10 Shockingly Terrible Celebrity Tattoos

Once upon a time, getting a tattoo meant that you were one of the “bad boys” (or girls). Back then, the only people who got tats were the misfits, criminals and delinquents. If you saw somebody with ink walking toward you on the street, you'd immediately cross to the other side. Nowadays though, tattoos are way more commonplace and it seems like everybody has one – or twelve. Body art – and body modifications – are big business, and getting some ink seems to be a status symbol, or a way to commemorate certain, notable events like the birth of a child, the death of a loved one, the fact that you won a bowling tournament or were the runner up in a pie eating contest. Tattoos have become a trend and a fashion accessory these days. It's not just rebels getting them anymore, it's housewives, teachers, teenage athletes and of course, celebrities. Though there are some amazing works of art permanently inked upon people's flesh, there are also some really terrible, and really regrettable tats out there – tattoos terrible enough that you have to question a person's ability to make good decisions and/or their sanity. With that in mind, let's take a look at some of the most terrible, regrettable, and head scratching ink on celebrity flesh...

10 The Game

It has come to mean something different than it's original meaning, but the teardrop tattoos under one's eye supposedly signifies that you've killed somebody in prison. We figure rapper “The Game” is working hard to keep that hardcore image he's cultivated by including those teardrop tats on his face. But we don't believe he's done any significant prison time, let alone killed anybody in the joint, which sort of makes him a bit of a poseur, doesn't it? But that's not even what lands him on this list of terrible tattoos – it's the other tattoo on his face. You know, the big LA Dodger's logo inside the big red star? We're all for repping your hometown, favorite sports teams, but that's taking your fandom to unhealthy extremes.

9 Hayden Panettiere

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If there is one thing the Nashville star can regret, it's the fact that the inspirational saying inked on her body – in Italian, no less – wasn't checked for spelling accuracy before said ink was applied. Panettiere had the phrase, “Vivere senza rimpianti” tattooed down her left rib cage, which means “Live Without Regrets.” Wise words, no? The trouble is that last word should read “rimipianti.” A slight omission, but an embarrassing one – one regret that she's choosing not to live with given that she's going through the somewhat painful procedure to have it removed. Perhaps she'll have her next tat properly translated before committing ink to flesh.

8 Dean McDermott

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When will people learn from the mistakes of others? In this case, we have yet another entry into the worst celebrity ink category for permanently etching the face of a girlfriend/wife onto their skin. Meet Dean McDermott, husband of former Beverly Hills 90210 star Tori Spelling. He no doubt thought it was romantic when he commemorated his love for her by having Spelling's likeness, all the way down to her bosoms, tattooed on his arm. Of course, now that we're learning that perhaps not all is hunky-dory in the McDermott/Spelling household, and a possible divorce may be in the offing. So, he may be stuck with that constant and permanent reminder of a love that ended up little more than a burning wreckage. But, given that they are the “stars” of a reality television show, where everything is contrived and artificial, and there are conflicting reports about the state of their marriage, we're not sure what to believe. Either way though, it's still a pretty awful and ill-advised bit of ink.

7 Ke$ha

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Nobody should be altogether too surprised to hear of Ke$ha's questionable decision making. After all, this is the girl who claims to brush her teeth with a bottle of Jack - presumably, because she's hardcore like that. Well, perhaps needing to prove just how hardcore she is, Ke$ha, like many others, decided to get herself inked up. Except that she decided to get her ink on the inside of her lip – the inspirational and ever so classy message, “Suck it!” We're not entirely sure if she was making a socio-political statement or simple insanity. Either way, it makes for some bad celebrity ink.

6 Ashley Greene

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Perhaps Ashley Greene and Hayden Panettiere use the same tattoo artist or something. The former Twilight star decided to have some ink done on her foot. Perhaps it is a message of great inspiration to her, and being that it's on her foot, all she has to do is look down to see a message that keeps her going. Greene had the phrase, “Lifes a dance,” tattooed on her foot, perhaps as a reminder to not take life too seriously, to have fun, and to enjoy it. But she probably should have consulted with a guide to grammar before having her message of inspiration permanently inked on her foot – “Lifes” should have an apostrophe in it. Whoops.

5 Jermaine Dupri

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Rapper and record producer Jermaine Dupri was one lovestruck man. But then, there were a lot of men out there who were a bit lovestruck by Dupri's longtime girlfriend, Janet Jackson. The couple stayed together for nearly eight years, and Dupri probably felt pretty confident that they were in it for the long term. Confident enough that he threw a massive tattooed portrait of his lady love – dressed up in Virgin Mary garb no less – on his torso. Of course, when they split in March 2009, Dupri was left with a permanent and constant reminder of his love gone wrong. And we all thought getting somebody's name inked on our bodies was the worst thing we could do...

4 Steve-O

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Only one of the guys who helped pioneer the sheer idiocy of the show Jackass could do something this incredibly dumb. Getting locked into a porta-potty and having it turned upside down is one thing. Dressing up as a zebra and running around live lions is something else. But having a huge portrait – of yourself – inked across your entire back, along with the words, “Yeah dude, I rock!” takes stupidity to a whole different level. It's the sort of stupidity we don't even think Johnny Knoxville himself would be down with. But that's Steve-O for you, blazing new paths into uncharted, and entirely idiotic waters. But then, the dude is probably filthy rich, so what do we know?

3 Tom Arnold

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2 Johnny Depp

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Back when they were Hollywood's “It” couple, Johnny Depp proclaimed and immortalized his love for young star – and part time shoplifter – Winona Ryder, by getting a “Winona Forver” tattoo on his arm. Fast forward a few years and after their romance had fizzled – as young celebrity love is apt to do – Depp looked to erase a bit of his past by having the tattoo removed. Sort of. Depp had his “Winona Forver” tattoo erased a bit so that today, it reads “Wino Forever.” Because, it's apparently easier to explain to your kids that it's easier to hit the bottle now and then – and forever, apparently – rather than explain why permanently etching the name of your teenaged girlfriend onto your flesh might be a case of bad decision making. Talk about missing out on a teaching moment.

1 Gucci Mane

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Rapper Gucci Mane projects a tough as nails, hardcore image, doesn't he? With his grillz, seemingly hundreds of tattoos, album covers showing him in prison garb, and bling galore, Gucci is projecting a lifestyle. And you have to be pretty hardcore – or really impaired – to let somebody throw some ink down on your face of all places – especially if that ink is a three-scoop ice cream cone with the word “brrr” on it. Gucci's people say it's a reminder to his fans about how he chooses to live his life – cool as ice. But we're betting that it actually is a reminder to everybody to never over indulge and pass out around friends with terrible senses of humor.

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