10 Shocking Things We Learned From The Hulk Hogan vs Gawker Trial

As the news still makes its way around the world that Terry Bollea, better known as Hulk Hogan, has won his invasion of privacy lawsuit against the gossip website Gawker, it’s time to take a look at what we learned during the trial. Some of it is deeply disturbing, some of it comical, and some of it is just flat out hilarious.

Hogan was exposed in several aspects of his life and most of it wasn’t very flattering to his reputation. But it paid off for him. For now anyway. He won $140 million as the verdict was handed down recently. He previously had won a $5,000 reward from former friend Todd Clem, better known as Bubba the Love Sponge. Clem is the person that recorded the video of Hogan having sex with Heather Clem. Bubba is a special kind of dirt bag for many reasons and part of that settlement was that he helped Hogan against Gawker in the trial. The low amount of the reward could suggest that either they took it easy on Clem to get him to agree to help, or maybe his radio job doesn’t pay as much as he’d like people to believe it does.

But don’t see that $140 million and think that Hogan came out clean. He didn’t even come close and there is no guarantee that he will get that money. He is a dirt bag himself and his reputation was severely damaged and he won’t soon recover from what was made public, if he ever does. He lost his gig with the WWE in very quick fashion after his racist rants were exposed, and he has been reeling downward ever since.

It has all paid off for him at the moment but Gawker immediately filed an appeal and here is an interesting fact about that. The judge that ruled over the case, Circuit Judge Pamela A.M. Campbell, has a very bad reputation for having her cases overturned. In the last four years she has had 22 cases overturned, more than any judge in the county. And the reasoning for the reversals have all been because of errors that were blamed on the judge.

So it’s pretty obvious that this is far from over. But for right now let’s take a look at the ten things that we learned from the trial. Some of them will shock you and some of them you won’t even believe.


10 Gawker Has Zero Class 

It’s not news that Gawker doesn’t have any class and they will put up anything they think that they can profit from. But there are two things that came to light during the trial that are disturbing. In 2010 a college woman was very drunk and had sex in a bathroom stall. It hasn’t been proven but it very well seems that it could have been rape.

After Gawker posted a video that was taken, the woman contacted them and asked for it to be removed. She wrote “I’m writing in regard to having the post be removed from the website. I’m asking you to cease and desist the use of that video. I am the girl in it and it was stolen from me and put up without my permission.”

Former editor A.J. Daulerio wrote back “Blah, blah blah,” and then in a follow up response, “We’re not going to take it down. The best advice I can give you right now: do not make a big deal out of this because” the video wasn’t very good and “you’re not identified.” His responses grew worse and ruder as communications continued. They can be found online.

During the trial Daulerio was asked what the age was that he used as a cut off line when publishing a sex tape. His response was sarcastic but he said age four. Nothing more needs to be said about this loser.

9 Hogan is a Minute Man


The sex tape in question was filmed in 2007 and is about 30 minutes long. The tape is 30 minutes long, the sex isn’t. The encounter didn’t last very long and when it was over Hogan said that he felt fat and added “(I) can’t believe I just ate like a pig 10 minutes ago.” He’s quite the charmer isn’t he? Heather was one lucky gal.

8 Hogan is a Freak 

Hulk Hogan claims that he didn’t know that he was being recorded. That might be true based on the above statements and other statements that he made on the tape. But he claims that he only slept with Heather Clem because his marriage was having serious problems and that the Clem couple kept after him to get together with Heather. At the trial he stated that “I was depressed. I gave up and gave in. I felt that those people loved me.” There are rumors that there are actually three tapes of three different times, though during the trial only one is in question. How many couples offer up the wife to a depressed friend? And how many friends would actually do it if such a ridiculous offer was made? Maybe he took one too many pile drivers during his career.

7 Hogan is a Racist


What you gonna do when Hulkster racism runs wild on you?!

During the trial, tapes were released of Hogan going off on racist rants. He talked about his daughter Brooke’s boyfriend and a few other subjects. He blamed a black wrestler, Booker T, for getting him started using the “N” word. There is no point in writing out the rants here because there are more letters that have to be left out than there are letters to actually write. But they are easily found online for those that are interested. It took less than 24 hours for Hogan to get canned from the WWE after the tapes were released. He apologized afterwards and offered a few different excuses for it but it didn’t really matter. The only reason that he apologized was because he got caught.

