10 Shy Stars Who Secretly Made Explicit Bedroom Tapes

Ahh, celebrities and leaked tape scandals. Will they ever learn? It’s now become a Hollywood staple in every entertainment site’s news feed and it’s as commonplace as a child out of wedlock or a bad spray tan job. Ever since Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee pioneered the craze, everyone from Kim Kardashian West to Paris Hilton to Farrah Abraham has gained fame from getting down in front of a lens and a tripod.

They say that there are only two fire ways to gain fame in Hollywood: to get naked or get rich. Others say that you’re not a true celebrity until your sex tape leaks. We’re setting our focus to the latter in our latest countdown featuring 10 Shy Stars Who Secretly Made Sex Tapes.

When you think of someone being shy, you probably don’t think of a person who works in entertainment. You’re most likely to think of someone who shies away from the cameras as much as possible. In other words - anyone but a celebrity. But this group consists of some of Hollywood’s finest and you’ll be surprised to find out that they’re actually pretty shy when it comes to matters of the bedroom.

Sure celebs are accustomed to being in the spotlight — from live guest appearances on talk shows to walking the Red Carpet to getting snapped outside their favourite restaurant. But no matter how many pictures you’ve posed for, none of them were quite prepared for the kind of attention that comes their way after the release of a sex tape scandal - regardless of whether the claims are true or false.

We've listed 10 of the best for you below, check it out…

10 Kate Moss

9 Verne Troyer


8 Britney Spears

7 Mimi Macpherson


6 Minka Kelly

5 Chelsea Handler

4 Iggy Azalea

3 Leighton Meester

2 Carolyn Murphy


1 Jennifer Lopez

And coming in hot at number one is everybody’s favourite Latina, Jennifer Lopez. The Jenny from the Block star may be caught up in her very own celebrity sex tape scandal but she has no intentions of ever letting those private moments come to light. The intimate video was actually recorded many years ago by her first husband Ojani Noa whilst they were still on honeymoon. Now those home-made videos are the subject of a complex legal battle that’s lasted over six years. She has been successful in stopping the distribution before anything was actually leaked and it seems to be full steam ahead for the American Idol judge and mother of two as she goes on to release another album.


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10 Shy Stars Who Secretly Made Explicit Bedroom Tapes