6Football: 9+ Deaths

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No list of dangerous sports would be complete without including football. Hard to believe but a century ago, the sport was even more brutal than it is now. Those games often left dozens dead on the field. With rudimentary protective equipment, players had their spinal cords compressed, crushed skulls and broken ribs piercing soft tissue. This was due to the practice of spearing and helmet-to-helmet collisions. The situation was terrible till President Roosevelt intervened and urged teams to curb excessive violence.

While rules have been changed to reduce fatalities, excessive tackles still happen and have led to broken bones, concussion, head and neck injuries etc. In recent times, only nine players have died on the field (but a ton of gruesome life-changing injuries), but there's a more disturbing trend emerging. Research has found that pro football players are at risk for earlier death and dementia by 10 years, over their peers.

The repeated concussions received also increase their risk for CTE, Parkinson's disease and depression.

Quick note: a number of suicides by ex pro-footballers highlighted the link between concussion and dementia.

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