10 Shocking Real X-Files You Didn't Know About

The X-Files was a popular science fiction show that ran on Fox from 1993 to 2002. The premise of the show was this: FBI Special Agents Fox Mulder (David Duchovny) and Dana Scully (Gillian Anderson) investigated unsolved cases that involved paranormal phenomena. Mulder was a profiler who believed in the supernatural, and also believed that extraterrestrials did exist. His obsession with aliens began with the belief that his sister Samantha was abducted by aliens when he was twelve. Scully is a doctor and skeptic who is sent to keep Mulder on track by debunking his theories. While she is able to provide a scientific explanation for all the spooky stuff, even she cannot deny that there is a possibility to Mulder’s explanations.

With the reboot set to debut this January, it seems only natural to look at some of the (possibly) real-life X-Files situations that have occurred over the years. Ghostly car crashes, people claiming to live in places that do not exist; they are all here. Heck, some of these mind-bending events even served as inspiration for the show. So sit back and enjoy, but don’t forget to believe.

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10 The Man From Taured


Way back in 1954, a man exited a plane in Japan and was quickly questioned by Immigration officials. He was described as European in appearance and was said to be in Japan on business. In fact, it was his third trip to Japan that year. The immigration officials kept asking the man where he was from, to which he replied Taured. The problem? No such country existed. The man was even given a map to which he pointed out the general location of Taured, and even complained about how the maps were inaccurate. He was later taken to a hotel that was guarded, but somehow still vanished without a trace. While no documentation exists of this encounter, the tale has been passed down from generation to generation and is often considered to be an Urban Legend. Of course, you also have those who believe that this man was an inter-dimensional traveler that somehow got lost. Which side do you believe?

9 The Pollock Twins

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Is reincarnation possible? Most people who follow stories such as the Pollock twins certainly think so. John and Florence Pollock were leading a normal life in England when suddenly their two girls, Jacqueline and Joanna, were killed in a car accident. The family was affected greatly by the accident, however John held onto the belief that his daughters would soon come back. The next year Florence gave birth to twin girls, Gillian and Jennifer. They were identical, save for different birthmarks. Jennifer had a mark on her forehead that was the same as Jacqueline’s scar, as well as a similar birthmark on her wrist. When the twins turned two, they started asking for toys that once belonged to their sisters; toys they had never seen before. When the family moved back to Hexham, the twins recognized places that they had never seen before, and were even able to recount the events that lead to their sisters' deaths in detail. However, once the girls reached five, the behavior stopped and never happened again.

8 Rudolph Fentz


During the 1950s (which seemed to be a big year for inter-dimensional and time travelers), a man suddenly appeared in Times Square before quickly getting hit by a car. He did not survive the accident. People who saw the man appear claimed that he was very startled, and that he also had large mutton chops and was wearing 19th century clothing. When his body was examined, officials found a copper beer token, a bill for the care of a horse and a letter addressed to Rudolph Fentz that was dated June 1876. An officer began to piece the puzzle together, and was told that a man named Fentz died five years prior, however his wife was still alive and living in Florida. The officer contacted the woman and was told that her husband’s father had disappeared at the age of 29 during his evening walk and was never heard from again. Some people believe this story is a hoax; a fabrication that was based on a tale that was published around the same year. But others still believe this as true, concluding that Fentz had somehow traveled from one spot in time to another.

7 Lerina Garcia


Talk about waking up to a life you do not want. In 2008, a woman named Lerina Garcia went to bed on a normal day, then woke up the next morning to her normal routine. However, things just didn’t feel right to her. For example, Lerina noticed that her sheets and pajamas were not the same ones she had when she went to bed, and when she went to work, she was at her department, only it wasn’t her department. Could this get any weirder? Well, apparently she also woke up to find she was still with the boyfriend she had left several months earlier, and the current lover she was with was nowhere to be found. She even hired a private investigator to help her find him, but no trace of the man existed. Most people would think that perhaps something happened to her brain, or that the story is made up. But whatever the cause, poor Lerina is now stuck in a world that she doesn’t want to be in with a lover she clearly wishes would go somewhere else.

6 Hairy Hands of Dartmoor


During the 1920s, a series of accidents plagued a stretch of road in Postbridge, Dartmoor, U.K. People were thrown off of bikes, ponies were forced off the road and even cars were feeling the same occurrences. The incident occurred again, but this time the man involved survived. When confronted by investigators, the man claimed that a pair of rough and hairy hands had grabbed at his steering wheel, which then caused him to veer off of the road. He was not the only one to mention the hands. Several others who survived also claimed that a pair of hairy hands also attacked them. One couple claimed that they were attacked at the campsite, however the hands went away once the lady made the sign of the cross with her fingers.

5 The Green Children of Woolpit

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In the 12th century, two green children mysteriously appeared in the town of Woolpit in England. A brother and sister, both appeared normal expect for the fact that their skin had a bright green hue to it. They also spoke in an unknown language and wore strange clothing, plus the only thing that they would ever eat were raw beans. The boy passed away, but the girl was able to grow up and lead a normal life. Once she learned English, the girl explained that the two came from a place called St. Martin’s Land, which was an underground world where everyone was dressed in green. A lot of people believe this to be a fairytale, while others feel it is a different take on another story. Of course, you do have those who believe the children were actually aliens.

4 Tamam Shud Case

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The year was 1948. A man was found dead on Somerton beach in Australia without any identification. The autopsy suggested a poisoning, however no poison was present in his body. Four months later, a small pocket that was sewn into the corpses pants was discovered. They also found a small piece of paper in the pocket that read “Tamam Shud,” the last words of a poetry collection that translate to “It is completed.” The scrap of paper was also torn out of a book that was later found in a car by the beach. The book had a number to a nurse and a coded message. The nurse was contacted, and she told police that she had given the book to a man named Albert Boxall, who was alive and still had the book with him, along with the last two words in it.

3 The Oakville Blobs


In 1994 one August day, the residents of Oakville, Washington felt an unusual storm. No, this wasn’t a rain storm or snow storm; what came down from the sky were translucent, jelly-like blobs that were half the size of a grain of rice. So what exactly came down from the sky? Well, that depends on who you ask. One report claimed that the blobs had once been alive, since human white blood cells were present. A group of scientists later disputed that claim. Some also thought the blobs were live bombs being dropped on their city. Other theories include airplane waste, biological testing, and that the whole thing was a scam done by the city itself.

2 The Dyatlov Pass

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The date was February 2, 1959. Nine hikers were found dead in the Northern Ural Mountains. No one would blink an eye at first hearing such a story, especially considering the conditions the hikers must have been going through. However, the more you hear, the weirder the story gets. It has been reported that the hikers tore open their tents from the inside and ran out. Five of the hikers were found frozen to death near the tents, while the four others were found with significant injuries, such as fractured skulls and broken ribs. One was even missing their tongue and eyes. After the clothing was tested, high levels of radiation were detected. Most people feel that the hikers were caught in an avalanche, which could be the case. But others still have their theories, which include aliens, weapon test and a freak lightening strike.

1 The Westall U.F.O. Incident


In what is perhaps the largest sighting of a U.F.O., more than 200 students and staff from Westall School and Westall State School in Australia during the 60s claimed to have seen a grey saucer that was in a nearby field. The craft was said to be as big as 2 family cars and was glowing purple. It reportedly descended behind some trees where it stayed for about 20 minutes before quickly taking off. The sighting was covered by several newspapers, and a story even ran on the GTV Channel 9 News. However, the footage later went missing and was never recovered. We bet Mulder would find this story pretty convincing.

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