10 Shocking Photos Of Kylie Jenner Before She Was Famous

Kylie Jenner is only 18 years old and she’s already gone through such a transformation which people can’t stop talking about.

From Kylie’s haters to Kylie’s lovers, no one can deny that the young starlet has transitioned into a grown woman in just a few years. She first appeared on Keeping Up With the Kardashians when she was just 10 years old! The youngest of the Kardashian klan has grown up in front of our eyes and has become this beauty icon, following the footsteps of her older sisters, Kim, Khloe and Kourtney Kardashian.

However, being a part of that family comes with some baggage, especially in the look department. The reality TV star has been questioned countless of times about getting anything done to her appearance. The first controversial feature of Jenner that stood out to the public were her ever so plumped lips. After denying the fact that she had done something to her pout by insisting it was due to “contour” makeup and her just “growing up,” she finally came out with the truth.

The 17-year-old back then admitted she had temporary lip fillers because her small lips have always been an insecurity of hers so she felt the need to do something about it. Sure, many women, especially in the spotlight, have done something to make themselves look better in addition to the pressure of the industry. However, the fact that Kylie was still underage and already getting things done was what blew people’s minds even more.

Along with her face, her boobs and butt have been questionable as well. The fact that Kylie had lied about her lips a bunch of times doesn’t really help her in the case of plastic surgery from now on. We will always think twice about her insisting she’s all “natural.”

The point is the Kardashian has transformed in such a fast and questionable way that we can’t help but compare photos of her now from back then. That’s why we’ve collected 10 shocking images of Jenner before she was this famous.

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10 Camera Shy

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If you followed Kylie Jenner since Keeping Up With the Kardashians premiered, you noticed how open the young reality TV star has become in front of the cameras. The show introduced Kim Kardashian and her family but the stars were really sisters, Khloe Kardashian and Kourtney Kardashian along with Kim. The three older sisters were the ones to promote the brand of their family in the very beginning, of course with the help of momager, Kris Jenner. Then their two little sisters, Kendall Jenner along with Kylie, were always on their own but always together no matter what trouble they were getting themselves into. Once they got a little older and could acknowledge the fact that there were cameras everywhere for their show, they did seem more shy and less interested into the “fame” life. How things have changed.

9 Time To Look Older

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Even as a young 'un (even though she is still young), Jenner was playful with her look and didn’t let anyone stop her from it. That hasn’t changed. In an old episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Kylie was starting to explore with makeup when she noticed her friends were beginning to wear some and father, Bruce Jenner (now, Caitlyn Jenner), wasn’t too happy about it just like any normal father would feel. However, the rebellious side of Jenner was finally peaking and she didn’t let her dad get in her way of “growing up” like she liked to put it back then. You can say the youngest daughter had the most guts.

8 Selfie Game Strong

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The young starlet was beginning to get the hang of the whole “fame” thing, although still behind the scenes on the show. Living with Kim probably gave her some ideas that she and her sister, Kendall, eventually learned. Ideas like selfies. Here, Kylie is taking a snapshot of her while posing. Obviously, Jenner was showing off her selfie game and posing skills that she had taken from Kim. However, the rebellious teenager was still just that, a teenager, while her older sisters were attending red carpet events and expanding the Kardashian brand. On earlier episodes of the reality TV show, you can watch Kylie and Kendall just wanting to hang out with their best girlfriends and be the young girls they were.

7 High School Vibes

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The Kardashian brand was on the rise and the Jenner girls began tagging along with their older, famous sisters on the red carpet. Although they were being supporters of the whole business, Kylie and Kendall were still your average American teenage girls. The two were attending high school at Sierra Canyon and were also big on participating in extra-curricular activities. Kylie joined Kendall in cheerleading for their school’s football team and took the hobby pretty seriously. The reality TV series showed the girls’ dedication to the sport while practicing with their teammates. Sometimes they would prioritize it before any projects that had to do with the family brand.

