10 Shocking Ways Criminals Have Concealed Their Weapons

Movies, music, video games and entertainment media have both borrowed from reality and showcased some serious originality when it comes to weapons-concealing methods. But that line between reality and fiction sometimes gets blurred when plausibility leaves consumers asking, “Can someone actually do that?” or “Does that actually exist?” It’s not as if moviegoers are sitting back with a pen a paper ready to learn what might be the best way to actually follow suit, but curiosity could, theoretically, lead to those questions.

Whether it’s a sleek pen filled with explosives, the tip of an ultra-sharp hat that’s hidden in plain sight, a razor blade sitting beneath the tongue in one’s mouth or a cane sword that can change your perception of someone’s level of vulnerability in an instant, the possibilities are endless. Knowing what has actually been done just might make you think of everyday objects, and without being too graphic, orifices *cough* compartments, differently. Did you know, for example, that criminals have actually hidden razor blades in their mouths? Here’s a recent story of a case suggesting exactly that.

So, have you ever pondered the many ways that exist to hide a weapon? If not, take another moment...

You have just put more logical thought into it than at least a couple of the people on the following list, many of whom might have benefited from watching a few James Bond films. From downright raunchy to painstakingly clever, we bring you 10 Strange Ways Criminals Have Concealed Their Weapons.

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10 In the Cars of Unsuspecting Drivers

This method has been used for smuggling weapons across borders. In particular, it was revealed through a year-long investigation by Toronto police that gun runners in Windsor, Canada would find Ontario-plated vehicles parked in Michigan, hide the firearms and also attach a tracking device to the cars so that they could subsequently locate their stashes. According to the Windsor Star, around 40 guns were seized and 60 people were arrested as a result of the investigation.

To avoid any awkward conversations at the border, it might be a good idea to check underneath the bumpers of your cars next time you hit the open road.

9 In a Fanny Pack

Perhaps fanny packs aren't so nerdy after all. In fact, they can be a lot more badass than the reputations that precede them.

The fanny pack is the preferred method of concealed carry for some gun owners in the U.S. And some argue that it is a lot more comfortable to use than a holster, while a downfall is that removal requires the use of both hands.

To be fair, we couldn't find a criminal-related incident involving the fanny pack, though a parallel between that change pouch grandpa uses on vacation and storage for a deadly weapon was just too interesting to leave out.

8 In the Rectum

Via washingtontimes.com

Smuggling a weapon in one's bum may not be the most creative, nor the most appealing method of concealment. So, surely there haven't been many who have attempted it, right?

Unfortunately not.

A quick Google search turned up a couple of stories where future inmates managed to smuggle firearms through the prison security process by using their keisters. One hid a 10-inch, .38 calibre in his rectum and the other got a Derringer pistol through after only receiving a pat down. More recently, a different man allegedly stole a .25 calibre, but cops found the fully loaded handgun during a strip search.

7 In Volleyball Courts

If an awareness of space is needed to play a good game of volleyball, so too was the importance of watching one’s step at some beach courts in 2004.

Ahead of a late-season tournament, Toronto police were alerted to razor blades discovered underneath the sand and in wooden blocks at volleyball courts on the city’s east side. The booby traps had been planted in grooves of wooden blocks measuring eight to 15 centimetres in length, allowing police to conclude that they were fashioned deliberately to cause harm.

Such an elaborate setup is something one might expect out of the Saw movie series, which happened to premier that same year.

6 In Parcels

It’s no secret that packages have been laced with the deadly anthrax spores before, but that doesn’t stop it from being one of the most surreptitious ways of poisoning a foe.

Following the attacks of September 11, 2001, five people died and 17 became infected after letters containing the powder were shipped via U.S. mail. In 2011, Francis Biden, brother of American Vice President Joe Biden, was taken to hospital after receiving a suspicious envelope from India. The white powder inside was found not to be threatening following tests.

Moral of the story is if you find a white powder or a brown granular substance while going through your snail mail, chances are that you probably shouldn’t sprinkle it on cereal.

5 In a Bag of Dirt

Via sunflowerstorytime.com

Most flyers like to bring items in their carry-on baggage that will keep them vaguely amused for a few hours: a tablet and earphones, a book, maybe a deck of cards...

Then there's the man at Pasco Airport in Washington, who just wanted to bring aboard a garbage bag filled with dirt — well, a bag of dirt containing some knives.

During a checkpoint screening, security officials inspected the bag of dirt, confiscated the two knives and cleared the man to fly.

It's not clear whether the man was aware that the knives were inside the plastic bag, that he faced charges or why he was travelling with the dirt in the first place. As the idiom goes, one man's garbage is another man's... garbage?

4 In the Vagina/Rolls of Body Fat?

Yup. It's true. Four years ago, a Florida woman lodged one knife in her vagina and another in a roll of stomach fat.

Police arrested the woman following an altercation over cigarettes in Fort Meyers. While in their custody, police suspected that the woman was hiding something and conducted a pat down. Initially, they found prescription drugs that she shouldn't have had, but upon taking her to hospital, staff also discovered the knives during a medical evaluation.

It wasn’t the first time someone tried to hide a weapon in rolls of fat. In 2009, a morbidly obese man in Texas was able to avoid getting caught with a 9mm, despite being searched multiple times.

3 In an Airport Planter Box

Via forms-surfaces.co.in

Well, if you've tried the front side and you've tried the backside, what's the next logical choice to hide a weapon?

A planter box, of course.

A man was notified that he wouldn't be able to bring his .22 calibre past a security checkpoint at an Oregon airport in June of 2012. Security personnel suggested that he put the firearm in his luggage, but the man had other ideas. Authorities say they saw him trying to hide his gun in a planter box, and when later questioned, he told police he hid it so that he could collect the pistol upon his return.

2 In Hair

Thought we were done with the human body? Guess again.

The method of hiding guns in one's hair has come about a few times in recent years. In October 2014, a woman tried to smuggle a .38 calibre into a Raleigh detention centre. Following her arrest, it wasn’t until the woman walked out of a bathroom at the detention centre with her head tilted to one side that authorities became suspicious and subsequently found the gun in her weave.

Until recently, it was actually forbidden for prisoners to grow beards in Arkansas, with one reason being the potential concealment of a weapon. The policy was struck down in a case earlier this year when the Supreme Court ruled that it violated the religious rights of a Muslim inmate.

Ohh, and comb knives are also quite common.

1 In a Crucifix??

Combine two items that are designed for complete opposite reasons, and you just might get a shiv disguised as a crucifix.

Prison inmates are known to be pretty crafty when it comes to taking everyday items and turning them into weapons, and in 1994, guards at Wolfenbuttel prison in Germany became wise of the crucifix's rising popularity when they discovered the wood-covered dagger in one inmate's cell.

With this innovative gem, one can go for a quick stabbing and be absolved at the same time — talk about killing two birds at once.


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