10 Shocking Facts About World War II

Most people are peaceful and want to live a happy and secure life, but things don't always go as you wish and serious problems occur. It may be a simple dispute, but sometimes it goes as far as starting a war. A similar scenario happened with World War I.

Despite four years of World War I horrors and a strong belief among innocent citizens that it was the last massive and brutal war in the history of humanity, after about 20 years World War II started in Europe and later the whole planet became a battlefield that created serious consequences in almost all regions. Some of these consequences were so impactful that we can see results even today.

It happened because defeated countries like Germany couldn’t bear the shame of losing World War I, and after Hitler become a leader of the country, it soon started to prepare for the next war. However, Germany isn’t the country to blame. Most historians believe that later or sooner World War II started because of drastic changes in such countries like Italy, Japan and the Soviet Union (now Russia) that were also increasing military power and presence in new regions.

Every country had their own secrets on how to win the war, so it’s hard to know all facts about what happened. But a lot of facts remained until these days. Some of them look realistic while others look crazy.

But of course, crazy facts are a lot more interesting, so I recommend you read the most shocking World War II facts below.

10 Muslims Were Used As German Soldiers


The Nazi army created a division that consisted mostly of Bosnian Muslims and was formed in March 1943. It happened because of victories in today's Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina territories, so Bosnians were invited into the Nazi army due to the belief that they belonged to the Aryan family.

Another reason why Germans decided to do so is because World War II was coming to an end and Germany was losing against Soviets from the North and Great Britain and USA forces from the West. Additional soldiers in the army are always welcome, especially if they could encourage other Muslim countries to join Germany.

9 The Gadget


Most people believe that the first atomic bombs were used on Hiroshima and Nagasaki. In truth, it was only the first time atomic bombs were used to attack. The first atomic bomb is called the Gadget and was tested weeks before explosions in Japan.

The Gadget test, called Trinity, was organized in White Sands Missile Range, New Mexico on July 16, 1945. The Gadget was so powerful that it produced light 10 times brighter than the sun and was seen in New Mexico, Texas, Arizona, and Mexico areas.

8 Hitler's Strategies


When France was defeated by Germany, surviving French troops together with Belgium and Great Britain ran to the port of Dunkirk. It was the last place they could retreat and prepare themselves to attack the Germans. This was a great opportunity for Hitler to defeat many enemies without experiencing losses, and maybe even win World War II!

Yet, Hitler told his army to wait three days, which was enough for the Allies to escape. While there is no exact opinion on why Hitler did so, historians believe that he wanted to show his generals that he’s the one who says what his army should do.

7 Churchill Speeches Were Told By An Actor


Because technologies weren’t good enough, BBC radio couldn’t record Winston Churchill’s speeches from the House of Commons. Also, Churchill had to lead the whole Great Britain and we know that such work takes much time, especially when the country is being attacked by the Germans.

The actor's name was Norman Shelley, who said that he read some of Winston Churchill’s speeches like “Their Finest Hour” and “We Shall Fight Them on the Beaches.” Also, he claimed that he was so professional that Churchill himself appreciated him.

6 The Zveno Project


Created in the 1920s to help ground troops and protect bombers against enemy warplanes, the zveno is like a flying aircraft carrier. It could carry up to three smaller warplanes; two on wings and (according to conditions) one below or above the body.

Zveno was used in battlefields against Germany on the Eastern front, but after one year was retired because it was too difficult to use.

5 German Spies In The USA


A German military intelligence organization at Pier 86 in New York succeeded in stealing secret US army information. Germans were preparing for World War II so it was necessary for them to know about their future enemies as much as they could.

The Germans were able to discover secret US bombers and fighter planes that at that time were one of the most dangerous warplanes in the world!

4 Helpful Thief


Reany Chidson, an operative for Britain’s Secret Intelligence Service, was ordered to go into an invaded territory and protect high-quality diamonds. But because there was no help to protect these diamonds, the only solution he could think of was to steal them by himself.

He went into the Amsterdam diamond market wearing civilian clothes and having keys prepared prior. But the problem was that he didn’t have the vault combination. However, he used the experience he gained in the intelligence services. After more than 24 hours of unsuccessful trials, Chidson finally acquired the diamonds, took them to Great Britain and was awarded for his courage.

3 Operation Zeppelin


In 1944, the Soviets were crushing the Germans by coming closer and closer to Berlin. This worried the Nazis, so they decided to kill primary figures in the Soviet army. And the most important figure was Joseph Stalin.

Germans prepared two agents with enough equipment to slip through the Soviet army and reach Moscow to assassinate Stalin. The agents went to the Soviet Union via a cargo plane that later crashed, however the agents were not greatly injured, so they went further. After such crazy survival, they were already close to Moscow, but were caught by a simple soldier who became suspicious because of the dry clothes they were wearing in the rain...

2 The Olterra


This mission objective was to secretly go to Great Britain and destroy their ships, and that’s what the Italians did. A cargo ship named Olterra was used to smuggle small submarines to Great Britain harbors. A hidden hole was cut in the ship through which the combat divers were released.

The first mission in December 1942 was a failure, with two combat divers captured and three deaths. However, the second mission in 1943 resulted in the sinking of three enemy cargo ships, and a return mission later that year ended with the same result.

1 Operation Peppermint


World War II is famous because of weapons of mass destruction like atomic bombs. However, the Allies were worried that the Germans could learn how to use radioactivity as a weapon to poison areas with radioactive substances.

To make sure it wouldn’t happen, Allied scientists created radioactivity sensors that were soon produced and distributed between different battlefield areas to make sure Allied soldiers were secure from radioactivity. Yet, the Germans weren’t able to use radioactive weapons, so Operation Peppermint served only as a stimulus to create the first ever radioactivity sensors.

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10 Shocking Facts About World War II