6 Smile For The Camera

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In an interview with Glamour magazine, older sister, Kendall, got to dish about Kylie and we found out a lot of stuff about the smallest of the Kardashian crew. Apparently, Kylie is not a huge fan of texting and takes a while to reply. Even though she is not a texter, according to her, she is still a sweetheart and the bully of the two is actually Kendall. Kendall wasn’t going to let her get way with that so she quickly said, “Kylie, stop it. You can be honest!" Sisters will be sisters. However, interestingly enough, Kylie can be the one who holds the most grudges while Kendall is more forgiving.

5 Business Minded

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Although she was trying her best to be as normal as possible with the fame surrounding her family, Kylie decided to enroll in home school in 2012. She, along with Kendall, decided it was for the best in terms of their education. Jenner enrolled at an at-home education program and graduated from Laurel Springs School in 2015 with a high school diploma. In 2013, she began to get more into the business and launched a fashion line with Pacsun with Kendall called The Kendall & Kylie Collection. They also launched a jewelry line with Pascal Mouawad’s Glamhouse and developed Metal Haven by Kendall & Kylie.

4 Exploring Options

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Being the attractive young girl she was, especially with the Kardashian genes, Kylie was not only doing business deals but also getting into modeling. She first started modeling for a Sears line called “Crush Your Style.” She then did a modeling gig for her cousin, Natasha’s clothing company. Jenner was starting to get exposed in the industry but she always put school first. She had mentioned she would be open to the idea of pursuing acting but explained that college was a bigger priority. Jenner though was really into the designing aspect of her career then which has taken her as far as she has come today with her latest lip kit project.

3 Getting With The Program

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With her Kardashian background and hard work, Kylie Jenner began catching the attention of big names. She started appearing on the covers of magazines such as Seventeen, Seventeen Prom, Marie Claire Mexico, Teen Vogue twice in 2012 and 2015, and recently, Cosmopolitan. She also made an appearance in singer, PartyNextDoor’s music video for his song, “Recognize” alongside Kendall and rapper, Drake. Jenner was obviously getting noticed but mostly by a particular industry. The reality TV personality was getting spotted in a lot of “hip-hop” scenes and eventually was linked to some of the people she was hanging out, including recent on-again and off-again beau, Tyga. Jenner recently spoke on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and explained that the two have been friends for a long time.

2 In The Dating Scene

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Kylie started dating Tyga in 2014 which stirred a lot of controversy, considering Jenner was still 17 years old and the rapper was 25 years old, along with some baby mama drama. Tyga has a son with ex-girlfriend, Blac Chyna, which Kylie has been feuding with but we’re not sure if the rivalry is actually real. Before Tyga though, the 18-year-old was linked to other fellas including Cody Simpson and Lil Twist. However, those were more like rumors as opposed to the romance that was happening between her and Jaden Smith. The two were rumored to be dating back in 2013, when Kylie was just becoming the socialite she is known for being today. They were then seen holding hands coming out of a movie and the pair were on and off for about a year. However, when the news broke out that the two teens had called off their relationship, they were reportedly caught making out at Kim Kardashian’s wedding in 2014.

1 Growing Up In The Industry

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Kylie Jenner has certainly made a name for herself as one of the world’s most influential millennials. With over 40 million Instagram followers, you can count on the socialite’s photos for some beauty and style inspiration. She joins the high ranks of social media along with Beyonce, Justin Bieber and of course, her sisters. “I’m obsessed with Instagram,” she told V magazine in 2014. “Kendall showed it to me, and my mom was on Twitter before me, so I was kind of the last one in the family to get on social media.” She only had a little under 10 million followers back then. Who would’ve imagined the young Kardashian member would account this many followers the very next year. With her dramatic appearance change, the star has gained a lot of publicity which undeniably contributed to the increase in her followers. Whatever it is she is doing, the crowd loves it.

It is Jenner’s style that people can’t get enough of since she first started using social media more often. One of the reasons why everyone digs her style is probably because it is the most unique from the rest of her sisters. If you scroll down her Instagram page, you can see how Kylie loves playing with different looks. Like I said before, she has always been the type to play with her appearance since the days of fighting with her dad about wearing makeup to school. Today, she still enjoys playing with her appearance except in a more “adult” way.

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