, when she either smoked weed or took some bath salts (that stuff will kill you and cause you to eat someone's face off).

She came through the event okay, but utterly humiliated. You want to hear how bad? Listen to the 9-1-1 call from that day. It is clear the kids partying with her have no idea who she is or even have the slightest concern that she is convulsing on the floor of her own home in front of them.

That's why they call it rock bottom, kids.

2 Kurt Cobain 

via mtv.com

Although this star isn't with us today, Kurt Cobain overdosed in Rome (his first attempted suicide) and lived. It was actually caused by a ton of alcohol (which he did not drink commonly) and roofies.

The saddest part is that he did this right before Courtney Love showed up so he could escape the claws of the evil witch beast. It did not take, and he woke up more depressed than ever, only to take his own life shortly afterwards.

1 Eminem

via foodworldnews.com

Eminem has overdosed multiple times, and taking into account his worldwide fame and how many fans he has, it's safe to say this one would've messed some people up. His fame at the time was huge, and that loss would echo through hip hop and pop music for a long time.

Although he may not be the "Role Model" - Don't You Wanna Grow Up To Be Just Like Me? - his young fan base deserves, his Relapse and Recovery albums have shown that he's hopefully back on track.


Sources: radaronline.com

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