6 He Thinks that Bollea and Hogan Are Different People


This one is just flat out funny. OK it’s obvious that a professional wrestler has to play his role and that there are many times in public that it’s needed as well. That obviously goes with the territory. But to hear Hogan talk when he was on the stand, it is almost as if he considers both names to be completely different people. While discussing Hulk Hogan’s sex life he said it’s ok to talk about it in person. But the same doesn’t hold true when discussing the sex life of Terry Bollea. If you listen to his testimony it’s actually pretty comical to hear him try to distinguish between the two people, and try to have the jurors and attorneys not only believe what he is saying, but take it seriously.

5 Money Doesn’t Always Buy the Best Witnesses 


Since Gawker was using a defense of the First Amendment, Hogan wanted to damage their credibility as a journalistic organization. So he hired a journalism professor from the University of Florida, Mike Foley. He is also a former editor at the St. Petersburg Times. He came at the bargain rate of $350 per hour.

Foley looked uncomfortable while on the stand and a lot of his opinions came across as very out dated. When he admitted that he hadn’t been in a newsroom in over twenty years, people were left wondering why he was even used as a witness. But then it only got worse.

Foley actually agreed with Gawker’s attorneys on several key facts and when he was asked if he agreed that Gawker had a right to write about Hogan’s sex tape, he responded with “Sure”. It was like a bad episode of Law and Order where Jack McCoy got sandbagged by his own witness. So Foley was paid $350 per hour by Hogan to agree with the opposition. Classic is the only way to describe that. Do you see a new MasterCard commercial coming out of that? Black bandanna - $4. Fake gold cross - $12. Expert witness - $350 per hour. Having that expert witness tear your case apart by agreeing with the defense – Priceless!

4 Hogan Gets Special Treatment Everywhere 

Before the trial even started there were several pre-trial motions that were filed and ruled upon by the judge. One of the issues that was actually heard and ruled upon was Hogan’s bandanna. Seriously. Headwear is never allowed to be worn in a courtroom. But Hogan was given permission to wear one during the court proceedings as long as it was a solid color. He wore a black bandanna throughout the trial but who did he think he was fooling? After years of watching him grow bald in the ring are we to think that he isn’t closer to it now? If he hasn’t already reached the point of complete baldness? That had to be Hulk Hogan that made that request and not Terry Bollea. Maybe Phil Spector should have made a similar request.


3 Hulk Hogan is a Liar, but Apparently Terry Bollea is Not 


Hulk Hogan spent a great deal of time on the stand during the trial explaining how everything that was said as Hulk Hogan was not true. So now we know that Hulk Hogan did not surf on a tiger shark and he never body slammed Moby Dick. Among other things that were lied about was how many women the Hulkster has been with over the years.

He spent so much time discussing the lies that came from his mouth as Hulk Hogan, how is anyone to believe anything that he says as Terry Bollea? While he may believe that they are two different people, general society knows better. Can you imagine all of the countless little Hulkamaniacs' hearts that were broken when they found out that he never really surfed on a tiger shark? What’s next? Is someone going to say that Santa isn’t real?

2 Hogan is a Fan of TMZ


Everyone knows that TMZ is as bad as Gawker when it comes to invading people’s lives. They may not post the same videos, but they will be the first to tell you all about them and point you in the right direction if you want to see it. Hogan admitted during the trial that he is a fan of the biggest gossip site in the world. He said that he “seems to enjoy (TMZ) very much.” It also came out that Hogan “didn’t have a problem” giving them an interview during the website’s coverage of the sex tape. So he talked with TMZ in an interview that helped promote the tape, but sued Gawker for posting the tape. That just doesn’t make any sense brother.

1 Hulk Hogan Has a Bigger Penis Than Terry Bollea


While Hogan was on the stand he was asked about several instances that he had discussed the sex life of Hulk Hogan in public. He was asked about an interview he did on Bubba’s radio show where the two discussed Hogan’s penis size. Yes that’s correct you read that right.

While Bollea was on the stand he was asked “Do you have any doubt, as you sit in that witness stand today, that you were discussing the length of your penis on Bubba ’s radio program?” Bollea responded with “Well, it’s not mine, because mine isn’t that size. We were discussing the length of Hulk Hogan’s.” Upon further questioning he added “Seriously I do not have a ten-inch penis. I do not. Seriously.” The questioning attorney seemed confused and answered back “Seriously?”

The former champion went on to explain that he said a lot of ridiculous lies and acted in a certain manner because that’s what people expected of the Hulkster. He later appeared on The Howard Stern Show and again discussed the tape. When asked why he did that he said "I was on an entertainment show and I had to be an entertainer, so I just kept going."

The true size of Bollea’s penis was not revealed but he did admit that “Terry Bollea doesn’t have a 10-inch penis.” Doesn’t that mean that Hulk Hogan doesn’t have one either? I’m so confused.


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